What Does AFK Mean In Roblox? Slang Words (Abbreviations), Acronyms

Guys, I know the world of internet slang, you know (Like ABC, MK, XD what does AFK mean in Roblox). It can be really difficult sometimes for all of us, even for those who have grown up with mobile phones and social media, don’t you think so?

It can really appear as though there are new phrases, new slang, and new abbreviation forms being produced consistently. Truth be told, on an hourly premise. Isn’t that so? Altogether, new slang. Furthermore, only some of them get truly popular and viral. It makes a secret inside everybody about this new word slang.

We found some slang words that many people are searching for on the internet. For Example:

  • Xd meaning in “PUBG”
  • What does DD mean
  • What does AFK mean among us
  • What does LAMO mean in Roblox
  • What does smh mean in slang
  • What does AFK mean in Fortnite

Some people do not know it for a long time. But the internet’s most dedicated users do. Well, lucky for you, I have decided, and I’ve developed a handy quick guide for all of you guys with the most popular current internet slang, along with some examples and explanations of how you can use each of these acronyms, words, and phrases correctly.

With this list you have to refer to, you will never be mocked by anyone out there, at least with those internet-savvy people.

What Does AFK Mean?

AFK stands for ‘”Away from Keyboard. “

It is utilized in live chatting to exhort friends that you won’t be counted for a couple of moments as you will be away from the PC. 

AFK is ordinarily utilized with a descriptor like “AFK bio” ( you are going to the toilet) or “AFK telephone” ( you are receiving a call).

AFK is an extremely typical statement. You can use AFK in both lowercase and uppercase structures. 

Simply composed: whole sentences in the Uppercase are examined as inconsiderate shouting. 

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What Does AFK Mean in Roblox?

As you read above. It means “Away From Keyboard.” This just means the person playing is not at their computer for the moment or on the Roblox game. Rather, they are looking at something else on their PC.

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU stands for “Hit Me Up,” not punching someone. But it is actually to ping someone right to message someone, and that is hit me up.

HMU means
HMU Means

For example:

  • HMU for coffee tomorrow. 
  • HMU if you want me to pick you up.
  • HMU if you want me to pick up food for you. 
  • HMU before you come home.

What Does DAE Mean?

DAE means: “Does anyone else?” This is actually asked before you ask the complete question.

DAE means
DAE Means

For example:

  • DAE used this shampoo?
  • ADE about a pizza place around?

What Does HIFW Mean?

HIFW – now, there are two meanings for the same. 

  • “H” stands for How.
  • “I” stands for I.
  • “F” stands for Feel or Felt.
  • “W” stands for when.
HIFW means
HIFW Means

So together, it is “How I feel when or How I felt when.”

Twitter has just 140 characters that you can type right, and you cannot get a lot of space when you have to write a long explanation. Usually, you can use this, and you can add an image or video to go with this so that you can actually explain better what you’re feeling.

For Example:

  • HIFW, I got to know when Jlo read my tweet. 
  • HIFW, my country, won the World Cup.

What Does ICYMI Mean?

ICYMI is a rather long one, but that’s what acronyms are for. It stands for “In case you missed it.”

When someone misses information, that’s when you use this. 

What Does ASAIK Mean?

AFAIK means – “As soon as I know.”

For Example:

  • AFAIK I will come and tell you.
  • AFAIK we can decide if we want to go to Goa.

What Does BURN Mean?

A very trendy word is BURN, particularly used in a comical way to express, you know, an insult towards someone.

For Example:

  • She said, “Jack was a waste of oxygen that was a BURN.”

What Does EXTRA Mean Slang?

When something is too dramatic or over the top(ott), that’s when you can use the word EXTRA. 

For Example:

  • That TV news anchor was so EXTRA.

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Most Popular Roblox Slang

AA –  Stands for the very infamous action known as “Admin Abuse.”

BRB – Be Right Back. When you’re just going away for a short time and then coming back, you might want to say BRB,

IDK – I don’t know.

IDC – I don’t care.

LOL – Laugh(ing) out loud.

IKR – I know, right?

BRUH – Internet meme and informal synonym word for “bro,” normally used as a nonexclusive reaction to something justifying a response to something stupid or dumb, which is ordinarily alluded to as a “bruh second.”

LEL – Stands for the same thing but just a different way to say, LOL. “That was so funny, LEL!” 

BTW – Stands for “By the Way.” “BTW, I got to go soon.” 

NGL – Stands for “Not going to lie.” “NGL, you’re kinda good.”

GTG – Stands for “Got to go.” “Sorry, I can’t play anymore. I’m GTG.”

LMAO – Stands for “Laughing my a** out.” “He lost LMAO.”

RQ – Stands for “Real quick.” “Imma win this RQ.”

RN – Stands for “Right now.” “Can you do it, RN?” 

STFU – Stands for “Shut the [F __ ] up.”

SMH – stands for “Shake my hand.”

FFS – What does that mean? FFS means “For [F __ ] sake.” Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening. This is the worst thing to happen ever.

TBH – It means “To be honest.” when you want to be honest with someone.

OMG – Everyone knows this one. “Oh my God.”

HMU – Hit me up.

SUP – What’s up? 

WBU – What about you? 

WDYMBT – What do you mean by that? 

JK – Just kidding.

JJ – Just joking.

Meh – I feel mediocre about that.

FYI – For your information.

GTG – Good to go or Got to go.

FML – F*ck my life.

GJ – Good job.

BFF – Best friends forever 

BF – Boyfriend 

GF – Girlfriend 

DW – Dear Wife 

DS – Dear Son 

DD – Dear Daughter 

DH – Dear Husband.

BISLY – But I still love you 

JTLYK – Just to let you know 

NM – Nevermind 

W/E – Whatever 

CYA – See Ya

What Does LMAO Mean in Roblox?

It stands for “Laughing My Ass Off.” LMAO is not the only phrase that means laughter.  LMAO is an acronym. Many of us type (or say) this slang word when we discover something especially entertaining. At times, when a user discovers something very amusing, they say LMAO.

There is lol, which is “laugh out loud.” rofl is “rolling on the floor laughing,” lqtm is “laughing quietly to myself,” which I’ve personally never used before. smh is “laughing and shaking my head.” Haha, which is just the sound of laughter. XD is a laughing emoji.

What Does MK Mean in Roblox?

The Real Meaning of MK is “Mm OK.” So presently, you know-MK, signifies “Mm OK” – don’t express gratitude toward us. What does MK mean in Roblox? MK is an abbreviation, acronym form, or slang word that is clarified above where the MK explanation is given.

What Does RAP Mean in Roblox?

RAP stands for Recent Average Price. The Recent Average Price (RAP for acronym/slang) is the thing that is determined in exchanges and a normal selling cost of every individual restricted thing.

What does GG mean in Roblox?

“GG” means “Dood Game.” It is standard to say “gg” when you get done with playing to inform different players that you are stopping and not returning. Normally, individuals say “gg” when they quit, regardless of whether they are losing or winning.
“Well played, GG”

What does ABC mean in Roblox Adopt Me?

The letter “ABC” doesn’t represent anything; rather, it’s simply an expression to tell different players they’re up for a task or job. It’s generally utilized in pretend games…. The letter “ABC” doesn’t represent anything; rather, it’s simply an expression to tell different players they’re up for a task or job.

What Does AFK Mean In Among Us?

Away from Keys. Which means you are away from your mobile or PC or whatever. It arises with PC Gaming, in which it was a clarification for why they were gone and not effectively playing. In the end, it spread to all gaming, including mobile and console.

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