How to Stream Just Add Magic on Firestick?

Just Add Magic is one of the most popular TV series, with an IMDb rating of 8.3. I watched its first and second seasons on my Amazon Firestick, and it was worth it.

Watching a decent TV series on a larger screen always make weekends more special. In this article, I’ll tell you about the ways you can stream this TV show and others on Firestick. I’ll also give you little details about the episodes of season 2.

How to Stream Just Add Magic on Firestick?

Firesticks are Amazon’s products, and Just Add Magic is a TV series from Prime Video. So, one of the best ways to watch this TV series on a Firestick or other Fire devices is by using the official Prime Video app.

However, you have to buy a subscription to watch Prime Video, which is okay because you also get Amazon Prime and Music with it. People who do not want to buy a Prime membership can watch this series for free using free apps and add-ons.

For instance, you can use the Cinema HD app, which gives free TV shows and movies. However, no one can assure you that you can find a particular show on a free app for several reasons. These apps fetch links from add-ons, and these add-ons keep shutting down now and then.

But Cinema HD is one of the best bets you can play to watch this show. It is also easy to install on Firestick devices. Here’s how you can load the Cinema app on Fire TV Stick and enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Just Add Magic Season 2

The second season of this series starts with an opening scene of Hannah, Kelly, and Darbie’s cake that broke all spells earlier and made her grandma normal again. 

However, there was a consequence of lifting this spell. It brought back Chuck Hankins. For those who do not know, Chuck was a teenage boy/old enemy missing for almost the last 50 years. After investing in Chuck Hawkins, girls conclude he was no ordinary troublemaker.

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Here is a little info about all the episodes.

1) Just Add Halloween

It is the first episode of Just Add Magic season 2 and begins with all girls searching for a special ingredient to help them find Chuck Hankins and his whereabouts. But there is a twist about this ingredient. This rare ingredient blooms only once a year, and that is on Halloween. So, they all need to figure a way out to go to the previous year’s Halloween, but under the condition of not running into their past lives or selves.

2) Just Add Summer

Girls succeed in getting the rare ingredient from last year’s Halloween and now prepare a soup to find Chuck. However, the spell fails, and Kelly finds out she needs to make a Settle the Beef sandwich. She makes it only to find out she has to spell her grandma first.

3) Just Add Chuck

The spell works with the help of the grandma, and all girls have their first conversation with Chuck. They figure out that he has memory-related issues and does not remember anything regarding the Pluot festival of 

The spell worked and as the girls have their first conversation with Chuck, it appears to them that he has some memory problems as he doesn’t remember anything about the Pluot Festival of 1965. 

However, Mama P and grandma are unsure if he is telling the truth, so the girls make a potion to help Chuck adjust his memory, and it works.

4) Just Add 1965

Girls could not find a clear answer from grandma, Ms. Silvers, or Mama P about what happened with Chuck Hankins in 1965. At the same moment, Chuck saves Buddy while he is skateboarding, and his action brings him closer to the Quinn family.

5) Just Add Saphron

As Chuck Hankins gets closer to the Quinn family, Kelly gets worried every day. She convinces Darbie to prepare a magical recipe, a mint to be precise, which is originally a lie detector to show Chuck’s real intentions to Kelly’s dad. Darbie also uses this magical mint on her dad during lunch to meet Amy.

6) Just Add Fixings 

In this episode, all girls cook a fix-it spell to help Jake to repair his food bike but find themselves in problems like fixing cabinets to help Mama P and more. At the end of the episode, Kelly feels that Chuck needs emotional fixing to get back to his normal ways.

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7) Just Add 8529 

Kelly finds out about Chuck’s hideout by using magic books. Kelly uses a potion to become invisible and investigates what is inside the hideout. She gets shocked after finding out that Chuck is making his magical cookbook.

8) Just Add Muscles

Kelly tells the other girls about the magic book Chuck is preparing, and they decide to make and cast the Strength spell to help them get their book back safely.

9) Just Add Fire

After Chuck finds out that the girls took his magic book, he casts a sleep spell on grandma, the girls, Ms. Silvers, and Mama P. After that, all of them struggle to stay awake to make a recipe to counterspell the sleep spell.

10) Just Add Meddling

Kelly starts using magic to solve even the tiniest problems. This habit forces Darbie and Hannah to hide the magic book from Kelly. At the same time, Chuck makes another plan to enter into the girls’ lives by using Jake.

11) Just Add Secrets

Kelly casts a secret spell to know more about Chuck’s history, but it compels everyone to tell their secrets to her. As a result, Kelly surfaces the biggest secret of all time, the hidden one from the book.

I have not seen the last two episodes yet, so I can not tell you about them. However, I’ll share a tip before you start streaming TV shows and movies using unverified apps and add-ons.

Using a VPN before accessing unverified apps is an ideal approach. Non-verified apps and add-ons often stream copyrighted content, and streaming that content can end you in legal trouble. 

You can see this list of some of the best VPNs for Firestick devices. You might also want to avoid using free VPNs as they share your data with third-party apps that show you ads and offers.


How many seasons of just add magic?

Only, Three

Is there season 4 of Just Add Magic?

Just Add Magic: Season 4 Episode 1.

Wrapping Up

Just Add Magic is a decent TV series, and you can stream it using verified or unverified apps on Firesticks.

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