Viking Ship Escape Walkthrough Puzzels [Cool Math Games]

Viking Ship Escape is a game where you have to escape from a Viking ship. You need to find clues, items, and puzzles on the ship and use them to unlock doors and find a helmet. The game is a point-and-click adventure you can play on your web browser. The game is made by EscapeFan, a website that offers many escape games for free.

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Premise of the game

  • The premise is the main idea or situation of the game.
  • In this game, the premise is that you are trapped on a Viking ship and must escape.
  • A Viking ship is a type of boat used by the Vikings, warriors and explorers from Scandinavia.
  • To escape, you must find clues and items to help you solve puzzles and unlock doors.
  • The game is a point-and-click adventure where you can interact with different objects and areas on the ship.

Genre, developer, and platform of the game

  • The genre is the type or category of the game.
  • This game belongs to the adventure genre, which involves exploring, solving puzzles, and following a story.
  • The developer is the person or company that made the game.
  • This game was developed by EscapeFan, which is a website that offers many escape games for free.
  • The platform is the device or system on which you can play the game.
  • This game is available for web browsers, which means you can play it on your computer or mobile device using the internet.

Gameplay and difficulty level

  • The gameplay is how you play the game and what you do.
  • In this game, the gameplay is to click on different objects and areas on the ship and collect items in your inventory.
  • You can also use items on other objects or places to trigger events or solve puzzles.
  • You need to pay attention to the clues and hints you find and remember the codes and passwords you see.
  • The difficulty level is how challenging or easy the game is.
  • This game has a medium difficulty level, which is neither easy nor hard.
  • Some puzzles are simple, and some are challenging, but none are impossible.
  • You can also use hints if you get stuck, but they are limited.

Viking Ship Escape Hints

Here are some hints for the game:

  • To escape the ship, you must find a Viking helmet and give it to the Viking at the helm.
  • You can find clues and items in different areas of the ship: deck, cabin, storage, and helm. You can move around the boat by clicking the arrows on the screen.
  • You can interact with various objects and items on the ship by clicking on them. Some of them will give you puzzles to solve or items to collect. You can use the items in your inventory by dragging them to other objects or areas.
  • Some puzzles require you to enter a code or a word based on the clues you find on the ship. Pay attention to the symbolscolors, and letters on the boat.
  • Some puzzles have more than one solution or option. You can try different combinations or actions to see what happens.

Viking Ship Escape Answers

Viking Ship Escape is a game where you must find a helmet and escape from a ship. You need to solve puzzles and collect items on the boat. Here are some answers to the puzzles in the game:

  • To unlock the chest on the deck, you need to enter the colors from the shields: red, white, green, blue, and red.
  • To open the chest near the hay, spell the word RAVENS.
  • To open the chest in the helm, you need to place the rune stones correctly: circle, triangle, square, star.
  • To escape the ship, you need to give the helmet to the Vikings at the helm.

Viking Ship Escape Cheat Code

There are two cheat codes that you can use to solve some of the puzzles in the game. They are:

h/h/*hagalaz“hail” (the precipitation)
f/ɸ/, /f/*fehu“cattle; wealth”
Info Credits: Wikipedia

  • RAVENS: This code is for the chest puzzle under the hay. You need to spell the word RAVENS with the letters on the chest and press the button on top to open it.
  • ᛗᚺᚠ: This code is for the chest puzzle in the helm. You must place the rune stones correctly: circle, triangle, square, star. The code is written in Elder Futhark runes, an ancient writing system used by the Vikings. The code translates to M-H-F in English.

Viking Ship Escape Walkthrough Puzzle

Viking Ship Escape is a game where you have to find a helmet and escape from a ship. You need to solve puzzles and collect items on the ship. Here are some tips on how to beat the game:

Viking Ship Escape is a game where you must find a helmet and escape from a ship. You need to solve puzzles and collect items on the boat. Here are the solutions to the eight puzzles in the game:

  • Puzzle 1: Unlock the chest on the deck. The code is red, white, green, blue, and red based on the colors of the shields. You will get a fishing string.
  • Puzzle 2: Open the hatch on the deck. The code is circle, triangle, square, and star based on the symbols on the flag. You will enter the cabin.
  • Puzzle 3: Decode the message in the cabin. The word is RAVENS based on the letters on the wall. You will get a rune stone.
  • Puzzle 4: Find the key in the cabin. The key is hidden under the rug. You will use it to open the door to the storage.
  • Puzzle 5: Light the torch in the storage. You must use the fork to open the clam and get the worm. Then, it would help if you made a fishing rod with the stringhook, and stick. Then, it would help if you caught a fish with a fishing rod and a worm. Then you need to give the fish to the pelican and get the apple. Then, you need to use the apple to light the torch. You will get an axe.
  • Puzzle 6: Break the barrel in the storage. It would help if you used the axe to break the barrel and get the rune stone.
  • Puzzle 7: Align the symbols in the helm. It would help if you used the axe to break the lock and enter the door to the helm. Then you need to place the rune stones correctly: circle, triangle, square, star. You will get the helmet.
  • Puzzle 8: Escape the ship. It would help if you gave the helmet to the Vikings in the helm. You will escape the ship.


  • Move the barrel and get the key behind the shield.
  • Open the chest with the colours from the shields. Get the fishing string.
  • Get the hook from the fish.


  • Use the key to enter the door. Get the drinking horn and the fork.
  • Fill the drinking horn with water from the ledge.
  • Use the drinking horn to put out the fire. Get the rune stone.
  • Move the barrel and get the strong stick.


  • Use the fork to open the clam. Get the worm.
  • Make a fishing rod with the stringhook, and stick.
  • Use the fishing rod to catch a fish.
  • Give the fish to the pelican. Get the apple.
  • Get the axe from the seat.


  • Use the axe to break the lock. Enter the door.
  • Open the chest with the rune stones. Get the helmet.
  • Give the helmet to the Vikings. Escape the ship.

How To Beat Viking Ship Escape Walkthrough?

Here are some steps you can follow to beat the game:

  • Start by collecting the rope from the pillar and the key from the shield.
  • Use the key to open the door and enter the room. Take the empty drinking horn from the table and the fork from the fire.
  • Go back outside and fill the horn with water from the ledge. Use it to extinguish the fire and get the rune stone.
  • Go to the chest and solve the color puzzle by matching the shields. Get the fishing string from the chest and combine it with the hook from the fish skeleton.
  • Use the fishing rod to catch a fish from the water and use the fork to cut it open. Get the coin from the fish and use it to unlock the box near the door. Get the knife from the box and use it to cut the rope.
  • Use the rope to climb up the ladder and enter the upper room. Take the strong stick from the barrel and the hammer from the wall.
  • Go back down and use the hammer to break the lock on the door. Enter the room and take the axe from the wall and the key from the shelf.
  • Use the axe to break the barrel and get the crowbar. Use the crowbar to open the crate and get the helmet.
  • Use the key to open the door and escape from the ship.

How many puzzles are there in Viking Ship Escape?

 Viking Ship Escape is a game that has eight puzzles that you need to solve to escape the ship. The puzzles are varied, ranging from logic puzzles to riddles and spatial challenges.


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  • This article taught us how to play and beat the Viking Ship Escape walkthrough. A puzzle game on Cool Math Games.
  • The game is a point-and-click adventure where you must find a helmet and escape from a ship. You need to solve puzzles and collect items on the ship. The game has four main areas: deck, cabin, storage, and helm.
  • The game is challenging and fun, testing your logic, memory, and creativity. Some puzzles are easy, some are hard, but none are impossible. You can also use hints if you get stuck, but they are limited.

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