Who is Beth Grosshans Husband?

Who is Beth Grosshans Husband? Beth Grosshans has made a name for herself in the comedy world over the past few years. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Beth started doing stand-up in local bars and clubs before relocating to Los Angeles. 

She has since become known for her witty observational humor and self-deprecating punchlines delivered in a charming Midwestern accent.

Beth has appeared on popular podcasts like Marc Maron’s WTF and Conan O’Brien’s Needs a Friend. She also had a brief stint as a writer for the late-night Comedy Bang! Bang!. 

Though much of her material draws from her experiences as an offbeat single woman trying to navigate big-city life in her 30s, Beth has been married for over 5 years.

While Beth occasionally jokes about her husband in her act, she tends to keep her personal life private. But for those curious about the man behind this rising comedy star, learning more about Mrs. Grosshans’ other half provides some intriguing insight.

Who is Beth Grosshans’ Husband?

Name: Dennis Stattman

Age: 58 years old


Dennis Stattman spent over 25 years in finance before retiring a few years ago. He was a senior portfolio manager at BlackRock, a giant investment management firm.

Dennis grew up in New Jersey and studied business and finance at Penn State University. After getting his bachelor’s degree, he earned an MBA from Wharton Business School.

Early in his career, Dennis worked as a research analyst for several Wall Street firms, providing investment advice and stock recommendations. He quickly gained a reputation as a shrewd strategist with an eye for finding profitable investments.

Dennis was recruited to join BlackRock in 1989 to help launch their new Global Allocation Fund. As co-founder and lead manager, he spent decades guiding the fund’s investment strategy across stocks, bonds, real estate, and other asset classes.

Under Dennis’ leadership, the fund consistently outperformed market benchmarks and became one of BlackRock’s top offerings as it grew into a financial powerhouse. Dennis retired at age 55 after a highly successful career in money management.

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Dennis is passionate about golf, fishing, and playing poker with friends outside of work. He also donates time to several educational charities. Dennis’ expertise in assessing risks balances his wife Beth’s daring comedic career.

Getting to Know Beth Grosshans’ Husband

– How and when they met 

Beth and Dennis Stattman met in 2010 through mutual friends when Beth had just started doing stand-up in LA. They hit it off immediately, bonding over their Midwestern roots and sharing a love of comedy. After dating for two years, Dennis Stattman proposed to Beth during a trip back to Omaha to visit family.

– Where they currently live together

The happy couple tied the knot in 2013. They now live together in a modest suburban home about 20 miles outside LA in South Pasadena.

– Interests, hobbies, personality traits

When he’s not teaching, Dennis Stattman enjoys sports – especially Nebraska Cornhuskers football – and has a massive baseball card collection he’s been accumulating since childhood. He’s known for being laid back and quick-witted with a dry sense of humor, not unlike his wife’s. Dennis Stattman is Beth’s biggest fan and supporter, attending all her local shows and encouraging her to pursue every career opportunity.

Everyday Life and Relationship Dynamics

– Division of household responsibilities

Beth and Dennis Stattman have a traditional division of household responsibilities at home. Dennis Stattman handles most of the cooking and grocery shopping, while Beth does most of the cleaning. They try to split other chores like laundry evenly.

– Joint interests and activities they enjoy together

When they have free time together, Beth and Dennis Stattman enjoy low-key activities like trying new local restaurants, taking their elderly dog on walks, or watching comedy specials at home. They try to have a weekly date night and getting out of their routine.

– His role in supporting her career

Dennis Stattman plays a huge role in supporting Beth’s comedy career. He often helps run her material by her and gives notes on things like pacing and joke structure. Dennis Stattman also manages the logistics of Beth’s tours, handling promotion, travel, and scheduling.

– Insights into their relationship and marital dynamic

Those close to the couple say their relationship works well because Dennis Stattman’s calm, steady nature balances Beth’s energetic creativity. While Beth can be restless and anxious, Dennis Stattman helps ground her. She credits Dennis Stattman’s unrelenting belief in her talents for giving her the confidence to pursue comedy full-time. Though they have the occasional spat, their shared Midwestern practicality and value of family keeps them going strong.

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Impact on Beth’s Comedy Career

– Influence he may have had on her journey as a comedian

Dennis Stattman played an integral role in Beth’s journey to becoming a comedian. When they first met, he recognized her natural talent for humor and improv during their friendly banter. Dennis Stattman was the one who pushed Beth to sign up for an improv class, which sparked her interest in stand-up.

– Ways he supports her comedy career

When Beth struggled to get stage time at famous LA clubs in the early days, Dennis Stattman helped her book gigs and promoted her shows endlessly to friends. He even filmed her sets on his old camcorder so they could review together.

– Whether he helps workshop jokes or shows ideas

Dennis Stattman attends all Beth’s local shows, offering laugh support and helping her refine jokes afterward. On tours, he makes every effort to see a show, even if Beth is on the other side of the country, often surprising her.

– If he attends her shows/tours

Leading up to big performances or auditions, Beth runs Dennis Stattman’s new material first to get his gut reaction and funny bone check. Their similar sensibilities make Dennis Stattman invaluable in developing Beth’s show concepts and evolving her comedic voice.

Looking to the Future

– Dreams and goals as a couple

Now that Beth’s career is gaining momentum, she and Dennis Stattman have some big goals as a couple. They’ve started a college fund for future children, hoping to grow their family in the next few years. Beth wants to be able to balance motherhood with her comedy career.

– Plans for growing their family (if applicable)

Dennis Stattman dreams of Beth headlining her special or selling out large venues on tour. He’s proud of how far she’s come and wants to help her reach new heights of success.

– Hopes for Beth’s ongoing career success

Their shared dream is to move back to Omaha someday and open a small comedy club featuring up-and-coming Midwestern talent. Beth credits the Omaha comedy scene with getting her start, so giving back is essential.

But for now, Beth is focused on building her fanbase and making a name for herself in LA and nationally. With Dennis Stattman cheering her on every step of the way, there’s no doubt Beth can make it big.

Summary and Final Thoughts

Beth Grosshans husband Dennis Stattman, is the perfect partner for rising comedy star Beth Grosshans. As a fellow Midwestern transplant, Dennis Stattman connects with Beth’s background and sensibilities. He recognized her talent early on and encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone to pursue comedy.

Throughout their relationship, Dennis Stattman has selflessly supported Beth’s budding career. He devotedly attends her shows, helps develop the material, and manages the logistics of her tours. Dennis Stattman’s calm nature at home provides a grounding balance to Beth’s restless creativity.

Dennis Stattman takes pride in all his wife has achieved but still pushes her to reach the next level, dreaming big on her behalf. He is her biggest fan and also provides constructive feedback. After over a decade together, the couple still prioritizes their relationship.

Getting a glimpse into the everyday life of Beth Grosshans and (Beth Grosshans husband) Dennis Stattman shows an endearing partnership built on shared dreams, Midwestern practicality, and good humor. Their story exemplifies how spousal solid support can help turn talent into success. With Dennis Stattman by her side, there is no limit to how far Beth’s comedy career can go.

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