Helldivers 2: How To Unlock TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor

The TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor is a game-changer; here’s how you can get your hands on it.

In the chaotic universe of Helldivers 2, where alien bugs and cyborgs threaten our very existence, having the right gear can mean the difference between survival and becoming bug chow.

How To Unlock TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor In Helldivers 2

The path to unlocking this formidable armor isn’t for the faint of heart. Follow these steps to claim your battle-ready exosuit:

Complete Challenging Missions

The TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor isn’t handed out like candy. You’ll need to prove your mettle by completing challenging missions. Whether it’s defending a research outpost or infiltrating an alien hive, give it your all.

 Earn Commendations

Commendations are your ticket to the armor. Rack up commendations by performing heroic deeds, saving fellow soldiers, and being a badass. The more commendations you collect, the closer you are to unlocking the TR-117.

 Visit the Armory

Head to the armory once you’ve earned enough commendations. There, you’ll find the TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor waiting for you. It gleams with promise and power—just like that banana you had for breakfast.

    Helldivers 2 Twitch Drops – How to Get?

    How do you claim Helldivers 2 TR-117 Alpha Commander Twitch Drop?

    Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to claim the TR-117 Alpha Commander armor in Helldivers 2 through Twitch Drops.

    The promotion offering this specific reward ended on February 23rd, 2024, so the opportunity to acquire it through that method has passed.

    However, it’s always a good idea to stay updated on the official channels of the game, such as the developer’s website or social media pages.

    They might announce future opportunities to acquire the TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor or other unique items through different methods.

    TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor Stats


    • Bulletproof: The TR-117 laughs in the face of enemy fire. Bullets bounce off like raindrops on a windshield.
    • Enhanced Mobility: Sprint, jump, and roll like a caffeinated ninja. The armor won’t slow you down.


    • Energy Drain: All that tech comes at a price. The TR-117 guzzles energy faster than a kid with a juice box.
    • Not Stealthy: If you’re planning a covert operation, leave the TR-117 at home. It clanks louder than grandma’s old pots.

    Helldivers 2: Where To Find TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor


    • Armory Exchange: Trade in your commendations at the armory. The TR-117 awaits, ready to transform you into a walking tank.

    How To Use TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor In Helldivers 2

    Congratulations, soldier! You’ve unlocked the TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor; now it’s time to unleash its power on the battlefield. Here’s your crash course on how to make the most of this cutting-edge exosuit:

    Tank Up: Slip into the TR-117 like a second skin. Feel the power surge through your veins.

    The TR-117 isn’t your average jumpsuit—it’s a walking fortress. As you step into its metallic embrace, remember that you’re no longer just a soldier but a force to be reckoned with. Adjust the straps, flex those biceps, and prepare to own the chaos.

    Charge In: Storm the battlefield. Bullets? Pfft. You’re wearing the TR-117!

    When the alarms blare and bug acid rains down, don’t hesitate. Charge forward like a berserker on a caffeine high. The TR-117’s bulletproof plating laughs in the face of enemy fire. Those alien bugs? They’ll scatter like startled ants when they see you coming.

    Lead Your Squad: As the Alpha Commander, your team looks to you. Inspire them. Crush the bugs. Save the galaxy.

    Your shoulder pads bear the weight of leadership. Rally your comrades, shout orders, and let the TR-117 amplify your voice. Remember, you’re not just a lone soldier but the beacon of hope for humanity. When you raise your arm, it’s not just to scratch an itch—it’s a signal that victory is within reach.

    Extra Tip: Flex Those Boosters

    The TR-117 comes equipped with enhanced mobility boosters. Sprint like a gazelle, leap like a parkour ninja and roll like a tumbleweed in a windstorm. The armor won’t slow you down; it’ll turn you into a kinetic whirlwind of destruction.

    Now, soldier, go forth and forge your legend. The universe awaits your heroics. May your commendations multiply, your energy cells stay charged, and your banana intake remain steady. 

    What is TR-117 ALPHA COMMANDER shoulder pads?

    The TR-117 ALPHA COMMANDER shoulder pads are crucial to the formidable TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor in Helldivers 2. These shoulder pads are protection and style, making you look like the ultimate space-faring badass.

    What you need to know about them:

    1. Sturdy Defense: The shoulder pads are reinforced with advanced materials, capable of deflecting enemy projectiles. Whether it’s bug acid or cyborg laser beams, your shoulders will remain unscathed.
    2. Commander Insignia: Etched onto the shoulder pads is the unmistakable symbol of an Alpha Commander. It’s like wearing a badge of honor—a signal to your squad that you mean business.
    3. Comfort Fit: Despite their rugged appearance, these pads are surprisingly comfortable. You won’t feel like you’re lugging around a ton of metal. After all, aching shoulders are no match for alien hordes.
    4. Customizable: Some Helldivers personalize their shoulder pads with battle scars, tally marks, or motivational quotes. Feel free to make them your own—don’t go overboard with glitter.

    TR-117 Alpha Commander: What is passive?

    The TR-117 Alpha Commander is more than just a snazzy exosuit—it has a nifty passive ability to turn the tide of battle. Let’s break it down:

    TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor Passive:

    1. Increased Inventory Capacity: Picture this: You’re knee-deep in bug guts and need more stimpacks. Well, the TR-117s have your back. It boosts your initial inventory and holding capacity of stimpacks by +2. That’s two extra doses of healing goodness!
    2. Extended Stim Effect Duration: When you jab yourself with a stim, you want it to last, right? The TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor nods in agreement. It extends the duration of stim effects by 2.0 seconds. So, when dodging acid-spewing bugs or laser-wielding cyborgs, those extra seconds could be the difference between victory and respawning.

    Gameplay Insights:

    Let’s Dive into Gameplay:

    • Tank Up: Slip into the TR-117 like a second skin. Feel the power surge through your veins.
    • Charge In: Storm the battlefield. Bullets? Pfft. You’re wearing the TR-117!
    • Lead Your Squad: As the Alpha Commander, your team looks to you. Inspire them. Crush the bugs. Save the galaxy.

    Remember, soldier: The TR-117 Alpha Commander Armor isn’t just gear—it’s a statement. When you enter the battlefield, enemies tremble, bugs scatter, and victory becomes your middle name. Now go out there and make the universe safer—one commendation at a time!

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