Unlock Magma Camo Fast in MW3 [Zombies Vortex Event Rewards]

Unlock Magma Camo Fast in MW3: We’re diving into the recent rollercoaster journey of Unlock Magma Camo Fast in MW3. To unlock Magma Camo, you need to earn XP while playing MW3, Warzone, or Zombies during the event. The total amount of XP required to get the camo is 1,233,700.

You can use double XP tokens and the War Horse skin from the Horseman War: Tracer Pack to speed up your progress. You can also check your XP progress in the Vortex event tab in the game menu.

The Vortex Event brought excitement and challenges, and players had to adapt to unexpected twists in the XP requirements. Let’s take a closer look at the journey, bugs, and the final satisfaction of unlocking the Magma Camo in MW3.

What is Magma Camo in MW3?

Check out MAGMA CAMO – it’s this cool animated weapon skin you can grab in MW3 and Warzone during the Vortex: War’s Domain event. Picture this – it’s got this awesome fiery red and orange look, kinda like molten lava. People are going nuts for it because it’s super rare and only sticks around for a short time. So, if you want to jazz up your gear, this camo is the way to go during the event!

The Unforeseen Challenges:

The Vortex Event kicked off with a promise of the Magma Camo as the ultimate reward. However, players quickly realized that the XP targets were not as straightforward as previous events.

Instead of the usual 200,000 XP, this time, a whopping 1.2 million XP was required to unlock the coveted camo. This unexpected twist led to confusion and frustration among players, including the content creator who shares the journey with us.

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The Bug Dilemma:

The Vortex Wars Domain event is currently live, bringing excitement to both Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warzone players. To participate, all you need to do is dive into the game and start playing. Whether you prefer multiplayer modes or other game types, any XP you earn will contribute to unlocking various enticing rewards.

You might be here because you’ve earned the 450,000 XP the menu suggests for unlocking the coveted camo, yet it remains elusive. The glitch lies in the displayed XP amounts, which are incorrect. A visit to the official Call of Duty updates page on Twitter reveals the true figures. For the Magma Camo, it’s a whopping 1.2 million XP. So, despite the menu indicating you’ve unlocked it, an additional 750,000 XP is required.

There’s good news, though. The issue of the events tab not showing up in the game has been acknowledged by the Call of Duty updates page. A fix is in the works and expected in the coming weeks. In the meantime, your progress is still tracked, and you can unlock rewards from the current event.

As players embarked on the grind, a major bug surfaced. Even after reaching the 450,000 XP mark, the camo did not appear. This bug affected many players, creating a wave of disappointment and uncertainty.

Call of Duty acknowledged the issue, revealing that the XP targets within the event were inaccurately communicated. Players were now informed they needed 1.2 million XP for the Magma Camo.

The Grind and the Sleepless Night:

Undeterred by the challenges, the content creator dedicated hours to grinding XP. The lack of XP tracking made the journey even more arduous, leaving players unsure of their progress. The frustration reached its peak as sleepless nights and constant uncertainty became part of the quest for the Unlock Magma Camo in WM3.

How To Unlock Magma Camo Fast in MW3?

Game Modes:

  • Lockdown Quads: This fast-paced, objective-based mode rewards playing the objective heavily. Focus on capturing and holding points while using Decoy Grenades to distract enemies and rack up XP.
  • Zombies: Playing on higher difficulty in Outbreak or Survival can quickly net you XP, especially through completing contracts and escort missions.
  • Warzone/Resurgence: While not as efficient as dedicated XP modes, playing aggressively and completing contracts can still accumulate XP steadily.


  • Decoy Grenades: Utilize Decoy Grenades as much as possible. Every enemy drawn to a decoy nets you XP, even without a kill. Focus on throwing them near objectives or high-traffic areas.
  • XP Boosters: Double XP tokens and charms can significantly accelerate your progress.
  • Weapon Leveling: Leveling up weapons simultaneously grants bonus XP, so choose guns you need to level while grinding for Magma Camo.

Strategies 1:

  • Focus on Objectives: Prioritize playing the objective in any mode to maximize XP gain.
  • Play Aggressively: Consistent kills and engagements add up, though balance it with objective play.
  • Complete Contracts: Contracts offer significant XP rewards, especially high-tier ones.
  • Utilize Perks: Perks like Strong Arm (increases throwing distance) and Scavenger (replenishes grenades) can benefit your Decoy Grenade strategy.

Strategies 2:

In the midst of the chaos, the content creator shared some valuable strategies for those aiming to unlock the Magma Camo efficiently. Hardcore mode, focusing on one-shot kills, and completing weekly challenges were highlighted as key components of the strategy. Additionally, players were encouraged to venture into the world of zombies for extra XP, particularly through achievable challenges.

Unlock Magma Camo Fast – 2 BROKEN XP Methods

Looking to boost your XP rapidly in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) or War Zone, especially during the Magma event? You’re in luck! Here are two lightning-fast methods to level up quickly and dominate the XP game.

1. Lockdown Quads Mayhem

Dive into Lockdown Quads and embrace the chaos by playing the objective with unwavering dedication. The key is to maximize your XP gains, and the game rewards heavily for playing the objective. Amp up your efforts, secure kills, and, most importantly, unleash a barrage of decoy grenades at every opportunity.

Why decoy grenades? They not only confuse your foes but also bring in heaps of XP. Loot crates strategically, as Munitions boxes are your ticket to an unlimited supply of decoy grenades. Spam these cleverly crafted distractions towards your enemies and witness your XP skyrocket.

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2. Decoy Dominance in War Zone or Resurgence

In standard War Zone or Resurgence matches, wield the power of decoy grenades once again. Load up your class with these tactical tools, and gather a substantial arsenal of decoys. Head to a munition stash, stow your decoys and then grab the stash again. Voila! You now boast an inventory bursting with decoys.

Deploy your decoy army strategically when encountering enemy forces. Toss them into the midst of the action, and watch the XP flow in effortlessly. Don’t forget to play as you normally would, securing kills and contributing to the overall match objectives.

This method is tried and tested, providing a substantial bonus of extra XP during your regular gameplay. The impact on your XP gain is substantial, making it a worthwhile strategy.

In conclusion, these techniques offer a turbocharged route to amassing XP quickly in MW3 and War Zone.

All XP Amounts For Each Reward During Vortex

The XP amounts for each reward during Vortex: War’s Domain event are as follows:


RewardXP Required
“The Goat” weapon sticker9,500
Double XP token21,500
“Through the Smoke” large decal36,900
Double weapon XP token56,350
“Ghost Fire” charm81,100
“Skull Fire” large decal112,450
“Volcanic” emblem152,300
“A Little Rusty” calling card202,950
Double battle pass XP token267,200
“Winged Fire” weapon sticker348,900
Double XP token452,550
“Forged in Flames” calling card584,250
“Putrid Skulls” weapon sticker751,500
Double weapon XP token963,950
“Magma” weapon camo1,233,700

How do I get double XP tokens and the War Horse skin?

Double XP tokens are consumable items that can boost your XP gain for a limited time. You can get them by buying specially-marked Monster Energy drinks, ordering special Little Caesars meals, buying the Call of Duty meal at Burger King, earning them through the battle pass1, or using or converting protean items.

The War Horse skin is a cosmetic item that can change the appearance of your operator. 

You can get it by purchasing the Horsemen War: Tracer Pack from the in-game store. The pack also includes other items such as the War Horse operator, the War Horse vehicle skin, the War Horse calling card, the War Horse emblem, and the War Horse charm. The pack costs 2400 COD Points.

Using the War Horse skin and the double XP tokens can help you unlock the Magma camo faster, as they will give you extra XP bonuses in each match.

What is the fastest way to earn XP in MW3 and Warzone?

  • Play Objective Modes:
    • Opt for game modes like Domination, Hardpoint, Ground War, or Kill Confirmed.
    • Gain extra XP for capturing or defending points and finishing the match.
  • Complete Challenges:
    • Tackle daily and weapon challenges.
    • Use specific weapons and equipment or perform in-game actions.
    • Earn a chunk of XP, ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 per challenge.
  • Utilize Double XP Tokens:
    • Grab consumable items to boost XP for a limited time.
    • Get them by purchasing certain products, earning through the battle pass, or converting protean items.
  • Zombies Mode Grind:
    • Dive into Zombies mode, a cooperative wave-survival experience.
    • Rack up XP by killing zombies, fulfilling contracts, and deploying turrets or exfil points.

In essence, mix these strategies based on your gaming preferences for a swift XP boost in MW3 and Warzone.

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Magma camo is a new and exclusive weapon skin that can be obtained by participating in the Vortex: War’s Domain event in MW3 and Warzone. The event runs from Jan. 3 to 17, 2024 and requires players to earn a total of 1,233,700 XP across all game modes.

To unlock Magma camo fast, players can use double XP tokens, the War Horse skin, and play objective modes or Zombies mode. Magma camo is a rare and animated camo that looks like molten lava and can be applied to any weapon. It is a reward for the dedicated and hardcore fans of MW3 and Warzone who are willing to grind for it before the event ends.

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