Top 10 Common Marketing Mistakes Should Avoid

Top 10 Common Marketing Mistakes: Posting on Facebook does not make marketing. Marketing products on Facebook cannot be marketed by posting an advertisement. Most of the facts are not accepted by the fact that it does not benefit the company. Hmm, maybe it is beneficial at a temporary time.


But the profit does not last long. I have seen some mistakes in marketing in light of my marketing experience. These mistakes are mentioned in this post. Suggestions for correcting the mistakes.


If you read the post, there is a mistake in your own point, hope that, in the comment statement.


On the off chance that you are wasting your time endeavoring to gain traction with your business, check whether you are committing these Top 10 Common Marketing Mistakes:


1. Marketing is the bus salesman type. Which breaks the value of the brand. That is all pages of the whole page, or all the posts on your own, only the promotion of your service or product.


Tip:  Keep an eye on whether your marketing technique causes annoyance.


2. Most common marketing mistakes for creative businesses are started without analyzing the market competitors. That’s why planlessness marketing is insight.


Top 10 common marketing mistakes


Tip:  If the marketing plan without analyzing the competitors, the cost will increase in those marketing. But in most cases, there will not be a very good result. Therefore, evaluate the competitors by analyzing them, doing marketing in some places, using some weapons. Marketing started without analyzing the market competitors. That’s why planlessness marketing is insight.


3. Excessive use of promotional content is very harmful to branding. But in our country, this type of content is considered marketing.


Tip:  Promotional content will be 30% in your content marketing, the rest will be 70% other content. Even after giving this advice to anyone, nobody can cope with the temptation to post 100% of the promotional content.


4. Have organized a campaign plan, but the continuity in marketing cannot be noticed. That is, suddenly one day posted, again on the day I thought, post something again. Should never expect results in such marketing.


Tip:  At the time of marketing, you have to put into consideration your product ideas, you will have to explain your presence in different media 2-3 times every day for 1 to 3 months. Then the confidence of people about your product will be created.


5. Many marketers in our country have seen a lot of attention in creating content, making Google happy. That’s why Google cannot keep their position for a long time. Again, they cannot be very successful in cell conversions.


Tip:   To create content for any service promotion, to attract people’s minds. People have to plan to create content to understand psychology. Suggesting a structure for content marketing planning. Follow the format in AIDEA.

A: Attention, I: Interest, D: Desire, E: Engagement, A: Action


If you plan to content marketing by mastering the above structure, there is no possibility of any type of marketing failure. If you do not understand the structure, do the comments.


6. Marketers are very much aware of the diversity of content patterns. Or maybe you have less importance.


There should be many experiments with the type of content. There may be some types of short content, article, image content, video content, quiz content, live video content, etc.


Tip:  The pattern of the content is the same as it is, it reduces the interest of people. For the same type of content that is not posted in marketing, I always create a content calendar by creating a marketing plan. These are the common marketing mistakes people are doing.


7. The biggest asset of marketing is content. Many people do not have to worry about the planning that they have to create content. That’s why many contents are created, but the content cannot be very beneficial.

Top 10 common marketing mistakes


Tip:  When creating content, you should keep in mind what kind of conversion you want? If you create content in the head, you will find that you will get good results in a few contents.


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8. Many people hope for results soon after the promotion begins. If you do not get the results, then be frustrated.


Tip:  If you expect the marketing results very quickly, then the danger is for the product. It takes time to make people’s decisions on the cell. They depend on a number of factors. It is absurd to expect results without working on those factors.


9. Many marketers do not plan to create content by analyzing readers’ interest. For which the engagement is much less.


Tip:  The content that is working with the audience, what they are thinking about, the content of the solution is made. You will find good results quickly. To understand the needs of audiences, look at the conversations by computing the social media group, influences post, or a little overview of the various forums. Then create content. Keep in mind, the first success of marketing is the Audience Engagement in the content you created.


10. Many marketers do not feel the necessity of analyzing the audience’s convergence or reactions in his post. Because of that same post continues. Take a look at people being brand-minded after being disturbed.


Tip:  Every campaign raises the assessment of the campaign very well and arranges the next campaign plan. Costs will decrease, good sales and receive. And if we cannot do this, then we cannot be a marketer.


Marketing cannot be marketed by the knowledge of different media. Marketing is a huge thing. Here are some important concepts highlighted here. Hope everyone will work on top of everything.


If you have ever done any of those mistakes in the Top 10 Common Marketing Mistakes. please let us know.

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