Helldivers 2: How To Kill All Automatons Fast?

How to kill all the different types of automatons at various levels in Helldivers 2. The video provides different strategies depending on the level you are at.

In Helldivers 2, you and your buddies try to make the whole galaxy free and happy. But watch out for those mean and nasty machines called Automatons.

They hate freedom, and they are hard to kill. Don’t worry; we have some awesome advice for you to smash those metal heads for good. 

Helldivers 2 automaton weakness

The weaknesses of Automatons in Helldivers 2 vary depending on the specific enemy type:

Troopers, Marauders, and Raiders:

  • These are the basic foot soldiers of the Automaton faction.
  • Their weak spot is their metal head.
  • A few well-placed shots to the head with any weapon will take them down quickly.


  • This is a more heavily armored version of the basic Automaton soldier.
  • It has the same weak spot as the other infantry, the metal head, but it takes more damage to destroy.

Scout Strider:

  • This is a four-legged walker enemy.
  • It is slow-moving and can be easily taken down with concentrated fire.
  • It has no specific weak spot, but it is generally less well-armored than other Automaton enemies.


  • This is the most heavily armored enemy in the game.
  • Its hull armor is very strong and cannot be penetrated by most weapons.
  • The only weak spot is the glowing red core at the back of its rotating cannon.
  • This can be destroyed with a few shots from a powerful weapon like a Railgun or Autocannon, or with a single use of the Orbital Railcannon stratagem.

How To Kill All Automatons Fast In Helldivers 2?

Level 2-10:

  • Use the Anti-material rifle. It is effective against all automatons to grunt enemies and Scout Striders. You can kill them in one shot to the body or three shots to the centre.
  • Use grenades against the Scout Striders.
  • Use the Expendable anti-tank strategy against the Devastator’s shield and turrets.
  • Antimaterial Rifle: Your go-to weapon until level 10. It offers precise long-range shots and ample ammo capacity.
  • Dealing with Scout Striders: Target their weak spots or use grenades, but the rifle works best.
  • Berserkers and Devastators: Aim for the head; the rifle can penetrate armor and cause flinching.
  • Hulk Encounter: Target the head or the exposed heat sink for quick takedowns.
    • Handling Turrets: Utilize anti-tank strategies for efficient turret elimination.

Hell Divers 2: Beat Automaton Enemies Full Guide

Level 10:

  • You can replace the Anti-material rifle with the Autoc cannon. It has a fast rate of fire and explosive rounds but cannot kill at long distances and requires a backpack to reload.
  • You can bring the Jump pack, Supply pack, or Guard dog drones.
  • Use the Eagle 110 mm rocket against tanks and turrets.

Level 20:

  • Use the Rail gun. It is solid and can kill most enemies in one shot.
  • Use the Shield generator pack to create a shield around you that deflects both melee and projectiles.
  • Use the 110 mm rocket pods against tanks.

Helldivers 2: Best 5 Tips To Beat the Automatons Easy & Fast

Stay Mobile

  • Automatons arrive via drop ships, posing an ever-present threat.
  • Holding positions invites defeat; prioritize speed and mobility.
  • Focus on clearing objectives swiftly, then move to the next location.
  • If overwhelmed, consider a tactical retreat to regroup and strike again later.

Best Weapons Against Automatons

  • Choose weapons with high damage and armor-piercing capabilities.
  • Options like the SG 225 Breaker shotgun and autocannon excel against armored foes.
  • Utilize the recoiless rifle for precision strikes on larger units and drop ships.

Position Yourselves Strategically (Weak Points)

  • Identify weak points on automatons, often located on their backs.
  • Spread your squad to force enemies to expose their vulnerabilities.
  • Coordinate attacks to exploit weak points efficiently and minimize risk.

Best Strategems Against Automatons

  • Opt for deployable stratagems for quick and versatile support.
  • Eagle Strikes and Rocket Pods provide effective crowd control and damage.
  • The Orbital Rail Cannon and Orbital Laser offer devastating firepower for tough foes.

Watch for Sentry Turret Friendly Fire

  • Exercise caution when deploying sentry turrets to avoid friendly fire incidents.
  • Mortar Sentries offer safer explosive support, while machine gun turrets require careful placement.
  • Position turrets strategically to maximize effectiveness without endangering allies.

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