Land and its buildings

Today’s crossword puzzle presents a concise clue: “Land and its buildings.” Our goal is to identify the correct answer for this specific crossword hint. Below, you’ll find potential solutions for the “Land and its buildings” clue. This clue was most recently featured in an American Quick Crossword, and we currently have one viable answer stored in our database.

The phrase “Land and its buildings” in the context of a crossword clue likely refers to the term “real estate.” Real estate includes both land and any structures or buildings on that land. It’s a broad term that encompasses property, land, and the improvements made on it, such as houses, commercial buildings, and more.

The Clue

The clue “Land and its buildings” typically appears in crossword puzzles with eight letters. While it may seem a bit cryptic at first, crossword enthusiasts know that each clue holds the key to unlocking the puzzle’s solution. In this case, the clue is referring to a term associated with real estate and property.

🗒️ Land and its buildings Possible Answer:

Land and its buildings – PREMISES

This term represents “Land and its buildings” in a crossword context. Real estate is the property consisting of land and any structures or buildings on it.

This solution fits the description and is a common phrase used to describe properties and their associated structures.

What is the meaning of the premises?

The phrase “at the premises” refers to being inside a building or within the area of land on which the building is situated. For example, when we say, “The hotel has a restaurant on the premises,” it means that the hotel includes a restaurant within its building or on its property.

It’s important to note that “on the premises” typically implies being within the physical boundaries of a specific location. Additionally, it is common to use this phrase to specify rules or regulations, as in “No smoking is allowed on the premises,” indicating that smoking is prohibited within the building or the property.

MORE Possible Answers for Land and its Buildings

To find the answer to this clue (Land and its buildings), crossword solvers can explore various possibilities. Some common answers to this clue include:

1. PROPERTY: This word encompasses both land and the buildings on it, making it a suitable answer for the crossword clue. Property refers to real estate, which can include land, houses, commercial buildings, and more.

2. ESTATE: Another viable answer is “estate,” which denotes a large piece of property, often with substantial buildings. It is commonly used in the context of grand homes or vast land holdings.

3. PARCEL: A parcel of land refers to a specific piece or portion of real estate. While it may not explicitly include buildings, it is a term associated with land ownership.

4. PREMISES: This word encompasses both land and the buildings situated on it. It is often used in legal contexts to refer to a specific property or location.

Context Matters

Solving crossword puzzles is not just about finding the correct words; it also involves considering the context of the puzzle.

Clues and answers should align with the overall theme and the intersecting words in the puzzle. Therefore, crossword enthusiasts must carefully evaluate whether the chosen word fits the puzzle’s theme and fills the corresponding squares.

In conclusion, the clue “Land and its buildings” in a crossword puzzle invites solvers to explore various terms associated with real estate and property. The choice of the correct answer depends on the puzzle’s context and the intersecting words.

This crossword challenge exemplifies the delightful blend of language, logic, and creative thinking that makes crossword puzzles a cherished activity for so many.

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