Using Apple Pay App: You can shop with your iPhone, and no need to bring your wallet with you! Instead of picking through your purse or wallet trying to find the correct credit card,

you can store your payment cards on your iPhone 6 or later versions and use them to make payments at the tills. Here’s the manner by which to set up and utilize this exciting new Apple simple payment service using Apple Pay App.

In this post, We explain how to use the Apple Pay App step by step.

How to store credit and debit card information 

Before you can use Apple’s great new Apple Pay at the tits, you need to store your credit or debit card information on your iPhone; you can utilize more than one card If you need. This guide teaches how you do just that.

To use Apple Pay, you need at least a 6, 6 Plus, or SE: or an Apple Watch connected to a perfect iOS device. Apple Watches are perfect with the Phone 5 or later, including the Phone SE, and require in any event iOS 8. You can make Apple Pay payments online with a Pad Pro, iPad Air 2, or Pad Mini 3. 

Debit or Credit cards are added to Apple Pay through the IOS Wallet application. To include another card, utilize your iSight camera to snap a picture of the card in question. Simply keep it on the edge as exhorted on the screen, and the card is photographed and its data put away. Or on the other hand, type the data manually.

Your credit and debit cards are ripped and then stored in Wallet, ready to use with Apple Pay. You can add a credit or debit card to your Mutes account simply by typing in the card’s security code. The principal card you enter turns into the default payment card. be that as it may, you can change this in Settings in the event that you wish.

Using Apple Pay on the iPhone

After you’ve registered your payment cards, to use Apple Pay, wave your iPhone over the contactless payments reader. On an iPhone X, use Face ID to confirm your identity. but with earlier iPhones, hold your finger on the Home button so your identity can be confirmed using the fingerprint scanner.

There’s no need to open the fa1 Wallet app to use Apple Pay You don’t even have to unlock your iPhone; the service works even if ifs in sleep mode and the display is blank. You don’t need to take a look at your screen to realize the payment has been acknowledged either. It’s affirmed with a vibration and a beep.

Apple Pay is secure and private. Apple doesn’t store private information on your transactions. what’s more, recent purchases are accessible for you to review in your Wallet application. If you lose your iPhone. you can suspend Apple Pay using Find My iPhone on a compatible device. Simply put it into Lost Mode.

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Apple Pay App e-Tickets

Some places, ice airlines, and movie theatres offer e-tickets. Order your tickets online and they can be emailed directly to you and stored in the Wallet app. When you arrive, you simply open the app and your e-ticket can be scanned, just like a paper ticket. 


Tap a card, and transactions you’ve made with that card are listed underneath. Not every bank issues this information. but if yours does, you can see both what you’ve spent and where using the Apple Pay service. 

Multiple cards

If you have more Man one card stored in Wallet, the app pays with the default card. To pay with a different card, open the app and tap the card you want before presenting your iPhone to the Apple Pay reader 


In Settings > Wallet 8 Apple Pay, you can configure the feature to suit your needs. Set up an Express Travel Card for travel terminals, choose your default card, change your shipping address, and more. 

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