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Our essential aim is to convey quality content. We’d be regarded to make them share your experiences on an ongoing project, learned exercises, or things that worked and fizzled in a crushing article. Your work will be compensated with an honorarium and full credit. (Clearly.)

Prior to connecting with your thought, kindly read this information. It will incredibly improve your chances of being approved.

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Anyone can! (Except if you are a spammer) Our writers range from experienced essayists to newbies. As our cycle incorporates article oversight, we can be a wonderful spot to distribute your first piece.

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– Your articles must be unique and liberated from copyright encroachment. They additionally ought not to be repeated anyplace else including your own blog.

– You could write about any of the following topics: technology news, instructions, make money online, SEO, WordPress, and blogging tips.

– You could write on any of the accompanying themes: Tech news, trending tech, iOS tips, Windows tips, How-to tips, How to make money, SEO, WordPress, and writing for blog tips.

– Your article must be in any event 1000 words long and shouldn’t have insignificant outbound links.

– You have the duty to advance your articles and answer comments so visitors could consider you to be a part of this post.

Do you have details of a Technology Story, SEO, Mac, iOS, Windows Update, and How to story?

E-mail Us: newscutezy@gmail [dot] com (Response in 1 hour)

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