Helldivers 2 How to Get Unlimited Currency Samples and Level up Fast: I will show you all the fastest methods to level up while farming currency and samples. It’s a simple process, and here’s how you do it:

How to Unlock Currency Samples And Level Up Fast In Helldivers 2?

Finding the Right Mission

  • Look for a mission that says “Eradicate a Swarm” or something similar.
  • It should mention defeating a certain number of enemies within a specific time frame, usually around 10 minutes.

Getting Started

  • Once you’ve found the right mission, just jump into the hell pod to get started.
  • Choosing a difficulty level that matches your skill level is a good idea. I’m doing it on the medium since my level is low.

HellDivers 2: How To Level Up FAST?

Collecting Samples

  • Once you touch down, have a turret or something similar ready to shoot enemies automatically.
  • Run around and collect the samples, or let your teammates defeat enemies while you collect.
  • You need to kill 125 bugs in total to leave the area with the samples.

Sample Collection

  • Keep an eye on the top right corner of the screen as you collect samples. You’ll see the green number increasing, indicating the samples you’ve collected.
  • Samples are usually found near buildings and crates.

Completing the Mission

  • Make sure to collect all the samples in the area. In this example, there were a total of seven samples.
  • Once all enemies are defeated and the mission is completed, wait for the ship to arrive to collect you.
  • Ensure that everyone with samples boards the ship, or you won’t get credit for them.

Checking Your Loot

  • After boarding the ship, check your loot to see how much experience and currency you’ve earned.
  • Experience points (XP) are crucial for leveling up, while currency can be used for various in-game purposes.

Tips for Success

  • This mission typically takes around 7 to 8 minutes to complete, making it efficient for farming.
  • If you want even more rewards and XP, try completing the mission on a higher difficulty level.
  • You can repeat this process by selecting similar missions from the mission table.

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