Enshrouded: How To Infinite Stone & Dirt Farm?

How To Infinite Stone & Dirt Farm In Enshrouded? Enshrouded is a survival action RPG that lets you explore a vast world, fight enemies, craft items, and build your base. One of the resources you will need in the game is stone and dirt, which are used for various crafting recipes and building materials.

I will show you how to farm stone and dirt infinitely at your base in this article using a simple trick.

What Needs farm stone and dirt infinitely?

To farm stone and dirt infinitely, you will need the following items:

  • A pickaxe of any kind
  • A rake of any kind
  • A kiln
  • Some wood logs
  • Some fertilized soil

You can craft a pickaxe and a rake at your workbench using copper ore and wood logs. You can find copper ore in the Revelwood biome, the swampy area in the central part of the map. You can also find wood logs by chopping down trees in any biome.

You can craft a kiln at your workbench, using clay and stone. You can find clay in the Diadwyn biome, the orange-brown area north of the Springlands. You can also find stones by mining the ground with a pickaxe in any biome.

You can craft fertilized soil at your workbench, using dirt and charcoal. You can find dirt by mining the ground with a pickaxe in any biome. You can make charcoal by placing wood logs in the kiln and lighting it up.

How To Farm Infinitely Stone and Dirt?

Once you have all the items you need, follow these steps to farm stone and dirt infinitely:

  1. Place the kiln near your workbench and fill it with wood logs. Light it up and wait for it to produce charcoal.
  2. Craft some fertilized soil at your workbench, using dirt and charcoal. You will need at least one piece of fertilized soil to start farming.
  3. Place the fertilized soil on the ground near your workbench and rake it. This will create a small mound of soil that you can stand on.
  4. Use your pickaxe to dig up the fertilized soil. You will get back the same amount of fertilized soil that you placed, plus some extra dirt and stone.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as you want. You will get more and more dirt and stone each time without using up your fertilized soil.

Method 2,

  • Grab your construction hammer and head to slot six’s “terrain” tab.
  • Look for the 4-meter terrain box. You can safely place it as a floating object to mine without messing up the local terrain.
  • Dirt boxes will cost you eight dirt, while stone boxes will set you back four stone.


So, I did a little experiment. I separated the materials needed to build these boxes to see how much we’d get back. Here’s what went down:

  • Each block yielded 23 stone and 63 dirt.
  • That’s a massive profit for just a minute of work!
  • Plus, you can repair your tools right there on your workbench while you’re at it.

Why Does This Guide Work?

This trick works because of a glitch in the game that allows you to duplicate your fertilized soil by raking it and digging it up. The game does not check how much-fertilized soil you have placed on the ground, so it always returns the same amount when you dig it up.

However, the game also adds some random dirt and stones to the loot, which increases every time you repeat the process. This way, you can get infinite dirt and stone without spending resources.


Using a simple trick, you can farm stone and dirt infinitely in Enshrouded. This will help you save time and resources and allow you to craft and build whatever you want.

However, remember that this is a glitch, and it may be fixed in future game updates. So, enjoy it while you can, and have fun exploring the world of Enshrouded.

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