Hell Divers 2: Beat Automaton Enemies Full Guide

Dealing with the terminate bugs is quite an experience in Hell Divers 2, but the automatons are a different beast altogether.

Your playstyle will vary dramatically when facing automaton enemies who prioritize firepower and utility over overwhelming numbers.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the units in the automaton faction and how to counter each one effectively.

Beat Automaton Enemies In Hell Divers 2

Troopers, Raiders, Marauders

  • These humanoid bots have various variants, including shooters, melee attackers, and rocket launcher wielders.
  • Easily dispatched with headshots or a few body shots.
  • Grenades are effective for taking out groups of troopers.
  • Prioritize rocket launcher troopers to avoid significant damage.


  • Chainsaw-wielding melee enemies with some armor.
  • Vulnerable to medium armor penetration weapons.
  • Aim for the weak points in their arms or shoot them in the face for quick elimination.

Gunner Devastator

  • Medium-sized bots armed with assault rifles.
  • Resistant to light armor penetration.
  • Prioritize shielded variants for their added protection.

Shielded Devastator

  • Similar to Gunner Devastators but equipped with shields.
  • Use heavy armor penetration weapons or target their arms to disable their shields.

Rocket Devastator

  • Highly dangerous bots armed with rocket launchers.
  • Focus on eliminating them first to avoid devastating barrages.
  • Utilize cover and high ground to avoid their attacks.


  • Tall bots with pilots vulnerable on their backs.
  • Utilize high ground or grenades to take out the pilots.
  • Extremely weak to explosives.

Hulk Bruiser

  • Heavy armored bots armed with assault rifles.
  • Aim for their weak spots in the back or use explosives to defeat them.

Scorcher Hulk

  • Deadly bots equipped with flamethrowers.
  • Prioritize them to prevent them from getting too close.
  • Aim for their weak spots or use explosives for quick elimination.

Hulk Liberator

  • Bots armed with rocket launchers.
  • Highest priority due to their devastating attacks.
  • Utilize heavy armor penetration weapons or explosives for quick elimination.

Annihilator Tank

  • Slow-moving tanks vulnerable to heavy armor penetration.
  • Utilize cover and heavy weaponry to defeat them.

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Shredder Tank

  • Tank variant equipped with anti-personnel weapons.
  • Focus on their weak points or utilize heavy weaponry for quick elimination.


  • Destructible ships that deploy reinforcements.
  • Destroy them before they release reinforcements to prevent additional threats.

Stationary Cannon Towers

  • Turrets are found in heavy outposts and main objectives.
  • Vulnerable to heavy armor penetration and explosives.
  • Utilize rail guns or stratagems for efficient elimination.

Scout Strider

  • These armored enemies can be tricky, especially when combined with infantry.
  • Aim for the pilot from behind for an easier takedown.
  • If facing them head-on, target the unarmored legs.

Bot Factories

  • Look for vents on top and toss a grenade or pod to destroy them.
  • Don’t just focus on the door; exploit the weak points.

Mastering the tactics to counter each automaton enemy will greatly enhance your success in Hell Divers 2. Prioritize targets, utilize cover, and efficiently use your resources to emerge victorious against these formidable foes.

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