Ready or Not Optiwand not working – How to Fix?

How to Fix Ready or Not Optiwand Not Working?

How to Fix Ready or Not Optiwand Not Working? Ever dreamt of being a tactical operator, breaching doors and clearing rooms with precision? In the intense world of Ready or Not, that dream comes true. But what if your trusty Optiwand, the game’s high-tech door-peeking gadget, suddenly decides to play dead? No intel, no surprise attacks, just a whole lot of frustration.

Fear not, fellow SWAT trooper! This guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills to diagnose and fix your ailing Optiwand, turning you back into a master of room-clearing. So, grab your baton, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into the mystery of the malfunctioning Optiwand!

Possible Reasons for Ready or Not Optiwand Not Working:

1. Hardware and Software Issues:

  • Insufficient hardware: If your PC doesn’t meet the recommended specs, especially CPU and GPU, it might struggle to handle the Optiwand’s demands.
  • Outdated graphics drivers: Outdated drivers can cause incompatibility issues with the game and the Optiwand.
  • Corrupted game files: Damaged or missing game files can affect specific features like the Optiwand.
  • Conflicting mods: Some mods can interfere with the game’s functionality, including the Optiwand.
  • Resource-intensive background applications: Programs running in the background can hog resources, impacting Optiwand’s performance.

2. Game Settings and Bugs:

  • Incorrect DirectX mode: Using the wrong DirectX version can lead to various glitches, including Optiwand issues.
  • Low FPS setting for Optiwand: Insufficient FPS for the Optiwand might cause it to appear glitchy or unresponsive.
  • Known bugs in the game: Certain updates or versions of Ready or Not might have known bugs affecting the Optiwand.

3. System and Network Issues:

  • Overheating: If your computer is overheating, it can throttle performance and affect the Optiwand’s functionality.
  • Network connectivity issues: Online features like downloading updates or accessing servers might impact Optiwand’s behavior.

4. User Error:

  • Incorrect usage of the Optiwand: Make sure you understand how to activate and use the Optiwand properly.
  • Missing or damaged peripherals: Faulty mouse or keyboard issues can affect your interaction with the Optiwand in-game.

How to Fix Ready or Not Optiwand Not Working?

By following the steps in this guide, we’ll uncover the culprit behind your Optiwand woes and get you back to dominating the tactical scene. We’ll check your game files, tinker with settings, and even explore some advanced solutions to ensure your Optiwand is your loyal companion once again.

1. Basic Checks:

  • File integrity: Sometimes, corrupted files can mess with your Optiwand. Use Steam’s “Verify game files” feature or a third-party file verifier tool to ensure everything’s clean.
  • DirectX Mode: Check your game settings and make sure the correct DirectX version is selected. If you have the option, try switching between DirectX 11 and 12 to see if that helps.
  • Optiwand FPS: This setting can impact performance. Try lowering the FPS for the Optiwand in your settings and see if that stabilizes it.

2. Hardware & Drivers:

  • Hardware upgrade: If your PC isn’t powerful enough, it can struggle with Optiwand’s demands. Check if your CPU and GPU meet the recommended specs. Consider an upgrade if they fall below par.
  • Driver update: Outdated graphics drivers can cause compatibility issues. Download and install the latest drivers for your GPU directly from the manufacturer’s website.

3. Software & Mods:

  • Mod mayhem: Mods, while fun, can sometimes conflict with the game. Try disabling all mods and see if the Optiwand starts working properly. If it does, the culprit might be one of the mods.
  • Reinstall Ready or Not: If all else fails, a clean reinstall can sometimes fix persistent issues. Remember to back up your saved files before taking this step.

4. Advanced Solutions:

  • Resource hog hunt: Close any unnecessary programs running in the background that might be hogging resources and impacting Optiwand’s performance.
  • Support SOS: If none of the above work, it’s time to call in the cavalry. Head over to the official Ready or Not forums or support channels and explain your problem in detail. Include information about your system configuration and the specific Optiwand issue you’re facing.


  • Be patient and methodical. Trying each step one at a time can help pinpoint the cause.
  • Share your experiences and solutions in the Ready or Not community. Your findings might help others facing similar issues.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out for official support if needed. They’re there to help you get back to breaching and clearing with confidence.

With a little detective work and these troubleshooting steps, you’ll have your Optiwand back in action in no time, making you a master of door-peeking and tactical domination once again!


So, there you have it! From file integrity checks to driver updates and even a friendly reminder to close those pesky resource-hungry programs, we’ve covered a range of troubleshooting steps to get your Optiwand back in top shape.


  • Be methodical: Work your way through each step, keeping an eye out for improvements.
  • Share your knowledge: Tell your fellow operators what worked for you in the Ready or Not community. Your experience might be the missing piece for someone else’s tactical puzzle.
  • Don’t go it alone: If the mystery persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to the official Ready or Not support channels. They’re there to assist you and ensure your tactical toolkit is complete.

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