Best Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank: Before we start, you have to comprehend that there are free methods for doing this and paid ways. I will uncover the force tools that I for one use to most out of this framework. 

However, do take note that everything should be possible physically on your own – it just takes longer. 

 All things considered, that is not exactly evident – really winning your first $100 online IS entirely simple… and what I’m going to show you right now that How to do Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank.

In case you’re on a limited budget, you might need to think about this, or in case you’re now in a situation to invest, presently is a decent time as these tools are helpful in numerous different territories of marketing!

Stage 01 – Choosing A Product To Promote!

Why Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank?

Perhaps the most effortless approach to begin in internet marketing is to promote affiliate products. This implies you get a commission for every offer of a specific product that originates from your link or referral. It’s certainly the most straightforward route to making money online.

You don’t need to invest energy and exertion in making and marketing your very own product, you don’t need to manage customer service and enlist people to sell for you…all that you need to do is discover a product to promote and make a site or link “pre-selling” the product and send traffic to it – which will all be discussed right now.

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank 8

Numerous affiliates pick ClickBank to begin with, for various reasons. They are extraordinarily simple to use, the merchants pay liberal commissions, and their items sell well. 

At the point when you join, you have to give ClickBank your physical location, since they will mail you a check for your commission. They don’t as of now have an alternative to pay via  PayPal, however, they HAVE quite recently acquainted themselves directly with the bank account system. This makes things a ton simpler in the event that you live outside the US.

They will likewise ask you to pick a nickname. This nickname is the manner by which you get your payments since you are going to include it in a link called a ‘hoplink’. Try not to stress it’s not frantically complicated – this is only a web address that people can tap on that includes your nickname so when you make sales, ClickBank realizes who to pay. 

We’ll speak progressively about Hoplinks in a matter of seconds because they’re significant. 

They are the means of how you get paid. Clients will have the option to see the nickname in your hoplink, so remember that while picking it. Additionally, when you pick that nickname, you won’t have the option to change it later.

Selecting a Clickbank Product

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank 7

It’s a smart thought to pick a product that is in an area that you have some familiarity with. There are such a large number of high-quality, gainful products on ClickBank that it doesn’t bode well to pick a product in a region that you detest. 

For example, if the idea of loans and credit fixes exhausts you, it doesn’t bode well to promote a related ClickBank product. On the off chance that you are honored with an excessively high metabolism and have never dieted, a weight-loss product probably won’t be the best decision for you. 

The best activity is to pick a product that you would appreciate advancing and studying more about.

What’s more, you likewise need to pick a product that is on the principal page or two of its category on ClickBank, and that has genuinely high gravity. Make certain to sort out your finds by gravity first starting from the drop-down box. 

ClickBank has as of late made changes to its site to arrange products by the most significant keywords which isn’t generally the best approach! Check the business page first before you check the gravity. It may be that the product is new and very few affiliates have found the product! 

When you have done that, you are fit as a shape. Furthermore, since you’ve picked your first product, we should discuss making your hoplink, and afterward how you will approach promoting your product.

Creating Your HopLink

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank 6

When you have chosen an item, you should make what is known as a “hoplink”. This is the link that you will put on your sales page, or in your email and when somebody taps on it, it will take them to the vendor’s page where they can investigate the product depiction and choose if it is good for them. 

In the event that the person, at that point, continues to buy it, ClickBank immediately credits the member for that buy. You are going to need to put this link on a few locations on your landing page, to make it simple for a client to tap on it. 

The link ought to be on the top, center, and base of the page so the client never needs to chase for an approach to find a good merchant’s page.

The link contains your affiliate nickname, the distributor’s name, and the expression Let us state that your nickname is ‘sellsalot’ and you are making a hoplink for the FatLoss 4 Idiots item.

The way that you create a hoplink is to go to the list of items and locate the one that you need to promote. 

Tip! Most well-respected products in the ClickBank commercial center will have their own affiliate page segment which furnishes you with the hoplink, and content to assist you with promoting their item! 

Subsequent to creating your hoplink, protect it in a notepad, or record it. You will require it later on when you come to manufacture your review site.

Putting Numbers To Your First $100

Alright since you comprehend what you’re doing and why, allow the first discussion about how precisely we’re going to reach this secretive $100 goal. The exact last thing I need you to do is peruse this affiliate marketing with the Clickbank guide, endeavor the framework half-heartedly, and afterward call it quits. 

It will just set you up to take something new again and fall into the snare of scanning for the following huge thing. 

How about we put some real numbers to how precisely you will accomplish your first $100?

How about we expect you’ve picked the product or products you’d prefer to promote as you probably are aware you’ll be paid $25 per deal. You’ll just need 4 deals to make that first $100, which is likewise the base income required before ClickBank pays attention to you enough to release the check. 

A decent ClickBank product with a high gravity score and compelling sales letter will have in any event a 1% conversion. That is, for every 100 guests that go to that site, 1 will purchase.

So in case you’re sending 400 guests to an associate offer, you can respectively expect 4 affiliate deals which will make up your $100.

How would you decide whether the item you’re advancing merits promoting?. as in the rule of thumb, you should be paying for special stunning designs, an eye-catching feature, an unmistakable and succinct introduction video, convincing long sales copy, leave pop-ups, discretionary update offers, and an eCourse. 

Attempt and put yourself in the brain of the person hoping to purchase. Does the site look set up? 

Does it pass on trust? Okay, get it yourself? On the off chance that so you’re undoubtedly on it a winner. 400 visits to an affiliate offer are truly straightforward, yet you should recollect that you’re NOT sending them directly  to affiliate offers because of

1 – won’t have the option to accomplish rankings and various postings in the search engines, 

2 – it’ll be very hard to get a decent quality score in Google Adwords should you wish to pay for your traffic and 

3 – you won’t have the option to catch leads to convert them into purchasers.

What you’re basically doing is reviewing and pre-selling the item first with your own site, and afterward getting your visitors to tap on your link which will at that point send them to the principal offer. 

Suppose your site gets a half-active clicking factor so that for every 100 individuals that visit your audit site, 50 check out the primary idea through your affiliate link. This is a serious high conversion however can be accomplished with a strong format and design and with the right pre-sell duplicate. 

So now, it would take 800 individuals to visit your main site, 400 of which will tap on the link to your recommended offer, and out of that 400, 4 will purchase the offer. 4 deals with a $25 commission will lead to your first $100.

How about we separate this situation considerably further? What does it take to get 800 guests to your site? You could purchase the traffic through per-per-click publicizing however it might cost you $0.50 or more for each click which will just make you equal the initial investment… or then again you could do it the free way utilizing the techniques and tools I’m going to impart to you and keep your net high revenues!

Stage #2 – Keyword Research

Before you can begin promoting your own site or know what to write about, you should comprehend what keywords to optimize for with the goal that you can rank higher up in the web indexes, get more excellent scores on PPC engines, for example, Google Adwords and increase your web page’s presentation that helps you to do affiliate marketing with Clickbank.

Let me give you a model… 

If you needed to promote a Golfing site and needed people to discover it in the web index results page under the term ‘golf’ how hard as far as competitiveness would that be? 

At this moment as I type in Google, there are 287,000,000 results for that term – where might your site be? Likewise, is the term ‘golf’ explicit enough that the searcher even knows what the person is searching for? 

Is there a business intent with that keyword, are they hoping to purchase something or are they simply doing research regarding the subject?

Alright, presently how about we type in “golf instructions”? As of now, there’s a drop to 3,091,000 results. It’s a greatly improved search term since it relates straightforwardly to the advanced product you’ll sell however there’s still a lot of competition to see your site at the top at any point in the near future… Would we be able to narrow it down further?.. 

OK, presently how about we type in “golf swing basics”? At 214,000 page results, it’s entirely possible to rank on the first page of Google with the correct promotion and link-building technique and it falls under the ‘golf instructions’ sub-niche. 

What’s more, just to demonstrate that it’s conceivable to rank first place with 200,000+ page results, you’ll see an Ezine Article directly at the top! 

You could without much of a stretch submit and submit an article about “golf swing basics”, and have a link in your writer bio pointing back to your money site!

Note! Another reason why this Ezine article is directed at the top is likewise down to the number of back-links highlighting this current person’s article under the anchor text “golf swing basics”. 

This would be originating from social bookmarking sites, blogs, and other Web 2.0 properties. We will cover this in more detail in the rush hour traffic section of this guide.

Presently the other inquiry you must pose to yourself is what amount of traffic will I get once I reach the first page of Google? What amount of traffic would I be able to hope to get every month and what does it take to knock the number #1 recorded site off the top?

While you can utilize the Google Adwords tool to see the level of rivalry, you won’t have the option to get exact numbers. There is a tool called UberSuggest which will permit you to see the number of backlinks a site has for a particular keyphrase, 

how much traffic you can hope to get when you arrive at the first-page position and the number of page results for that search. How To Do Keyword Research And Analysis For SEO

Stage #3 – Building Content With Your Keywords

Considering content to write for your picked affiliate product can be troublesome under the best of times – particularly if you don’t have a clue about the subject that well. 

Presently, there is a significant question: Do you need to really purchase every one of the three items? Indeed, ideally, you would purchase and attempt each of the three items for your product review page. However, this could get very costly, particularly in the event that you expand and have a  lot of product review pages.

There are approaches to get around purchasing every one of the products. You should not lie and guarantee that you used an item that you have never used, yet here is the thing that you can do.

So when you come to compose your review page, you need to be more authoritative and factual instead of over-hyped and noisy – leave that for the affiliate product to do that! 

A Website For A Specific Purpose! 

One of the most mainstream approaches to market an affiliate product is by making a site, and writing a review that pitches the ideals of the product. the specific product website is necessary to do affiliate marketing with Clickbank.

You will be investigating the item, so the site name should reflect that. The explanation behind this is just that reviews create a larger number of sales than in-your-face sales pages. 

While registering a domain for your website, attempt to incorporate the keywords of the item and the words ‘review‘. For instance, on the off chance that you were promoting the site ‘Fat Loss 4 Idiots’, your review site may be ‘’ or ‘’.

In the event that you do a search in Google for ‘fatloss4idiots’, you’ll see the number of domain names that have been made exclusively to promote this one ClickBank ClickBank item. 

You’ll need to enroll your own domain name, in a perfect world with the product name or keywords you’re focusing on to get ranked and positioned rapidly in the search engines.

The next stage is to design your site and manufacture content around it – yet before you even lay one finger on that HTML editor, we should go over how you will get your clients using keywords and key phrases that will eventually figure out what content will be on your site! 

On the off chance that you realize how to design your own site, that is extraordinary – you can set aside a ton of cash that way. On the off chance that you don’t, you can find and hire web specialists privately at places like Freelancer, Guru, and Upwork.

Making Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Product Review Site 

In one methodology, you will introduce yourself as somebody who has used this item, who had an issue that they required solved before they found this product, and who found that the item worked really well to take care of their concern. 

The way into a review page like that isn’t to sound excessively gushing or excessively enthusiastic or if you are composing an advertisement instead of an honest review, and lose the trust of your readers. 

It is ideal, truth be told, in the event that you can locate some minor defects in the product. Truly,  that’s right, a flaw.

What you need to do is pick a minor defect that won’t take away from the product’s effectiveness. For example, if you are advancing “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” you could state something like “Most, however, not all, of the recipes, were awesome. 

There were a couple of recipes that I wasn’t crazy about, however, the manner in which the fat melted off me…I truly didn’t mind!” This fortifies the product what it says that it does, however, it doesn’t seem like a ludicrous “advertorial” – an advertisement as an article. 

For a product like “Run A Car on Water,” you could say something like:

So that is one regular kind of review site. 

Here is the other kind:

you write an item review page in which you review at least three similar items, all in a similar category. You give the page a name that mirrors that, as “bestfatlossproducts” or “trafficproductreviews.” You will rate every item using some kind of rating system, often using stars – say, from one to four stars or one to five stars, with five stars being the best.

You will put the item that you prescribe the most on top. Presently, there is an approach to get some more cash flow: Put an affiliate link with your ClickBank name on EACH item. 

Let me show you an example of a decent near-review site that supports a high active clicking rate of your guests. 

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank 4

The benefit of having multiple reviews and side-by-side examinations is that somebody may have discovered your page since they are researching the second-rated item that you mention, and they may have their heart set on that item. 

So you will need to say that the first product was incredible and it was the best at doing what it was supposed to. The second product was likewise acceptable yet not exactly as great, or it cost more and did the same job as the first product.

With review sites, the layout is significant. You need to keep the structure of the page reliable, with a short caption about every item, 

another page for a detailed review, and ‘call-to-action’ buttons to get them to click! When somebody arrives on your site, you need them to realize that you are the passage to the best items and that they are on the correct page to get what they need. 

In the event that you can’t pass on this, they’ll leave your site and check another audit site and that member will get dispatched for sale instead!

Articles In Your Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Website 

You’ll see on our model review site, in the left-hand column we incorporate links to a few articles. This fills two purposes. 

  1. It makes our site look set up and very much taken care of according to the web indexes. It likewise serves more pages to link to when you come to promote your site. More pages to promote and link to imply more pages get indexed in the search results – more traffic! 
  2. You instruct and pre-sell the guest. Your guest might be at different phases of the purchasing zone. Some will examine what it is they need, some will definitely think about the item, and others won’t recognize what their concern is until they read your articles. Each article polishes off with a link back to the principal site where they can see the item comparison.

Catching Up With Your Visitors 

Notice in our example survey site, we incorporate an opt-in box in the upper left corner to permit guests to join our bulletin. This permits us to follow up with our visitors to keep teaching them and show them our recommendations.

In the event that you allude back to the blueprint, you’ll see that each email sent out through our automated-responder system sends the reader back to our review site. As a rule,  first impressions are insufficient, and a guest needs to see the site several times before the individual decides. 

Although not a need when you’re first starting out, you might need to consider exploiting automated mailing systems like Aweber which can remind subscribers about the items accessible available and permit you to promote different items later on.

To give you an example of how this would work, imagine you have a guest who is keen on losing weight. They at that point go to your review site which analyzes 3 items on weight loss any way they’re not in a purchasing mood or need additional time before they buy. 

Be that as it may, they see a pick in the structure of the review for free information and tips about losing weight which they joyfully sign up for. Presently they close the window and never observe your site again, that is until the auto-responder kicks in! 

Presently, after 2 or after 3 days they receive an amicable nice email from you which is sent out consequently…

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank 4

They get incredible advice to assist them with achieving their weight reduction goals and afterward click the link in the email which returns them to the review site or the best affiliate program that you suggest. As a guest, they’re impressed by the information that has been given out and its values, so they return to our review site and look again. 

This time they get one of the affiliate programs and you make the commission. What if the first email didn’t achieve enough trust? Well,  at that point another email is sent out a couple of days after the fact, again giving quality valuable information and afterward reminding them to visit your survey site. 

Staying in touch is important. It can take as much as 12 messages before they purchase what you recommend yet it won’t be an issue since it will be delivered automatically with your autoresponder!

Will Free Websites Work? 

There are different sites that give you free hosting and template configuration, including Weebly, and BlinkWeb. The two of them have paid overhauls which permit you to direct your own domain name there. 

The advantage of utilizing those sites is that for a simple site, you won’t need to hire a graphic designer; you can utilize their premade upload and templates for any designs that you need.

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Should something be said about Affiliate Marketing Blogs? 

You can likewise transfer blogging programming like WordPress. This has a few advantages and detriments. 

The principal bit of leeway of WordPress is that it is incredibly simple to include new content, and erase old substance (what you say on your webpage) the downside of WordPress – and some other blogging programming – is that it is spread out like a blog. WordPress helps you to manage your website. Please go for it whenever you are going to start affiliate marketing with Clickbank.

You can generally pay somebody to reconfigure it for you, however, it is really difficult to make a WordPress blog seem as though a sales page. Online Blogs do have their utilizations, however, they don’t make a perfect deals page due to their design. 

Perhaps the best activity when you are preparing to plan your site or have somebody structure your review page or presentation page for you is to take a look at what your competition has done and tell your designer which kind of page you like. It is anything but a smart thought to make direct copies, however – you could fall into difficulty. 

Be that as it may, how would you discover these landing pages? That is exceptionally simple. Go to your preferred search engine and type the name of the product that you will be promoting.

Most, likely all, of the outcomes that come up, will be presentation pages designed by affiliates who are promoting a similar item. Investing some energy contemplating deals pages on various ClickBank items is a smart thought. Thus, you are learning from people who are as of now out there selling. 

You should take a look at the headline at the highest point of the sales pages and see how they tempt their pursuers to continue reading further. You should take a look at where they place the affiliate links.

Elective Method – Forced Subscription! 

Another technique to affiliate marketing is by sending your targeted traffic straightforwardly to a squeeze page where you can develop your niche list. From that point, you can send them to the associate offer you’re promoting. 

if they purchase straight away, great, if not, at that point you despite everything have the chance to follow up with them sometime in the future a few times. 

Regardless of whether they still don’t purchase the item, you still have the chance to elevate related items to them later on.

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank 3

Here is the best example of a “weight-loss” crush page. The structure is straightforward, follows a basic, clean format, and gets the guest to take action. While this is a much more forceful approach, it works well if you realize the product sells well and you plan to promote other related items sooner rather than later. 

Utilize this design for most extreme transformations. On the off chance that this passes your present expertise level, at that point, it is worth hiring a web designer to do this for you, or in case you’re on a limited spending plan, utilize the formats given in SenDer.

Stage #4 – Send Targeted Traffic To Your Affiliate Website

Traffic Starts With A Link 

So how would we get links? Great inquiry! To start with, how about we define what a link is and how we improve our hyperlinks? 

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank 2

The goal is to get however many quality sites as could be expected under the possible linking to you for your keywords. but, how would we do that? Do we go around the web and request that each website admin put this code on their webpage for free? 

Do we make 100s of sites of our own that simply have that bit of HTML code? Thankfully, you won’t need to do that in light of the fact that there are substantially more reasonable and ethical methods for getting backlinks to your site.

Where To Get Your Affiliate Website Links 

On the off chance that you allude back to the blueprint, you’ll see our haze of traffic sources. This is the place most of the traffic will originate from. How about we rapidly talk about where and how they work? 

From Blog – Find websites, leave comments, and gets backlinks. Simply remember to verify whether the backlinks are set apart as ‘no follow’. 

Forums – Post in forums that permit you to have links in your signature. Simply don’t try too hard and spam or your records will get erased. Additionally, look at the profile pages for your record. Bunches of them will let you leave a link to your landing page.

Web 2.0 locales – Create focal points at Squidoo, blogs at Blogger, and site pages at Weebly. Use them to send backlinks to your survey site or host your review site directly on them. 

These are free sites where you can present your substance which Google additionally favors! Connections coming from these Web 2.0 properties pass on a great deal of link esteem.

Social Bookmarking – Technorati, Digg, Reddit, and companions. Not just do you recover the one-way back-links from a few current social sites, but on the off chance that enough people like your substance and “vote it up” you’ll likewise get immediate traffic from them. 

Directory submission – There are huge amounts of locales that exist simply to be arrangements of different sites. Registry entries are a fast method to assemble 100s of one-way links.

Article Marketing – Simply compose a 250-500 word article on a similar theme as the item you’re promoting, improve it for the watchword or the key expression you’re focusing on, and submit to whatever number of article catalogs as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Your articles will contain a life story box where you get to enter a good pace hyperlink. At the point when the article directories host your content on their site, you permit different webmasters to copy and paste your substance so your connections will fabricate virally! 

You can submit them manually simply submit to a couple of the top registries like Ezine Articles, Article City, Go Articles, Article Base, etc, 

However, there are currently useful tools like Magic Article Submitter that will make new records for you, check them, and afterward submit naturally to 100s of directories. This method helps you to grow your Clickbank affiliate marketing website.


Numerous people have stopped their businesses to turn out to be full-time web advertisers as affiliates. Perusing this book was the simple part. 

Presently you have a genuine test in front of you – DOING IT.

On the off chance that you follow the strategies right now, you’ll make your first $100 on the web. 

The procedures and procedures I’ve quite recently clarified will feel weird and outsider the first occasion when you get things done. You’ll get a few things wrong and need to begin again and with everything taken into account, it’ll be a precarious expectation to learn and adapt. if this beautiful guide helps you to start affiliate marketing with Clickbank. please give us feedback.

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