HellDivers 2 Endgame Build Guide

HellDivers 2 Endgame Build Guide: I’m hyped to show y’all the sickest endgame build for HellDivers 2.

We’ve already conquered the toughest difficulty, HellDivers 2, and smashed through every other challenge.

Now, let’s dive straight into it!

HellDivers 2 Endgame Build on Max Difficulty

Gear Setup

First things first, let’s talk about the weapons and armor we’re rocking:

  • Primary Weapon: SG 225 Breaker – This bad boy has been my go-to throughout the entire game. You can snag it from the battle pass.
  • Secondary Weapon: The P19 Machine Pistol is free and packs a punch when you need extra firepower.
  • Grenade: Explosive Grenade – It explodes on impact, perfect for taking out clusters of enemies.

Aggressive Assault

PrimaryKF75 Directive CarbineA powerful assault rifle with a high rate of fire and good accuracy.
SecondaryM79A1 ThumperA grenade launcher that is great for taking out large groups of enemies.
Perk 1Demolition ExpertIncreases the damage of explosives.
Perk 2Rapid DeploymentAllows you to deploy faster and sprint for longer distances.
Perk 3Iron ManGrants bonus armor and health.
Stratagem 1Orbital Laser StrikeA powerful laser that can vaporize enemies in an instant.
Stratagem 2Artillery StrikeA barrage of artillery shells that can devastate enemy positions.
Stratagem 3Shield DomeA deployable shield that can protect you and your teammates from enemy fire.

This build is all about dealing as much damage as possible. The KF75 Directive Carbine is a great all-around weapon that can take down most enemies quickly.

The M79A1 Thumper is perfect for clearing out groups of enemies or taking down more significant targets. The perks and stratagems in this build are all designed to help you survive and deal even more damage.

Defensive Support

PrimaryKB50 Auto RifleA versatile assault rifle with good accuracy and damage.
SecondaryM40A1 DMRA sniper rifle that is perfect for taking out enemies from long range.
Perk 1MedicAllows you to revive downed teammates and heal yourself and others.
Perk 2ResupplyAllows you to carry more ammo and stratagems.
Perk 3Support SpecialistGrants bonus damage to teammates near you.
Stratagem 1Healing DroneA drone that will automatically heal you and your teammates.
Stratagem 2Ammo ResupplyA beacon that will resupply ammo to you and your teammates.
Stratagem 3Shield WallA deployable shield wall that can protect you and your teammates from enemy fire.

This build is designed to support your teammates and keep them alive. The KB50 Auto Rifle is a good all-around weapon that can deal with most enemies.

The M40A1 DMR is perfect for taking out priority targets or enemies that are too far away to reach with your primary weapon.

The perks and stratagems in this build are all designed to help your teammates survive and be more effective in combat.

Stealth Infiltrator

PrimaryKS79 Plasma RifleA silenced pistol that fires superheated plasma bolts.
SecondaryM95 Suppressed PistolA silenced pistol that fires high-caliber rounds.
Perk 1GhostMakes you harder to detect by enemies.
Perk 2Silent MovementReduces the noise you make when moving.
Perk 3Sabotage ExpertAllows you to plant more powerful explosives and disable enemy vehicles.
Stratagem 1Smoke GrenadeA grenade that creates a cloud of smoke that can obscure your vision.
Stratagem 2Invisibility FieldA deployable field that makes you invisible to enemies.
Stratagem 3Tactical Warp JumpAllows you to teleport to a short distance.

This build is designed to take down enemies silently and efficiently. The KS79 Plasma Rifle is a powerful weapon that can take down most enemies in one shot.

The M95 Suppressed Pistol is a good backup weapon for when you need to take out enemies at close range.

The perks and stratagems in this build are all designed to help you stay undetected and take down enemies without them knowing you’re there.

Battle Pass Tips

Wondering where to get that SG 225 Breaker? Check out page four of the battle pass. That’s where you’ll find it, along with some other cool rewards. But hey, if you’re not into the premium battle pass stuff, no worries. You can still dominate without it!

Strategems Loadout

Now, let’s talk about the strategies that’ll take your gameplay to the next level:

  • Orbital Laser: This is the MVP of stratagems. It can wipe out multiple boss enemies in one shot, but watch out for the cooldown.
  • Rail Cannon Strike: Another heavy hitter against big boss enemies, and it’s more friendly to your teammates.
  • Guard Dog Rover: My personal favorite for clearing out ads. It’s a beast on the battlefield.
  • Auto Cannon: Forget the Rocket Sentry. The Auto Cannon fires more shots and deals serious damage to both bosses and ads.

Gameplay Clip

I’ve included a gameplay clip where I tackled HellDivers 2 difficulty with my squad. Check it out for some epic action and strategies!


And there you have it, folks! It’s the ultimate endgame build for HellDivers 2. With the right gear and stratagems, you’ll be unstoppable. Don’t forget to bookmark my site for more content, and remember, survival is key in the world of HellDivers. Until next time, stay legendary!

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