Enshrouded Unlock All Building Blocks & Materials Quest, Location

Enshrouded All Building Blocks Quist: Enshrouded is a survival action RPG that lets you explore a vast open world, fight against enemies, and build your base. One of the most fun aspects of the game is the building system, which allows you to create anything you can imagine with different types of blocks and materials.

However, not all of them are available from the start. You must unlock All Building Blocks by completing quests, finding new locations, or crafting new items.

In this article, we will show you all the building blocks and materials in Enshrouded, how to get them, and what you need to craft them.

Enshrouded All Types of Building Blocks & Materials

There are 31 different building blocks and materials in Enshrouded, each with its own appearance and properties. Some are more common than others, and some are only found in specific biomes or areas.

You can use them to build your base’s walls, floors, roofs, furniture, and decorations. You can also mix and match them to create unique designs and styles.

The following table lists all the building blocks and materials in Enshrouded, along with their icons, recipes, locations, and quests or how to unlock them.

Enshrouded Dirt Road Block – Full Guide

Note that some quests or locations may contain spoilers, so proceed cautiously if you want to discover them yourself.

NameRecipeLocationQuest/How to Unlock
Wooden Shingle Block10x Wood Planks, 5x Wood LogsFind/Craft Wood PlanksMake wood planks from wood logs
Temple Block10x Stone, 2x Limestone, 2x Indigo PlantTemple of the Sun (Defeat the Sun Guardian)Explore the sun temple and defeat its guardian
Woven Reed Block10x Reed, 5x FiberFind/Harvest ReedCollect reed from the water or grasslands
Rough Wood Block2x Wood LogsFind/Chop WoodChop down trees or bushes for wood logs
Rough Stone Block2x StoneFind/Mine StoneMine stone from rocks or cliffs
Rough Sandstone Block10x SandstoneFind/Mine SandstoneMine sandstone from the desert or canyons
Rough Flintstone Block10x FlintstoneFind/Mine FlintstoneMine flintstone from the mountains or caves
Shroud Wood Block10x Shroud WoodFind/Chop Shroud WoodChop down shroud wood trees in the shrouded forest
Tarred Wood Block10x Wood Logs, 5x TarFind/Craft TarCraft tar from coal and oil
Refined Wood Block15x Wood Planks, 5x Wood LogsFind/Craft Wood PlanksMake wood planks from wood logs
Regular Sandstone Block10x Sandstone, 2x Lump of ClayFind/Mine SandstoneMine sandstone from the desert or canyons
Refined Sandstone Block10x Sandstone, 2x Lump of Clay, 2x Sand, 1x Indigo PlantFind/Mine SandstoneMine sandstone from the desert or canyons
Palm Wood Block7x Palm Wood Logs, 3x Wood LogsFind/Mine Palm WoodChop down palm trees in the desert or near the ocean
Fancy Stone Block10x Limestone, 3x Wood PlanksRaven’s Keep (Defeat the Matron)Defeat the scavenger matron in Raven’s Keep
Highly Polished Stone Block30x StoneOcean’s Heart (next to East Lapis), KindlewastesBuild a loom for the hunter near East Lapis
Iron Block1x Iron Bars, 5x Wood LogsFind/Craft Iron BarsFind or craft iron bars from iron ore
Bronze Block1x Bronze Bar, 5x Wood LogsFind/Craft Bronze BarsFind or craft bronze bars from copper and tin bars
Metal Block1x Metal Sheet, 5x Wood LogsFind/Craft Metal SheetsFind or craft metal sheets from metal scraps
Copper Block1x Copper Bar, 5x Wood LogsFind/Craft Copper BarsFind or craft copper bars from copper ore
Luminescent Block5x Luminous Growth, 5x StoneFind/Mine Luminous GrowthMine luminous growth from the shrouded forest or caves
Half-Timbered Block10x Lump of Clay, 5x Wood LogsDiadwynFind the half-timbered block in a chest near a tent in Diadwyn
Limestone Block10x Limestone, 4x DirtSurat’s RestHelp the caravan raiders in Surat’s Rest
Mycelium Overgrown Block5x Mycelium, 10x StoneFind/Mine MyceliumMine mycelium from the shrouded forest or caves
Roughly Cut Stone Block10x Stone, 1x RubbleNethertonVisit the ruined Netherton and find the block
Bone Block10x BonesHidden Tomb north of Springlands fast-travelDiscover and enter the hidden tombs
Castle Wall Block20x Stone, 5x DirtMining Rift (West Nomad Highlands Spire)Assist the miners with their rift fortification
Citywall Block10x Stone, 2x DirtFawnsong FrontierClimb the tower in the Fawnsong Frontier
Desert City Wall Block30x SandstoneBrittlebushGo to Emily Fray’s Tavern in Brittlebush
Desert Temple Block20x Sandstone, 2x Indigo PlantIn a Sun Temple west of Deepcut DerelictFind the sun temple in the Kindlewastes
Fired Bricks Block10x Fired BricksFind/Craft Fired BricksCraft fired bricks from clay in the kiln
Wooden Plank Block10x Wood PlanksFind/Craft Wood PlanksMake wood planks from wood logs
Tin Block1x Tin Bar, 5x Wood LogsFind/Craft Tin BarsFind or craft tin bars from tin ore

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