Escape From Castle Claymont Wardrobe Code

Escape from Castle Claymont is a point-and-click adventure game where you can escape from a castle by solving puzzles and finding clues. One of the puzzles involves a wardrobe that has a four-digit lock. To open the wardrobe, you need to find the correct code.

How To Escape From Castle Claymont Wardrobe Code?

The code is 36 12 38 18. You can find it by following these steps:

Step 1: Get the Red Ornament and the Black Hexagram

  • In the jail cell, take the wrench from the desk and use it to open the cabinet. Press the keypad inside the cabinet in the correct pattern and press the red button on top. Take the red ornament from the open drawer and go back three times.
  • Go right, approach the wardrobe’s side, and place the red ornament onto the white egg. Go back and approach the top of the wardrobe. Arrange the shapes as seen in the image and press the red button on the bottom right. Take the black hexagram, rearrange the shapes in the second pattern, and press the button again. Take the cardboard hat and inspect the hexagram. Press the buttons on the hexagram in the following sequence: A, B, C, D, E, F. Take the piece of paper behind the hexagram and flatten it to reveal an X. Go back and then go right.

Step 2: Get the Key and the Red Dart

  • Approach the table and type the code 315 into the drawer lock to open it. Combine the second piece of paper from the drawer with the first piece. Turn towards the window and approach the cell wall. Click on a brick to remove it and collect the key behind it. Approach the colourful drawer and use the key to unlock the top drawer. Open the drawer, arrange the dominos in the correct pattern, and press MARCH! Open the yellow partition on top of the drawer and take the red dart inside. Look at the ceiling and use the dart to pop the red balloon. Look at the floor and take the key. Use the key to open the cell door and exit the cell.

Step 3: Open the Wardrobe

  • Go back twice, turn right twice, and approach the wardrobe at the other end of the hallway. Use the passcode 36 12 38 18 to unlock the wardrobe and open it.

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