Fix Helldivers 2 Major Order No Reward

In the chaotic universe of Helldivers 2, you’ll occasionally receive a Major Order from the Helldivers command. These orders are critical tasks that require the entire force to work together. 

How to fix Helldivers 2 Major order with no reward?

If you’ve completed a Helldivers 2 Major Order and haven’t received your reward, don’t panic! Let’s troubleshoot this issue step by step:

  • Time: Major Order rewards are automatically distributed at the end of the order timer. You won’t see the reward if the timer hasn’t expired yet.

Check Completion Status:

  • First, ensure that you’ve successfully met the requirements of the Major Order. Did you participate in at least 8 Defend campaigns against the Automatons within the specified time?
  • Double-check your progress on the targeted planets (such as Draupnir and Mantes). Make sure you’ve fully defended them.

Wait for Processing:

  • Sometimes, there might be a delay in processing rewards. Give it time—rewards are usually distributed after the event window closes.
  • Keep an eye on your in-game notifications or messages. The reward might pop up when you least expect it!

Restart the Game:

  • Close Helldivers 2 entirely and then relaunch it. Sometimes, a simple restart can trigger the reward distribution.

Contact Support:

  • If you’ve waited patiently and still haven’t received your reward, consider contacting the game’s support team.
  • Look for official channels (such as the game’s website or social media) to report the issue. Please provide them with details about your completion and missing reward.

Community Forums and Updates:

  • Visit community forums or official game channels. Other players might have faced similar issues and found solutions.
  • Watch for any announcements or updates from the game developers regarding reward distribution.

Is Heavy Armor Still Not Showing After Patch?

The latest patch for Hell Divers 2 claims to have fixed armor ratings, so let’s dive in and see how it impacts gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of the comparison between the Trailblazer Scout and the Fortified Commando armor:

  • Understanding Armor Ratings: The Fortified Commando had a 144 armor rating before the patch, while the Trailblazer Scout had 57.
  • Trailblazer Scout Test: Using scavengers, hits to the torso or limbs consistently did about 20% damage, with headshots inflicting 45% damage.
  • Fortified Commando Test: With a 150 armor rating advantage, the Fortified Commando armor reduced damage significantly. Body shots did 10-12% damage, and it took seven hits to reach critical health, compared to four with the Trailblazer Scout.
  • Headshot Weakness: Both armors showed vulnerability to headshots, with no reduction in damage despite higher armor ratings.
  • Consistent Results: Testing against trooper automatons yielded similar results, with body shots reduced by the armor but headshots remaining lethal.
  • Conclusion: While armor ratings reduce body shot damage, they have little effect against headshots, making heavier armor less beneficial due to reduced stamina and speed.
  • Considerations: Armor with specific resistances, like explosives, might offer some advantage against certain enemies.
  • Final Thoughts: Unless armor ratings also protect against headshots, they may not be worth prioritizing in gameplay.

Remember, fellow Helldiver, persistence pays off! Keep fighting the good fight, and may your rewards rain like orbital strikes!

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