Helldivers 2 Twitch Drops – How to Get?

Calling all Helldivers 2! Ready to deck out your squad with exclusive gear?

Twitch drops are your ticket to get TR-117 Alpha Commander armor skin sweet, free loot. But how do you snag these digital goodies? Fear not, fellow soldier. This guide will show you the ropes!

What are Twitch Drops?

Imagine watching your favorite streamer blast bugs, and suddenly, bam! A fantastic new helmet skin pops up in your in-game inventory. That’s the magic of Twitch drops. 

Partnered streamers host special broadcasts where these rewards rain down on viewers who meet specific requirements.

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How to Get Helldivers 2 Twitch Drops?

1. Gear Up:

  • Create a Twitch account if you haven’t already. It’s free and easy!
  • Head to the official Helldivers website and link your Twitch account. This is crucial for the loot to find its way to your game.
  • Connect your Twitch account to the by clicking on the “Connect Twitch” button.

2. Find the Right Stream:

  • During a Twitch drop campaign, specific streamers will be flagged as “Drops Enabled”. Search for Helldivers and filter by this tag to find them.
  • Popular streamers like Annemunition, Cohhcarnage, Shroud, and more often participate in these campaigns, so keep an eye out!

3. Tune In and Relax:

  • Simply watch the stream for the required amount of time, usually around 1 hour. You don’t have to be glued to the screen, though. Minimize the window, listen to music, or do other things while the timer ticks down.

4. Claim Your Prize:

  • Once the time is up, a notification will pop up on your Twitch screen, letting you know you’ve earned a drop.
  • Enjoy your new TR-117 Alpha Commander armor skin, which is the only Twitch Drop available for Helldivers 2 right now.
  • Head to your Twitch inventory and claim your reward. It will then be automatically added to your Helldivers game inventory for you to rock in your next mission!

How to redeem Helldivers 2 Twitch drop codes PS5 and Steam?

Once you receive a code in your Twitch drop inventory, you can claim on the website. After that, you need to redeem the code on your PS5 or Steam account, depending on your playing platform.

To redeem codes on PS5, follow these steps:
  • Turn on your PS5.
  • Navigate to the top menu and select the ellipsis (…) beside the shopping cart icon.
  • Select “Redeem Codes” from the list of options.
  • Type in your code, and press X to confirm.
To redeem codes on Steam, follow these steps:
  • Open Steam on your PC.
  • From the options at the very top of the launcher, select “Games.”
  • From the drop-down, select “Activate a product on Steam.”
  • Paste in your code.

Update On Getting Helldivers 2 Twitch drops rewards and Helldivers 2 TR-117 alpha commander armor 

The initial campaign offering this reward ran from February 9th to February 23rd, 2024. it’s possible to get Helldivers 2 Twitch drops and the TR-117 Alpha Commander armor through Twitch viewing. 

However, there are still a few ways you could potentially try to get the armor:

1. Check Official Channels for Future Events:

  • Keep an eye on the official Helldivers 2 website and social media pages (Twitter, Facebook). They might announce future Twitch drop campaigns or other events offering the TR-117 Alpha Commander armor or similar rewards.
  • Join the Helldivers 2 community forums or Discord server to stay updated on potential unofficial giveaways or contests where the armor might be a prize.

2. Look for Alternative Acquisition Methods:

  • Check if the TR-117 Alpha Commander armor is available for purchase with in-game currency or real-world money. Developer plans can change, so it’s worth checking if they became purchasable after the event.
  • See if community members are offering the armor through trades or giveaways on forums or marketplaces like Steam Community Market (with caution and following official trading guidelines).

Remember, the TR-117 Alpha Commander armor was a limited-time reward, so acquiring it might be challenging. However, staying informed about future Helldivers 2 updates and exploring alternative options might still lead you to exciting customization opportunities!

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