16 Common MacBook Problems & Solutions You Must Learn

Common MacBook Problems

Most common MacBook Problems: MacBooks, being powerful devices, are known to deliver excellent performance and features. No matter what profession you are in and how many apps you are running on MacBook, they perform seamlessly. However, that doesn’t mean you will not face any technical glitches or functional errors on these sophisticated devices. The fact …

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Best 7 Importance of Backing up Data in 2022

Importance of Backing up Data

We get it: you’re tired of expounding on the Importance of Backing up Data.  All things being equal, we’re getting down to earth and looking for the importance of backing up data every one of those indispensable files dispersed over your different PCs and storage gadgets.  So, whatever your necessities, there’s certain to be the …

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How to Choose The Best microSD Card in 2022

Choose the Best microSD card

Choose The Best microSD card: On the off chance that it’s been a while since you’ve purchased convenient glimmer memory, you may be astounded by the expansive accessibility and moderateness of rapid, high limit microSD cards.   Ordinarily used to grow the capacity in gadgets running from cell phones to rambles, microSD cards are winding …

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What is an eSIM? Our Guide To eSIM

What is an eSIM

What is an eSIM: From smaller than micro to miniaturized scale to nano, phone SIMcards have been decreasing in size. Now they’re adequately moving inside, as we explain what is an eSIM and how does it work. What is an eSIM?  As the name recommends, an “eSIM” is an electronic chip adaptation of a SIM …

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Stop Facebook Tracking Your Activities 🕝 – [#Facebook Privacy 2022]

Stop Facebook Tracking

Stop Facebook Tracking Your Activities: It’s no secret that Facebook collects information about us while we’re using it, but the company uncovered a while ago that it also collects data about us from businesses and websites it interacts with. Now you can opt-out of this ‘off-Facebook’ data collection, anonymize your Facebook account, and remove existing …

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