Enshrouded Major Arcana Quest Full Guide

If you are looking for a powerful one-handed sword in Enshrouded, you might want to check out the Major Arcana.

This is a legendary weapon that deals 109 damage and has 300 max durability. It also has a unique design that resembles a tarot card. This article will show you how to find and use the Major Arcana in Enshrouded.

Where to Find the Enshrouded Major Arcana?

The Major Arcana is not a craftable weapon, so you must find it as a loot drop from chests or enemies. The best places to look for it are the Kindlewastes and the Revelwood. These are two of the most challenging areas in the game, so be prepared to face some tough foes.

The Kindlewastes is a desert region that is home to the Shroud, a mysterious force that corrupts everything it touches. You will encounter many Shroud enemies here, such as the Shroud Corrupted Hammer, the Shroud Corrupted Axe, and the Shroud Corrupted Bow.

These enemies are very aggressive and can deal a lot of damage, so you must dodge and parry their attacks. The Kindlewastes also has some environmental hazards, such as sandstorms, heat, and cacti. You will need to stay hydrated and avoid getting hit by these obstacles.

The Revelwood is a forest region that is infested by the Plague, a deadly disease that spreads through the wildlife. You will encounter many Plague enemies here, such as the Plague Wolf, the Plague Bear, and the Plague Boar.

These enemies are very fast and can inflict poison, so you must heal and cure yourself frequently. The Revelwood also has some traps, such as spikes, bear traps, and tripwires. You will need to be careful and avoid getting caught by these devices.

To increase your chances of finding Enshrouded Major Arcana, you should explore every chest and loot every enemy you encounter in these regions.

You should also equip some gear that boosts your luck stat, such as the Lucky Charm, the Lucky Ring, or the Lucky Hat. These items will improve your drop rate and make it more likely for you to get rare items.

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How to Use the Major Arcana In Enshrouded?

The Major Arcana is a versatile weapon that can suit different playstyles. It has a decent attack speed and a good range, making it suitable for offence and defence. It also has a high parry power, allowing you to block and counter enemy attacks.

The Major Arcana also has a special ability that activates when you overcharge your mana. When this happens, the sword will unleash a powerful slash that deals extra damage and knocks back enemies. This can be very useful for clearing crowds or finishing off bosses.

To use the Major Arcana effectively, combine it with some skills and perks that enhance your melee combat. For example, you can use the Sword Mastery skill to increase your sword damage and critical chance.

You can also use the Overload skill to increase your mana regeneration and overcharge duration.

You can also equip some perks that boost your melee performance, such as the Blademaster, the Riposte, or the Fury perks. These perks, such as increased attack speed, parry damage, or resistance, will benefit you.

The Major Arcana is a great weapon for any adventurer who wants to slice and dice through Enshrouded. It is a rare and powerful sword with a unique ability that can deal a lot of damage.

You will have a lot of fun using it if you find it. Just be careful not to lose it, as it is one of a kind. Good luck, and happy hunting!

Can I upgrade the Major Arcana?

Yes, you can upgrade the Major Arcana in Enshrouded. According to the web search results, you will need to do the following:

  • Find and free the Blacksmith during the quest Find the Sleeping Survivor.
  • Craft a summoning staff and place the Blacksmith in your camp.
  • Interact with him and select the Enhance Equipment option.
  • Choose the Major Arcana and pay the required amount of Runes for each upgrade.

You can get runes from defeating shroud enemies or salvaging other weapons. The rarer and upgraded the weapon is, the more Runes you will get from salvaging it. 

The Major Arcana is a legendary weapon that can be upgraded up to five times. Each upgrade will give you different benefits, such as increased damage, parry power, or mana leeching. 

Upgrading the Major Arcana will make it even more powerful and unique.

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