How to Record Video Call on Screen [iPhone,Whatsapp,Zoom and Skype]

How to Record Video Call on Screen: During the coronavirus lockdown, Video streaming soared, with many users over the WORLD partaking in video calls, conferences, business, and even counsels with their doctors.

In any case, the transient idea of live video regularly implies you can’t return to content to analyze or enjoy later in the way that you can with message text-based discussions.

Regardless of whether you need to save your family video calls or show how to fix a tech issue, this post uncovers the most ideal approaches to record video calls or chat, record anything you do on your PC, tablet, and phone.

Luckily, it’s very easy to record video calls what you do on your PC or smartphone to give you an enduring copy that can be altered and partaken in the manner you need. In this element, we uncover the best free approaches to recording video calls on your screen to keep for eternity.

Just as recording your video chats with a person, we disclose how to record quality videos of yourself to post on the web (without using your basic device’s tools); make video tutorial exercises as well, for instance, exhibit how to fix tech issues;

Record video calls on an iPhone or iPad

It’s simple to record FaceTime chats utilizing your iPhone’s default recorder.

If you need to record FaceTime video on Apple gadgets, you can do so with the in-build screen recorder on your iPhone or iPad. Explore the Control Center on your gadget (the technique varies depending upon the model), and press the recording symbol.

You’ll get a countdown for three seconds; at that point, a red bar will show up at the head of the screen to demonstrate that it is being recorded. Start your FaceTime call regularly; when you’ve completed the process of talking, open the Control Center again and press the countdown to stop the recording. Your video will be automatically saved to the Photos application on your gadget. This is How to record video calls on the iPhone.

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How to Record Video Calls on ZOOM

Record video on Zoom
Recording your Zoom video for successors is free and exceptionally effortless.

Video chatting soared enormously during the coronavirus lockdown, and Zoom was the administration that profited most from this blast because of its flexibility and ease of use.

Zoom lets you record video calls straightforwardly inside its PC application, and the element is accessible to both paid-for subscribers and free users, even though it isn’t upheld on iOS or Android.

To utilize Zoom’s recording option, you must first sign in to the web-based interface as an administrator. Go to My Account, select Settings, and snap the Recording tab. Explore Local Recording and ensure the feature is enabled.

Just the host of Zoom can record a video. However, they can concede permission to a member. You should simply tap the Record button, and at that point, select ‘Record on this Computer’. Paid-for Zoom supporters can likewise record video to the cloud.

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Record WhatsApp video calls

You can’t record video calls straightforwardly through WhatsApp, be that as it may, on the off chance that you have an iPhone or iPad, you can utilize a similar stunt for video call recording FaceTime, as depicted previously. Android doesn’t (right now) offer in-built video call screen recording. However, a few manufacturers incorporate a possibility for this.

Huawei, for instance, built a Screen Recorder for its smartphones that you can access by swiping down from the status bar to open the navigation board, at that point, swiping down again to uncover an alternate way for the feature.

Huawei phones offer a handy Screen Recorder for capturing your chats

If it’s not there – or you simply need a speedier method to begin recording — press the volume up and power buttons. Recordings are saved to your Phone’s Gallery.

On the off chance that your Android smartphone doesn’t offer an in-built video call recording app, at that point, you’ll have to introduce an application from the Google Play store that will deal with the assignment. MNML Screen Recorder (click here to get it) is one of the least easy free apps. However, it’s still at the ‘early access’ stage.(Do you know how to record a video call on WhatsApp?)

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Record your Skype video calls

record your video calls
Skype lets you record your video calls on your smartphone and Desktop

Skype may have been overshadowed fairly by Zoom during the lockdown. Yet, Microsoft’s chat administration remains gigantically well known, and fortunately, it likewise permits you to record video calls through its applications.

The recording is cloud-based and accessible for Skype-to-Skype calls. Start or join a group meeting and snap the Record button to record an approach mobile or PC. A pop-up will let everybody partaking in the consider realize that it’s being recorded.

At the point when the call finishes, the account will be presented on your chat history, and you’ll have the option to share or save it whenever within the next 30 days. The best way, How to record a video call on Skype.

Record and Mirror your smartphone’s screen

One approach to recording what’s going on on your tablet or smartphone is to mirror its screen on your PC. You can do this utilizing Vysor for Android.

Install the application on your smartphone, at that point install Vysor on your PC ( It works with macOS, Linux, and Windows. Windows users additionally need to introduce the ADB drivers from Linked your Android gadget to your PC via USB, and enable USB debugging.

The Vysor app will guide you through the process. You need to pair your phone or tablet with your computer. Once that’s done, the device screen will appear mirrored on your PC and you can begin recording it using a program such as OBS Studio.

PC through USB, and enable USB troubleshooting. The Vysor application will control you through the process. You have to combine your tablet or smartphone with your PC. When that is done, the gadget screen will seem reflected on your PC, and you can start recording it utilizing a program, for example, OBS Studio.


In the UK, it is entirely legal to record a video visit and while it’s consistently amenable to inform the individuals you’re conversing with that you will record them, there’s no legal necessity for you to do as such.

Given that is, the account is for only personal use. If you disclose it or offer it without the permission of the members, you could be hit with a common cause for breach of protection.

The law is a lot stricter with regards to organizations recording discussions, and they should maintain the Telecommunications Regulations 2000 act (Read the Regulations ).

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