Free Msg:“Message Blocking is Active” Error? [100% Fix]

If you notice the “message blocking is active” error message on your smartphone after you try to send a text message to your smartphone contacts on your gadget, it would be truly disappointing to fix it, most particularly if you have not rolled out a change in settings on your smartphone recently.

This means you won’t send messages to the number from the “Message Blocking Is Active” Status.

Regardless of the time, you try to send the text message several times to the contact number, and the network authority won’t permit the text message to be sent through. For the moment, we have investigated this error message and tracked down some functioning tricks to solve it.

However, before you go, if you don’t know what “message blocking is active” means, this post will get you through some best methods to fix the issue.

What is the meaning of the “Message Blocking is Active” error?

The “Message blocking is active” error message shows when you try to send a message to someone from your smartphone (iPhone, T-Mobile, and Android).

 It implies that you have blocked your smartphone from sending text messages to the phone contact, or on the other hand, the message receiver has added your contact number to his blocklist or blocked at “Message Blocking Active” Status.

However long this error message blocking is active on your phone, you will not be able to send any messages on your gadget. Also, here and there, it could imply that your SIM number isn’t active on the SIM network administration or it has been deactivated.

Possible Reason Why People Are Get “Message Blocking is Active” Error

People are getting this error message on their smartphones when attempting to send text messages. From what we know, we mentioned the following reasons why free SMS can’t send text messages and pop up the “message blocking is active” error on your smartphone.

  1. You have been blocked from sending text messages to the smartphone number, or the contact number you are sending the message to is inactive. 
  2. The network service plan you are utilizing does exclude text message services. If you picked in for the mobile data only, you wouldn’t send text messages with the same plan. 
  3. You send a message to a service that is not the same as your default service, for example, sending an SMS or Text to a premium service that isn’t supported.

How to Fix The “Message Blocking is Active” Error Message

Here are a few techniques to fix the error in sending messages on your device because of the “Message impeding is dynamic” error. 

If one of you blocks the other contact, a “Message blocking is Active” issue may happen. The critical thing you need to check is whether the contact has you in their block list or if you keep them in your block list when you get this error message.

To check the Blocklist:

Go to message app
Click on Block numbers and messages. it will fix the Message Blocking is Active error.

Go to your Message App > Tap on Three dots at the top-right corner > Select The Setting > Tap on Block numbers and messages. 

NOTE: Your phone’s settings may be slightly different depending on your manufacturer and Android version.

Solution 1: Clear Message Cache

This solution would fix this problem. Let’s start with the standard troubleshooting when SMS messages won’t send or can’t be received for some reason.

The first step is to restart your phone simply. The second step is clearing the cache data the messaging app accumulated over time.

Clear cache from message App
  1. Open Settings. Then go to Apps (Application Manager).
  2. Scroll and find the Messages app. Tap to Open it.
  3. Tap on the Storage option.
  4. Now, Tap on “Clear cache.”

Please note that Clearing the message’s cache will not delete your messages.

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Solution 2: Check Mobile Network Strength in Your Location

There are, in reality, a ton of variables in the average smartphone connection. There can be signal handoff issues if you’re switching and moving from one tower to another. Phone antennas are presently embedded inside the gadget instead of standing out as they did back in the ancient 1990s.

If you send a text message where there is no network coverage, the message won’t be delivered. That, yet you additionally will not have the option to make a phone call and voice over data call to Message Blocking Active Status.

How can you give your signal a boost, surely? There’s a better solution than sitting by a window or stepping outside to take a call.

On iPhone

So you have to just go to your Settings. And then go to your Mobile data. And you can see a bunch of mobile network options. So, it depends on the iOS version. But you will find all of the options in the mobile data section only.

Go to the network selection

The next step is to just go to your Network selection. You will be able to see that it’s on the automatic. So you have just to Toggle off this thing. And you’ll be seeing a bunch of carrier options on your screen. So it totally depends on the region you are living in. 

Search and select your network

So I’m living in India. So you’ll be seeing my India networks. If you don’t know what network you are using, just go to your control center. And you will see your network name present over here. So, I’m using Airtel. So I’ll choose my Indian Airtel. So, this will help to boost my network signals.

On Android

Check Network Status:  Go to Settings > About > SIM card Status. Check your network Dbm value.

Method 1: Flight Mode Turn On and Off, Turn on your Mobile flight mode. Wait for 1 or 2 minutes. Again, turn off the flight mode.

Method 2: If you have a 4G supported device. For instance, you should consistently ensure that 4G is selected in your mobile network. 

If your smartphone doesn’t support 4G, but your phone is using an OS that features it as a network mode by routing. For instance, your smartphone might be attempting to connect with a “4G” signal that isn’t capable.

Changing this as simple: Go to the Setting > Connections > Mobile network. Switch the network mode option. 

Method 3: Go to Settings> Connections > Network operators.

  • 1)You can choose the “Select automatic” option.
  • 2)You can choose the “Select manually” option.

It will help you to reset your network quickly.

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Solution 3: Double Check your Contacts

This happens a lot of times when we want to send a message to a phone number that is not stored on our device. You need to double-check that the phone contact is correct. Better still, write the phone number down, delete it, and enter it at the point where you are asked to enter contact information to send the message. You can later store the number on your phone if the message now went through or if it didn’t show “message blocking is active.”

Solution 4: Make Sure Your Cell Number is Active to Send SMS

You need to ensure that your SIM number is active. Your network provider mustn’t have deactivated the number. You can contact your network provider, asking for the current status of your sim number. In any case, you are also able to check the status yourself. 

You can likewise check your sim number status by following the steps.

  • First, go to your phone’s Settings screen on your account.
  • Now, you need to check the phone SIM status(the SIM used for sending messages) and make sure it’s listed as “active.”
  • Another option that could prevent you from sending messages is being suspended or including porting.

If your contact number is still porting or suspended, you can see it on the phone’s settings screen.

Solution 5: Change the Phone Message Center Number

You could fix the issue by replacing the mobile message center number with alternative values. These numbers are related to individual service providers. So, we suggest googling your provider and confirming the message center number.

Open the browser and search for your carrier message center number. After you’ve acquired the number, follow these steps to set it in SCMS settings.

Search for message centre number

Please note that your phone’s settings may be slightly different depending on your manufacturer and Android version.

1st, Open the Messaging app.

2nd, Tap on the three-line or three-dot menu. 

Go to message app and click on More settings

3rd, Go to Settings, then tap on More Settings.

Change Message center number

4th, Next, tap on Text messages. Now choose the Message center. Now, change the number and save it.

Now, try to send a text message. If it still does not work, then you can contact your service provider. Ask for a settings message that you can apply and restore the original values to admin SMS settings.

Solution 6: Check The Default Message App

1st, Go to Settings. Find out apps and notifications or applications.

2nd, Tap on three dots at the top-right corner. Then, Tap on Default apps. Tap on the SMS app.

3rd, Make sure the messages app is your default SMS app.

Solution 7, Disable Data Roaming

How to Disable Data Roaming on Android (Samsung)

1st, We are going to start this section by opening up the Settings menu.

2nd, To this level of settings. And now, we need to Tap on the Connections option. 

3rd, you need to tap on the Mobile network option. And now, going anywhere, it says Mobile networks. So Tap on that.

4th, Now go to Data Roaming(Using mobile data while roaming may result in additional charges). In order to Turn this off. Just tap on the toggle button. It’ll be great. If you want to turn it on, just left-click inside the oval one more.

How to Disable Data Roaming on iPhone

1st, We’re going to tap on Settings.

2nd, You need to go down and tap on Cellular. Then, on top here, make sure you tap on the Cellular Data option Turn on. Once it is switched on.

3rd, You need to tap on “Cellular data options” and then tap on “Data Roaming.” that’s it, so that’s how you can turn it on or how you can Turn it off.

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Solution 8, Check Text Messages Service is Enabled or Disabled

If the sending any messages service on your gadget has been disabled, you will not be able to forward or send any messages on the phone until it’s enabled. 

To ensure that your gadget is set to receive and send messages, follow the methods beneath.

  1. Explore your main Settings on your device.
  2. Head over to the “Can receive/send Text Messages.”
  3. Check and ensure that it’s already enabled.

This will fix the “Block to send messages on your device.” But, if there is no edit button to turn on receive /send text messages, this could imply that the number isn’t active.

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Solution 9: Enable Premium SMS Access On Your Messaging App

When I am going to reply, I get a message like “try again” or something like that. Or you may even get an error code every code 204 believes is what it may be. So here’s a simple fix for that. 

1st, You need to go to your “Settings.”

2nd, You’re going to select the “Apps” option. 

3rd, Then you’re going to tap these “Three dots” on the top-right.

Click on Special access

4th, you’re going to select “Special access” from there. 

5th, you’re going to go to “Use premium text message services,” and then you have a list of your text messaging apps that are installed. 

6th, If you have multiple. As I do, I use Android messages. So, I’m going to select “Android messages” there. And then I’m just going to change that to “Always allow.”

Well, if that’s done, I can head on back to my short code text, and then I’m going to send a message again. This time, my message was sent. And I should get a reply back from them. If you are still getting the “Message Blocking is Active” error. Please go to the next step.

Solution 10: Reset Network Settings

Quite possibly, the most commonplace trouble that smartphone users experience is network availability issues. Much of the time, the actual issues are brought about by a messed-up network setup. 

This can happen after a significant software update, firmware update, carrier update, and, in certain cases, after installing a new application. To fix any issues identified with network availability, one of the methods you should attempt is to reset the network settings of your device or tablet.

1st, First, open the Settings option and then Scroll down and Press on the General Management option. Tap on Reset.

2nd, Tapping on the Reset network settings will show the settings of WiFi Bluetooth and other network settings to defaults.

Reset Network Setting

3rd, Tap on the Reset settings. To confirm, you need to enter your lock screen pin option, password, or pattern to proceed. Press the Reset button to proceed with the network settings reset.

Remember: If you have a double SIM-supported Samsung gadget. You’ll need to choose which SIM card you need to reset. Assume you need to reset the network settings of two SIMs. You’ll need to execute this process twice.

Solution 11, Deregister iMessage (If You Switched From iPhone to Android)

You decided to switch from an iPhone device to an Android device or even a Windows Phone. You’ll need to do this before switching over to your device to ensure that your text messages will come through to your new device. 

Now, with Apple and iMessage, they lock down your phone number to the messaging service iMessage and FaceTime.and if you don’t deregister those. They’re going to be stuck with iMessage. And when you get your new device, you might have intermittency with your new text messages coming through to your device. 

That is silly, undoubtedly. Yet, if you just switch from iPhone to Android, you may have to deregister the contact number from iMessage. What’s more, here are the steps.

Follow the methods in the section to deregister your contact number as iMessage to check whether it fixes the “message blocking is active” or not.

Disable iMessage from iphone

1st,  Quickly hop into the settings of your device. And then, once you’re in the Settings app, you’re going to come down into your iMessage messages.

2nd, So now, You need to toggle off iMessage. So just tap that and shut it off. 

3rd, Next, you need to hop over into FaceTime in our settings. And also shut off FaceTime.

So once you’ve done that, you can give it a little bit of time, usually about an hour. so I would say give it a little bit of time to deregister. This should provide you with plenty of time to head down to your carrier store and get your new phone.

Solution 12: Reinsert Sim Card

The other thing I always recommend everyone to do is to check the conditions of the SIM card in your iPhone. Now, not many users know that the SIM card has a lot to do with network performance.

Check you SIM card is good

So, every day, you want to take out your SIM card and look at it. Make sure it doesn’t look damaged. This one already needs a replacement. You see these little grids and these trim lines. 

This one needs to be replaced. So that carriers replace these for free for the most part, always make sure that the SIM card tray is completely pushed in if you’re getting no SIM card error or SIM card not detected issues on your iPhone.

Solution 13, Check The Right Country Code

Every country has its unique (short) code to send international messages and make international calls. As a rule, you need to add the three digits for international numbers to send messages on decisions and make calls. 

In this way, if the “message blocking is active” error message pops up on your phone while attempting to send an international message, it could imply that the nation’s country is correct or not included.

Solution 14: Reset Your Phone

I just want to mention the reason kind of. I use the soft Reset for major malfunctions on my device. So, let’s say you’re using an app and playing a game; for whatever reason, your game freezes, and you’re not able to respond to it. I am Using Samsung A51.

1st, the first thing you’re going to do is go to Settings

2nd, Scroll down to the “General management” Setting. Tap on it.

3rd, Look at the bottom of the screen, and it says Reset. Tap on it. Next, Click on Reset all settings.

4th, So on the next screen. You need to click on Reset settings. Type your Password and then click on Next.

It will reset all settings to their defaults. So it says your smartphone will be reset to its default settings with the exception of the Accounts, Security, Personal Data and Language, etc. 

Any customizations you’ve settled to your smartphone, for example, your Do not Disturb settings and Ringtone, will be disposed of. Your settings for downloaded applications and personal data will not be affected.

Contact and inform the contact number that the number is throwing the “Message Blocking is Active” error.

That could sound strange. However, that may be what you have to do to fix things right. The error could be because the holder of the number doesn’t need you to send a message to the contact, thus hindering you on the network. 

If the holder of the number claims that things are correct, take a screenshot of the “message blocking is active” error and send it through third-party applications like Telegram or WhatsApp. This will demonstrate you right.

People Also Ask

Does it affect other Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messengers, and WeChat)?

“Message blocking is active” error message doesn’t affect other messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook messengers, and WeChat.

Since these messaging applications don’t need a phone auth service to work, with WiFi, these messaging applications can work impeccably, not at all, like the essential mobile messaging service that requires a phone number and the cell network to send and get messages.

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