BG3 Counterspell Not Working? [SOLVED]

How To Fix BG3 Counterspell Not Working?

How To Fix BG3 Counterspell Not Working? Some players have reported issues with the bg3 counterspell not working. For example, some players have encountered situations where counterspell fails to stop a lower-level spell or where upcasting counterspell does not work properly. 

Some players have also noticed that the combat log does not show the correct information about the spell level or the counterspell check. These issues may be caused by bugs or glitches in the game or by differences between the tabletop and the video game versions of D&D.

What is counterspell? What does it do in the game?

Counterspell is a 3rd-level abjuration spell that you can cast as a reaction when you see a creature within 60 feet of you casting a spell. The spell allows you to interrupt and negate the effects of the other spell, depending on its level and your spellcasting ability. 

Counterspell is available for sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards, as well as some subclasses of paladins. Counterspell is a useful and powerful spell that can prevent your enemies from using their magic against you or your allies.

Causes of the BG3 Counterspell Not Working Issue

In Baldur’s Gate 3 (bg3), the counterspell acting weird might be because it doesn’t play exactly like the tabletop D&D. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Rules Difference: Counterspell in bg3 follows 5th edition D&D rules but with tweaks. For instance, it always uses a 3rd-level spell slot, regardless of the countered spell’s level. Unlike tabletop tactics, upcasting counterspell doesn’t fly here.
  2. No Ability Check: In bg3, counterspell doesn’t need a spellcasting ability check to counter a spell beyond the 3rd level. Instead, it relies on a hidden dice roll considering caster and target modifiers, plus enemy resistance. This makes bg3 counterspell less predictable than its tabletop cousin.
  3. Bug Trouble: Some players face issues with counterspell not halting lower-level spells or combat logs showing incorrect details. Even the staff of interruption meant for an extra counterspell use might misbehave. These could stem from incomplete game implementations, bugs, or interface quirks. Future updates may fix these problems.
  4. Casting Range:
    • Ensure you’re within 60 feet of the target when casting Counterspell.
    • Image: Visualize a circle with a 60-foot radius around your caster to gauge the range.
  5. Reaction Availability:
    • You only have one reaction per round.
    • If you’ve already used your reaction for something else (like an opportunity attack), you can’t cast Counterspell.
  6. Line of Sight:
    • You need a clear line of sight to the target to counterspell.
    • Obstacles or visual obstructions can prevent Counterspell from working.
  7. Spell Slot Level Requirements:
    • Remember the spell slot level rules mentioned earlier.
    • If you attempt to counter a higher-level spell with a lower-level slot, it might fail.

Understanding these deviations might help navigate counterspell quirks in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Fix Bg3 Counterspell Not Working?

Some possible steps to fix the bug of Counterspell not working as expected in bg3 are:

Saving and reloading: 

  • You can try to save the game and exit, then load the previous save file and restart the game. This process may help reset any temporary glitches causing counterspell issues.

Restarting the game: 

  • You can also try to restart the game without loading a previous save file. This may help clear any cache or memory issues affecting Counterspell.

Waiting for a patch: 

  • You can also wait for a future update or patch of the game that may fix or improve the functionality of CounterspellCounterspell. The game developers are constantly working to enhance the gameplay experience and address the feedback from the players.

Check Character Placement: 

  • Range: Ensure your caster is within 60 feet of the target. Imagine a circle with a 60-foot radius around them to visualize the range. 
  • Line of Sight: Confirm there are no obstacles or visual obstructions between your caster and the target. 

 Monitor Reaction Usage:

  •  Reaction Limit: Remember, you only get one reaction per round. 
  • Reaction Tracking: Stay mindful of whether you’ve already used your reaction for something else, like an opportunity attack. 

 Understand Spell Slot Levels:

  •   Matching Levels: To counter a spell successfully, you need a spell slot of equal or higher level than the spell you’re targeting. 
  • Example: To counter a 3rd-level spell, you must use CounterspellCounterspell with a 3rd-level slot or higher. 
  • Higher-Level Slots: Using a higher-level slot for Counterspell guarantees success, regardless of the target spell’s level. 

Report Bugs:

  •  Suspected Issues: If you think CounterspellCounterspell might be malfunctioning due to a bug, report it to Larian Studios for investigation. 
  • Feedback Channels: Use official forums or bug reporting tools to provide detailed information about the issue. 

Tips and Tricks To Make Counterspell More Effective

  1. Using Higher-Level Slots: In BG3, counterspell always uses a 3rd-level slot. However, consider using higher-level slots for other spells like banishment (4th-level) to remove enemies temporarily or hold monsters (5th-level) to paralyze them, setting up for easy attacks.
  2. Targeting Low-Level Spells: Increase counterspell success by aiming at low-level spells like cantrips or 1st-level spells. They have lower casting modifiers and less resistance to counterspell. Use your insight skill to check the enemy’s spellcasting ability and level before casting counterspell to avoid wasting resources.
  3. Checking Enemy Spellcasting Ability: Understand that different enemies in BG3 have varying spellcasting abilities (intelligence, wisdom, or charisma), impacting their resistance to counterspell. Use your insight skill to assess the enemy’s spellcasting ability and level, helping you prioritize targets effectively.

How do I report a bug in BG3?

  1. Bug Reporting: If you find a bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), report it on the official website. The developers at Larian Studios will look into it and aim to fix it promptly.
  2. Troubleshooting Steps: Before reporting, try some basic fixes like verifying local files, clearing the level cache, or adjusting graphics settings. These steps might solve the problem or help identify the cause.
  3. Submission Details: When submitting a bug report, include essential details: describe the issue’s consistency, list attempted troubleshooting steps, specify expected vs. actual results, and outline reproduction steps. In multiplayer, mention if the problem occurs while hosting or joining.
  4. Crash Reports: If your game crashes, attach a crash dump file to your report for a more accurate diagnosis.
  5. Community Check: Check BG3 forums for similar issues and player solutions. Waiting for future updates may also address and enhance game functionality.


In this article, we’ve delved into the BG3 Counterspell Not Working issue, a video game rooted in D&D’s tabletop system.

We examined why counterspell behaves differently in tabletop D&D versus the video game, uncovering potential bugs causing the issue.

Solutions offered include using higher-level slots, targeting low-level spells, checking enemy spellcasting ability, saving and reloading, restarting the game, and patiently waiting for a patch.

Counterspell, a vital spell, aids in handling enemy spellcasters, amplifying your gaming experience. We trust this article aids your comprehension and resolution of counterspell issues in BG3. Share any feedback or comments with us.

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