How Duolingo Transformed the Language Learning Field

Duolingo Transformed Language Learning: Are you interested in learning a second (or third) language? Try Duolingo, a free app that has transformed language learning and made it more accessible.

What Is Duolingo?

Duolingo is an American-based language learning app that offers self-paced, interactive lessons for its users. Learners can learn any of the 39 languages from all over the world provided by Duolingo. These languages include endangered languages like the Irish language. Moreover, most of Duolingo’s resources are free and accessible to anyone with internet access. 

What Makes Duolingo Different?

Learning a new tongue gets more challenging as one grows older, as adults have biases based on their first languages. Duolingo understands the difficulty and makes its interface interactive and fun for anyone who uses it. 

Duolingo divides its lessons into tiny 3-minute mini-lessons where you learn new words and put them into context. Unlike other language learning platforms, Duolingo does not focus on teaching the rules of a language. Instead, the app focuses on words and sentences one will likely encounter while speaking a language.

The lessons have context and teach simple daily language like how to order at a restaurant or describe an occupation. A learner is, therefore, more likely to pick up a language and speak it faster than if they picked a more formal learning method.

How Duolingo Has Transformed Language Learning

One of the main reasons for the creation of Duolingo was to make language learning accessible to all. For this reason, Duolingo prides itself on being a mostly free platform with a low subscription fee to get rid of ads. However, unlike many apps, the ads in Duolingo do not interfere with the learning process and are tolerable.

Other reasons Duolingo is the go-to language learning app include:

Duolingo Transformed the Language Learning
Duolingo Transformed the Language Learning


Learning a new language, like all new skills, can be very frustrating without a support system. The Duolingo way includes ticks, dings of affirmation, and an entire ecosystem of fellow learners to clap for you on your journey. Moreover, Duo the Owl will keep you amused even in the most frustrating moments. 

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Lesson Breakdown

There are several units in the Duolingo curriculum. These units have lessons that are broken down into four or five mini-lessons. These mini-lessons are only 3 minutes long and easy to consume. After finishing a lesson, you get a crown and perhaps a few other trinkets. 

Reward System

Who doesn’t like rewards? Well, Duolingo has a lot of them. Whether you’re using a desktop or the mobile app (available on Android and iOS), you get lingots or diamonds that you can use in the gift shop section. These lingots will buy extra lives, a potion to keep you from losing streaks, and even a costume for Duo. This reward system keeps you interested in finishing more lessons and learning even faster. 

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Story Time

Another fun feature of Duolingo is the story section. To activate this segment, you need to have completed at least 10 lessons. In this section, you get to interact with the Duolingo characters and their many adventures. The stories play out in the language you’re learning and get more interactive as you earn more crowns. They give you additional context for the new words you’ve learned in funny little tales that you look forward to. 


Duolingo understands that community is an essential aspect of learning any new skill. There are Duolingo podcasts in all the languages they provide and opportunities to teach and learn in face-to-face environments. Community builds engagement and drives enthusiasm among learners.

Although there are several other language learning apps out there, none has done things quite like Duolingo. It has a website and app version for Android and iOS.

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Language Learning and Internet Safety

As mentioned, Duolingo’s free version is ad-enabled, which means ads will pop up once in a while. Although the ads are not intrusive and don’t hinder your learning, they may expose you to malicious sites trying to harvest your data or infect your device with malware.

Getting proxies is a good way to guarantee that even as you learn a new language, your network remains secure. Being proxy intelligent allows a user secure access to internet resources. In today’s world, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Is Duolingo getting rid of crowns?

It was removed for now. We are currently working to find ways to reintroduce the crown in the new design. Q: What happened with crowns? A: Each circle on the path is equal to one crown skill level.

What made them change Duolingo?

Anton Yu, Duolingo’s product manager, stated that the redesign of the app was inspired by user feedback. Users wanted more information and less complex content. Except for the Practice Hub, all new features will be free to Plus subscribers and users who are Plus members.

Can Duolingo take you to B2 with Duolingo?

Duolingo is working to develop our courses so that you can reach a B2 level, which allows you to apply for a job in your chosen language. This level of proficiency takes dedication, practice, and time.

What is Duolingo’s legendary level?

What are Legendary Levels in Duolingo Simply put, a Legendary level is the most difficult level in a skill. You must complete four challenges to reach the Legendary Level without any tips or hints. This is the ultimate test to see how proficient you are at a skill.

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