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Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack 2021 | FREE FIRE NEW MOD MENU

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Free Fire auto headshot hack APK Download | MEDIAFIRE LINK MOD MENU | FREE FIRE NEW MOD MENU: The Garena Free Fire is an online-only action battle royale game played in a third-person perspective. When the player joins, they will enter onto this play island which floats over what looks to be some post-apocalyptic landscape with old ruins scattered about and its collection of bloodthirsty creatures ready for combat against other players. Who are also vying for survival on their islands just like these here! Here you will get Free Fire auto headshot hack mod apk.

What is a Free Fire Game?

The fun part starts once everyone jumps out into space, where it becomes a purely first-person. So you can explore environments freely without any boundaries or restrictions on movement–a truly unique feeling when there’s nothing else left between us besides pure instinct.

After landing on the island, a player must go looking for weapons and utility items. Medical equipment is also available in various locations throughout this large-scale territory, with an unknown number of other players currently occupying it. 

The ultimate goal of any survivor who arrives here is to remain alive long enough until they can reunite with their friends from off-world – which requires eliminating all opponents that come across during one’s journey, ensuring there aren’t more than 50 at once. When playing solo or multiplayer mode!

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Free Fire Features

Bermuda Max

Garena already announced Bermuda Max before the release of Free FireMax. As you can suggest from its name, this Map is an enhanced version of Garena’s old favorite-Bermuda Map! Although it still hasn’t been released yet in FREEFIREMXXX players should expect there later updates about FFRevs’ newest installment will include a lot more new features that haven’t been seen anywhere else than here at ______(Map). But this Free Fire auto headshot hack mod apk is make your game experience more easy.

Better Rendering and In-Game Mechanics

The in-game mechanics were one of the significant problems with Free Fire. Max has taken note and improved on that, giving vehicles more inertia when crashing into obstacles, so they feel lessons like you’re there! However, not all is perfect though- sometimes things don’t work as smoothly, but it’s still better than before.

The feedback for this game said, “the vehicle physics are unrealistic.” When players crash their car or truck into an object such as a tree trunk during gameplay -free fire max will have equal reaction times across all platforms.

Better Sound Optimizations

Free Fire Max has been tweaked to be an even better experience for players, with improved sound effects and more detailed vehicle sounds. The game’s music also packs some powerful punch as it was tuned by professional composers who understand how important quality audio can make or break your gaming session!

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Download Free Fire Auto Headshot Mod Menu Apk 2021 | MEDIAFIRE LINK MOD MENU

Step 1. First, you need to download the Zarchiver app from the play store.

Step 2. Open this app and navigate to this folder: Storage/emutated/Android/obb. Here you can see various folders.

Free fire Auto headshot apk mod

Step 3.  You need to tap and hold the com.dts.freefireth file and rename this file. (For example: com.dts.freefireth5)

Uninstall Free fire Game

Step 4. Now, Go to your phone’s main menu. Find the Free fire game and Uninstall the Game

Step 5. Again go to Android > obb folder. You need to tap and hold on to the “com.dts.freefireth5” file. Again rename the file. Just remove the “5” from last. Make it as it had before.

(For example: com.dts.freefireth5 -> com.dts.freefireth)

Step 6. Now, Download the Free Fire Auto headshot from the following link:

Step 7, Once the download, is finished. Go to the downloaded location. Tap and hold the file and select the Extract option.

Step 8, Then click on the Share button. If It will ask you for a Password Use: AE12. . Then Tap on OK. It will now start to install.

Mod menu Obb File

Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack

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