Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Fake or Real | Level Plan, Users Reviews

What is Osmose Technology?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd is an internet-based online business store company like Amazon and Flipkart. The Mind Skill Gaming Solution is the parent company of Osmose Tech. This company is well known for its social media app development and Android platform games development. 

Osmose Technology is making money in two different ways.  It aims to promote its apps and websites through the affiliate program. They sell it on the web. After a few months’ letters, they started to display advertisements on their own app, “Pickaflick.”. the apps like you see on Linkedin and Facebook.

In the year 2020, the osmose technology dispatched a labeling plan for earning in cash. This level plan is ideal for earning money. A million people in India can earn a large number of rupees each day by connecting and using the company. But What is the Osmose level plan? How about we take a look at the level plan once?

The plan is simple. You need to enroll in this company by paying 1200 rs. This amount is the company fee. Once you are paying 1200 rs to the company, then your unique ID is activated. Once the ID activation process is done. You need to make your account on the Osmose official technology web page simply. 

After the process is done,, You need to download an Android application that the company provides. The app name is Plickflick. You need to use this mobile application. From now on, companies will start to give you  20rs/day by day in your account wallet. 

About Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd?

Osmose Technology Private Limited has two chiefs – Vishal Mohan Varma and Kamlakar Bajirao Kale. Owners of Osmose Technology Private Limited are Prashant Ramchandra Roundale, Vijay Baburao Mahajan, and Avinash Shankar Asabe.

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd – its registration number is 188640.

The corporate Identification Number is (CIN) – U72900PN2019PTC188640. 

Osmose Technology customer care number@ – 6294391642//8388981220

Osmos Address: Office Number 602, Kumar Surabhi, opposite sai baba mandir, swarga Pune,  Satara road, 411009.

Company Email addresses: [email protected], [email protected]

It was organized on 24 December 2019. The company is in Pune, Maharashtra. It is named a private limited company (PVT.LTD). You can see the current status of Osmose Technology PVT.LTD is – as Active. (Check All Data Here)

Its authorized share assets are between 450,000Rs to 500,000Rs. And its settled-up capital is 10,000Rs. It is engaged with Other technology-related schemes (For example, website mobile app maintenance for other organizations/creating social media, TV media presentations for different companies, etc.

Is Osmose Technology Fake Or Real?

There are two opinions on the internet.

Opinion 1,

Instead of Scam, Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd is known as an Affiliate Programming organization, which gives everyday rewards and furthermore Affiliates Income or Payout according to the following indirect and direct. Likewise, Osmose Technology company has been enrolled in Income Tax, which is a beautiful resemblance to its validity. 

Additionally, there is no such verification anywhere on the web that shows Osmose as a scam or fraud. Everybody who is associated with Osmose Technology earns money and, to date, has no bad complaints against the company.

Opinion 1,

Some people said the Osmos company is fake. Osmos is doing cheats with people. From the start, Osmos Technology Pvt. Ltd gave some cash to their partners Who are doing affiliate marketing or advertising for them. 

They share a link to your smartphone and request to join this organization. The fundamental target of joining this organization is that they get an affiliate commission from that affiliate link. You will contribute 1200 Rupees toward the beginning and earn 20 rupees consistently. You can possibly earn money when you share their affiliated link with someone.

Osmose Technology Business Model Explained

They did not mention any plan on their own website. But they provided a pdf file. Many YouTubers are showing it in their videos. If you want to join their plan, you have to pay 1200 rs. For auto-renewal, you have to pay 1200rs again.

But I have seen 1180 rs or 1178 rs plans on the internet. You can see a shopping point option for 1200 rs, and you will get a Discount Voucher of 400rs for three times. By using this, you can shop on their website.

osmose technology pvt ltd level plan

They categorized their plan into a few levels:

Level 1: if you prefer the 10 people and they join, you will get 10/per day. It means 300/-Month.

Level 2: If those 10 people refer to more than 10 people and they join. You will reach Level 2. It means: 10 * 10 = 100 * 2 = 200 /DAY, 6000/DAY.

In the same way, if you reach level 3. You will get 90000/Month. Once you reach level 7, you will get 7 crore/DAY.
Also, They can give you an award or many gifts like a Mobile, CAR, House, etc.


  • The company has an active website, especially on social media, which you can research by looking for “Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews.” The site additionally has a blog.
  • A home-based stage for bringing in money. 
  • Suppose you want to hire new employees for your company. This company will help you.
  • On the company website, you can easily find various things, like electronic devices, smartphones, women’s accessories, and health items, in addition to other things. 


  • They are using a premium WordPress theme on their website, which is purchased from ThemeForest.
  • To become a member, you need to pay them 1180rs or 1200 rs for registration.
  • It doesn’t give a telephone number or any kind of contact to help the administration, which is incredibly disturbing.
  • Many users complained about sites that requested to pay them to become a member, and they also claimed that the sites were fake. 
  • On different public opinion forums, the Cosmos company is getting negative reviews.

Is Osmose Technology a Scam?

No, at present, the company is not known as a scammer. If You need to see a Quick Review of Osmose Technology, I will recommend you to read the reviews below in this post. Many people have given their opinion. 

What is Pikflick by Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd?

Pikflick is a short video application made by India India-based company. The company name is Osmose Technology, located in Pune (Maharashtra). This application is much like TikTok, where users can post their photos and short videos.

Osmos Technology Users Reviews

The move of any multi-level company is, primarily, you dive into the trench; take many people additionally dive into the trench, on whom you have moved out, which means you make commissions from every one of them and bring in some cash. Thus, they should make more to dive into the trench, and the cycle can’t continue endlessly and will undoubtedly stop eventually. Then, at that point, Users start losing the cash and fault the plan. No closure for this!

Review 1,

One of my acquaintances also paid Rs. 1200 to Osmose, and there are no promised returns. He is also contemplating to complain but is not sure where to complain and whether any positive outcome is likely. 

Review 3, 

Osmose Technology pvt ltd offers a Unique, diverse Business level plan that the organization gives to help you fabricate your business. These materials, for example, leaflets and business PPTs, are accessible through the site and given to you by the organization.

Review 4,

When the vast majority of smartphone games can be downloaded for free, what is the usual methodology of this company? There is, by all accounts, something unusual.

Review 5,

They guarantee that it’s the ad revenue they get by showing advertisements on your smartphone when you play mobile games. However, the estimations don’t work out. I accept all the cash they make so far would be from the joining fee-only and service charges, as it were. One user guaranteed they contacted 30 Lakhs people can do estimations about their income each day, and many new members joined.

Last Word

Osmose Technology PVT LTD basically repays the affiliates dependent on the income produced by their Osmose Online Store Websites and Osmose app deals. Anyone can use and earn it whether they are associated with network advertising or not. Any Osmose Affiliate who registers gets day-by-day pay without any limitations!

IMPORTANT – I am writing this article after research. Before you join Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd, I suggest to every user to do legitimate research on the web forum and take public opinion. I suggest you investigate that site with your top-level intelligence and common sense before you decide to join.  I am expecting you to give your thoughts to me in the comment box.

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