How Much Prices of Our Human Body Parts ?

Prices of Our Human Body Parts: Humans are for humans. Life is for life. Who sang, he has left the world. Why not go away or why? People are still there for people. But, to kill! Even if, it sounds bad to hear you must agree that it is correct. Good people had been from the very beginning of this world. There are still, Will be there later.


If it is a direction, the opposite is that people were bad too from the very beginning of that day. There are still. Afterward, it will be worth more. So far the line is written to feel like panic! How bad it will be! do you remember the day 9/11? People! That’s just 15 years of the incident! 70 years ago, the bomb was destroyed by Hiroshima-Nagasaki, the people of the country have to pay for damages! So people are only for taking people’s life.


The question is, why did I say that? Because kidney trafficking is found around us! We often say that after Pet of an ‘animal’ in the house, feeding it, cut it down and cooked itself again, how many people eat! And there the man who will be kidnapped for his kidneys, She/He was taken to the house by her swearing, without taking permission, She/He was taken kidneys at night! sometimes His eyes also. it’s scared to think.


Sometimes other limbs of his body! We humans! How can a human cut another human’s into pieces and put them in the bag! These stories often come in the ears, the eyes look. we avoid it. It seems, that ‘animals’ news. I am a man that’s Why I will keep the news! If you do not know the news, then you will not be lagging behind.


But before a few or four days ago, I saw a little bit of a sudden I got up. The value of human life today is not a single droplet. But the price would be millions after people are dead! People, banana trees, coconut trees, and elephants are all together! None of these can be dropped! Everything is invaluable! Not just life. You can legally sell many parts of the body in different countries of the world including the United States. How many people sell their kidneys in our country.


But I was shocked, After knowing the rate charts of the human body in different countries of the world. Take a look at the delicious “menu list” at the time of the American dollar, which is the price of any parts in the human body in America.


  • 1) Eye price (One Pair) – 1500 Dollars
  • 2) Skull (Including Tooth) – 1200 Dollars
  • 3) Shoulder bones – 500 Dollars
  • 4) Artery – 1500 Dollars
  • 5) Heart- 1 Million 20 Thousand Dollars
  • 6) Liver – 1 Million 50 Thousand Dollars
  • 7) Hand (One) – 400 Dollars
  • 8) Stomach – 500 Dollars
  • 9) Kidney (One) – 2 Million 60 thousand Dollars
  • 10) Blood (One Bottle) – 120 to 150 Dollars
  • 11) Skin – 2700 Dollars per Square Feet


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Prices of Our Human Body Parts


No, you can not sell them at this price in the open market. Again, it is also true that these things are sold in this society! That is a prohibition of work.


But those people who ban this thing, they also know, people do this thing! Now, understand, how much ciphers, those prohibit people are! What is the benefit of this kind of lecture if anyone will not obey? One thing that, these organs of the human body are sold, Not even that they do not have any profits.


Of course, it has a good side. A man blind If he can see this world with the eyes of other people, what is bad! This is not sinning, it’s goodness! In our city, it happened like this few days ago. But this is what our human’s game. nobody can give us good things throw in the messy river better than human.No one can never di this, that why we are not Immortal! People are big! The biggest! The most intelligent! How much better to speak. But, why the accident happens with a human! Can not control the incident, it has come to achieve great fame! The conclusion is the same. Pencil in my hand.


Everything is sold, being. Good The world’s civilization and society continue to follow its own rules. He should go. It is astonishing to think that someday the word may also be added to this list. ‘Mind‘! It is full of sixteen full! And yes, if the mind goes into the list someday. Be sure that it will be offered free-of-charge with one or more part of the body. When the value of the mind and the people were!



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