Best Free OCR Software of 2023 | Top 6 List

Optical character recognition software (or OCR for short) ‘peruses’ and duplicates text from archives and pictures so the substance can be copied, edited, and searched.

 In this post, We explained the work’s Best Free OCR Software (Optical Character Recognition Software).


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SimpleOCR’s Interface seems rather dated. However, looks can be tricky. Underneath those Windows 98 interpretations lies a device that makes converting pictures to content astonishingly fast and simple. 

Files or Documents can be imported independently, in clusters, in the ‘.ink’ file type, or directly from your scanner. Sadly, format types are restricted to JPG, TIFF, and BMP,

which you may discover prohibitive, albeit a speedy conversion to a supported file type is effortlessly done. Whenever you’ve included your pages, Snap-on ‘Convert to text,’ and the words are shown in a subsequent sheet (see the original picture).

The primary disadvantage of numerous OCR software is the need to edit the output (see Boxoft in our Best of the Rest, inverse). SimpleOCR perfectly defeats this issue by incorporating an underlying spellchecker. 

After converting a picture over to text, an authentic document might be featured in places where the OCR software isn’t sure it’s ‘read’ the phrases correctly. 

In the editable content underneath, you can tap the word and browse a waitlist of suggestions. The bombing is that you can re-type the word legitimately into the content sheet, fit to be copied. 

Utilizing the arrow symbol, you can bounce to and fro between words, too, which rates up the entire cycle. 

Head into Tools, and you’re ready to apply more control over how your content converts and presentations, including the spell checker work. Likewise, you can switch between sparing your work as a text document or Word file. 

How it very well may be improved:

 As its name recommends, SimpleOCR Software is a pretty fundamental tool. That ought to be fine for regular use, particularly for converting over multiple documents and files. 

Be that as it may, power clients might need to investigate the paid-for functions accessible, for example, the capacity to convert over handwriting. We’d likewise prefer to see uphold for a more extensive scope of file format. 

On the off chance that SimpleOCR added PDF conversions, Windows clients wouldn’t require some other tool at that point.


SimpleOCR converts over nearly anything you put at it – as long as it’s in one of only a handful of hardly any picture formats supported. The spell check work is its stand-apart feature, letting you guarantee the precision of its result as you go. SimpleOCR is one of the best free OCR software.

In contrast to some opponents, it doesn’t have a mobile app, so you’ll need to search somewhere else for something more general.

Office Lens 

One of the Best Free OCR Software for Phones and Windows.

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Microsoft’s Office Lens, accessible for Windows and smartphones, is charged as a “scanner in your pocket.” To utilize it, you’ll need the application and Microsoft Word. Capture a picture of the content; at that point, save it as a Word (OCR) file. 

This document shows the conversation over the text and the main picture. Utilizing two bits of software for one employment is fiddly. However, it has all the standard Microsoft benefits, for example, regular updates and cloud saves. 

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Boxoft Free OCR 



At the point when Boxoft Free OCR works, it’s awesome and the Best Free OCR Software for Mac and Windows, with help for a scope of document types and scanner abilities. The exactness is solid, yet with a couple of misses – for example, replacing “any” with “amy,” 

for instance. A few changes additionally incorporate strings of rubbish. Who can overlook the exemplary line from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, “when the Rabbit really took tz to look out g its #zczzzktcOlzz’ — pOcl.t.z?” 

It’s a reasonable, free exertion; however, it requests excessive post-conversion editing.


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What we loved: 

Another blindingly basic OCR software is A9T9 OCR. It was initially developed as a general application to work over your PC and Windows smartphone.

The software has two sheets – one for your content and another for the conversion. At the bottom are fundamental client commands for loading documents. To upload a group of files, select them in File Explorer and check the “Process All Documents” checkbox. 

A9T9 gives you save conversions as either a Word file or a text document. For another language text, there’s a drop-down menu that allows you to select from 20 distinct languages. 

How it tends to be improved: 

While OCR results are fabulous, there are two or three restrictions to A9T9’s software. 

Certain File Formats -for example, TIFF and BMP – can’t be converted over, which is perplexing. The instrument’s Windows application legacy is much more prohibitive, which implies that SimpleOCR is not accessible on Apple or Android gadgets.


A9T9 is a fundamental software, yet it handles text well. Its character acknowledgment precision is exceptional and especially helpful for getting text from PDFs. Its lone huge downside is that it’s only for Windows.

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Google Docs 

There is no compelling reason to download extra software – Google’s OCR apparatus is incorporated with Docs. Right-click a picture or PDF spared in your Google Drive and choose ‘Open with Google Docs’ for a text-only form of the file. Contingent upon the main layout, 

you may need to change the formatting. However, the conversions are astonishingly accurate. In any case, it’s a disgrace the original picture isn’t likewise shown for speedy comparisons.

Easy Screen OCR


What we enjoyed. Easy Screen OCR is a lightweight software that is ideal for on-the-fly use, regardless of whether you’re on a PC or a smartphone. Opening the tools doesn’t show the primary window, and you won’t think it’s sitting on the taskbar. 

The best free OCR software sits covered up in the flood menu, enacted with a right-click. There are just two fundamental choices: Capture and Image OCR. Both work wonderfully. Capture allows you to drag a box around anything on your screen (or utilize a custom hotkey). 

This is sent legitimately to the Easy Screen window, squeezing the OCR button ‘translates’ the computerized picture, and moves over to the Text tab, where you’ll locate the plain-text adaptation. 

Picture OCR works along these lines by relocating downloaded documents from File Explorer.

Additional credit is merited for the software’s exactness. We thought it was fit for ‘reading’ pictures that others battled to convert into text. 

How it may be improved: There’s no scanner or group transfer – not so much as an upload button – so everything must be dropped, captured, or dragged, which can be difficult.

Image Format is restricted to PNG, BMP, and JPG, with no help for GIF or TIFF. We’d love to see extended help for additional formats. 


Easy Screen OCR is a strong, passage-free OCR software that is as quick as it is easy to utilize. The instrument’s exactness is estimable. However, the absence of extra highlights makes it most appropriate for easygoing use.

If you are satisfied with our list or you have another best free OCR software, let us know in the below comment section.

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