Best Ways to Convert PDF to Doc On Mobile

Convert PDF to Doc: Have you been involved in handling documents in different file formats like google pdf to word, and PDF to DOC? If yes, then you would have an idea that PDF is the best format to store and share important information. The wide popularity of PDFs all over the world is due to the fact they are compatible with all devices; hence, users don’t face any complexity in accessing the files in this format from any operating system.

Since PDF is a universal format, you don’t need a specific software program to view PDFs. However, there are several instances where you may need to convert PDF to Words. For this reason, you can use the PDF to Word converter and easily make your required conversions.

If you think that several tools can only be used on computers, then you need to get out of the stone age. The world is advancing towards betterment, and so is technology. Hence, finding out easy ways to convert PDF to Doc format on mobile devices isn’t something impossible.

We are here with this blog to let you know about the best ways that can help you carry out this conversion on your smartphone. But before that, let’s have a quick look into why it is essential to convert PDF to Word.

Why Do You Need to Convert PDF to Doc?

Even though PDF is the best format, you’ll still need to convert these files into Doc format due to several reasons. One of the major problems faced by people with PDFs is that these files cannot be edited easily. You’ll need to get the Pro version of Adobe Acrobat, which could become a burden on your pocket. On the other hand, editing a Word document is far easier than PDF.

The interface of Word makes it quite easy for people to edit files in Doc format. Therefore, it becomes essential to convert a PDF to Word when it comes to making changes in the PDF files. You don’t have to get premium software for editing PDFs anymore, as you can do this task by converting it into Word without paying a penny.

Convert PDF to Doc on Mobile
Convert PDF to Doc on Mobile

Quick & Easy Ways to Convert PDF into Doc

Here are the quick and easy ways that can be helpful to convert PDF into docs.

Get a PDF Converter App

When it comes to executing a task on a mobile device, the first thing every user looks for is an app on the relevant store. You can easily find the PDF to Word converter application and install it on your device to carry out PDF file conversion into Doc without any hassle.

A PDF file converter can help you get a Doc version of your PDF file in a matter of seconds. It won’t disturb the formatting or alignment of the data contained in your uploaded PDF for conversion. You can easily upload files on this app through your device’s storage and make the required conversion with a single click.

Besides allowing you to convert PDF to Word, this application provides many other facilities such as JPG to PDF, PDF to PPT, PPT to ZIP, Text to ZIP, etc. You can also manage your PDF files through this app with tools like lock PDF, merge PDF, Rotate PDF, split PDF, etc.

Use an Online Tool

If you don’t wish to install an app for converting PDF to Word, you can access an online tool for this conversion. The online PDF to Word converters are offered across multiple platforms that are easily accessible through mobile devices. You need to search for a PDF to Doc converter that is compatible with mobile devices so that you can convert PDF to Word without facing any intricacies. Most of the online PDF converters are available for free.

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Open a PDF File with Google Docs

Another fast and easy way to convert a PDF file into Doc is through Google Docs. This open-source platform can be used to convert a PDF file to Word. To make a conversion through Google Docs, you need to upload the PDF into Google Drive.

On Google Drive, you need to click the file you wish to open and access it with Google Docs. As your file will be opened on Google Docs, you can keep it that way or Download it on your device as a Doc file. However, to convert a PDF to Word through Google Docs, you’ll need to install Google Drive and Google Docs on your mobile.

Final Words

Converting PDF to Doc on mobile devices doesn’t have to be time-consuming, as the best ways discussed above to convert these files into Word can help you conduct this task efficiently. You can install a PDF converter app, use an online facility, or convert a PDF through Google Docs to bring your file in an editable format.

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