How To Get Sukunas Fingers In Sakura Stand?

How To Get Sukunas Fingers In Sakura Stand? To get Sukuna in Sakura Stand, you must obtain Sukuna’s Finger. You can get it by killing curses or finding it. Once you have the finger, you can use it with Gojo by finding 20 Sukuna Fingers. To use it with Geto, you must hold a Sukuna Finger and give him the fingers. You also need to give him 3 fingers.

How To Get Sukunas Fingers In Sakura Stand?

To acquire Sukuna in Sakura Stand, follow these methods:

  1. Tokens Acquisition: Obtain Tokens through various means, including Chests, Daily Quests, 1v1s, Rankeds, Fantastic/Exotic Loot, and Robux Purchases.
  2. Participate in Daily Quests: Engage in Daily Quests within Sakura Stand, as they often offer rewards, including Tokens that can contribute to obtaining Sukuna.
  3. Chest Rewards: Open Chests in Sakura Stand to potentially receive Tokens and other valuable items needed for character acquisition, including Sukuna.
  4. Engage in 1v1s and Rankeds: Participate in 1v1 battles and ranked matches to earn Tokens, enhancing your chances of unlocking Sukuna.
  5. Fantastic/Exotic Loot: Keep an eye on Fantastic/Exotic Loot opportunities as they may contain Tokens or other resources necessary for obtaining Sukuna.
  6. Apply Codes: Stay updated on Sakura Stand codes and apply them as they are released. Codes can provide additional Tokens and benefits to aid in your progress.

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How To Get Sukunas Fingers In Sakura Stand: A Guide to Power

Method 2 for How To Get Sukunas Fingers In Sakura Stand? Sukuna, the King of Curses, has arrived in Sakura Stand, and players are eager to unleash his devastating power. However, obtaining this powerful Stand isn’t as straightforward as acquiring others. This guide delves into the methods of acquiring Sukuna and maximizing his potential.

Limited Acquisition Window:

The key to acquiring Sukuna lies in understanding his limited availability. Unlike other Stands obtainable through various means, Sukuna was initially only accessible during a specific period. This period has already passed, making direct acquisition currently impossible.

However, fear not, dedicated players! While direct acquisition is unavailable, there may still be hope for future opportunities. Developers may choose to:

  • Reintroduce Sukuna as a limited-time event reward.
  • Integrate him into the regular Stand acquisition pool.
  • Offer alternative methods like special chests or in-game purchases.

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Preparing for the Future:

While we await Sukuna’s potential return, here are ways to prepare:

  • Gather Resources: Accumulate Gems, Coins, and other valuable resources to prepare for future acquisition opportunities.
  • Enhance Existing Stands: Upgrading your existing Stands will give you an edge in future challenges and events.
  • Stay Informed: Follow the game’s official channels and community forums to stay updated on any potential Sukuna-related news.

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Maximizing Sukuna’s Potential:

While we can’t access Sukuna currently, understanding his strengths helps us prepare for the future:

  • Devastating Power: Sukuna boasts immense destructive capabilities, making him ideal for dealing massive damage to enemies.
  • Cursed Techniques: His unique Cursed Techniques offer various tactical options, allowing for strategic control of the battlefield.
  • Dominating Presence: Sukuna’s menacing presence can intimidate enemies and demoralize their forces.

By understanding his strengths and preparing for his potential return, you’ll be ready to unleash Sukuna’s full potential and dominate your opponents in Sakura Stand.


  • Sukuna is currently unavailable for direct acquisition.
  • There may be future opportunities to obtain him.
  • Prepare by gathering resources and enhancing your existing Stands.
  • Mastering Sukuna’s strengths will ensure victory in the future.

Stay tuned for updates on Sukuna’s return and unleash his immense power when the time comes!

How to get Sukuna in Sakura Stand Roblox?

Obtaining Sukuna in Sakura Stand Roblox:

1. Obtain the Yuji Spec:

  • This is the first step, as Sukuna is an evolution of the Yuji Spec.
  • Reach Mastery Level 1 with the Yuji Spec.
  • You can obtain the Yuji Spec through the gacha system or by completing specific quests.

2. Collect 15 Finger Locations:

  • These locations are scattered throughout the game map.
  • You must defeat enemies and look for glowing red orbs to find them.
  • Each orb will reveal a finger location on your map.

3. Defeat Vessels:

  • Once you find a finger location, you must defeat the Vessel guarding it.
  • Vessels are powerful enemies, so it is recommended to be at least level 200 before attempting to fight them.
  • Upon defeating the Vessel, you will obtain a Sukuna Finger.

4. Collect all 20 Sukuna Fingers:

  • You need to collect a total of 20 Sukuna Fingers to evolve the Yuji Spec into Sukuna.
  • These fingers can be obtained from Vessels or through trading with other players.

5. Evolve the Yuji Spec:

  • Once you have all 20 Sukuna Fingers, go to the Evolution NPC.
  • Select the Yuji Spec and choose “Evolve to Sukuna.”
  • You will now have the Sukuna Spec!

How to get Sukuna in Sakura stand Tips:

  • It is recommended to join a Discord server or community for Sakura Stand Roblox. This way, you can get help from other players and find out about the latest updates and events.
  • Be patient, as collecting all of the Sukuna Fingers may take some time.
  • Focus on leveling up your Yuji Spec and getting good equipment to make defeating the Vessels easier.

Please note: This information is accurate as of December 8, 2023. The developers of Sakura Stand Roblox may update the game in the future, which could change how to Get Sukuna in Sakura.

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