“Unable to connect” Error Battlefield 2042

Fix “Unable to connect” Battlefield 2042 Error: Come back to another article. In this brief article, I’ll guide you on how to fix an error that you’re more than likely experiencing at some point in time, primarily through the beta period that’s currently going on and especially even more. 

So when all of the free players join on the 8th and 9th of October. Whenever you launch the game. 

This error is “Unable to connect to the EA servers. Please check your Internet connection, make sure the Platform Client is online and try again. Please see ea.com/unable-to-connect for more information. 1 4688822970:100J:16C “

Fix “Unable to connect” Battlefield 2042 Error.

Trying to play Battlefield 2042 yet getting errors about the EA servers or not having the option to connect? Indeed, assuming that it’s not the EA servers, it is something that you can fix approximately efficiently. Before the end, you ought to ideally have your issues (Unable to connect Battlefield Error) resolved and have the option to keep playing the game.

Anyway, let’s assume that every one of your friends is playing the game. Yet you’re not able to. What can we do to try and fix this Unable to connect Battlefield Error?

Check The Issue From Your End Or The Servers

Before we even try to get into fixing this. Suppose you’re not the only person experiencing this, then more than likely. In that case, it could be something to do with the EA servers, battlefield servers, etc., being wholly overloaded with the number of people playing this game.

The same way that new worlds and other games work, too. So do keep in mind that it may not be you having the issue. Instead, it could be the game servers having the problem. Check on their social media page and their official site.

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Solution #1, Restart Your PC

Well, it’s straightforward. First of all, to avoid all the hassle, just shut off your PC. Save everything and restart it. Doing a full restart is practically exactly what we’re going to be doing in this article and should get things working properly.

Sometimes, the system files or system services do not work properly. But after a full restart, the system can make a new start to run these irresponsible services.

Solution #2, Start Origin Client Service (Recommended)

This method will fix the (Unable to connect Battlefield Error) issue. Because this probably won’t work.

1. Go to Services(Right-click on the Start button to open the WinX Menu, Select Run,

2. Type services.msc in the Run box, which opens Windows Services Manager)and find ‘Origin Client Service,’ double click on it.

3. Select Startup Type, put it on Automatic, and hit Apply. It’ll probably be on Manual.

Solution #3, Close Origin and EA processes

However, if you’re not really interested in restarting your pc completely, we can try a couple of other things. If it has already started, close them.

Close Origin and EA processes to fix the Unable to connect error

1. Open up the task manager with control shift and escape. Inside here, we’ll be looking for all origin and EA services on the processes tab. 

2. Click anywhere and type in ‘ori’ to jump to Origin. Then, end every single-origin service that you can find. Just end them. Type in EA and do the same for EA applications. Close everything there that you can find.

Then, if you’d like, you can even try to restart steam. Though this probably won’t help you, if you’ve bought it there, fire up Origin Steam or wherever you’ve purchased the game. And try to launch it once again, and this time, things should hopefully work properly.

Solution #4, Flush DNS

If you like, you can run the old ipconfig/flushdns by hitting start, typing in cmd, and opening the command prompt as administrator. Inside here, we’ll be running the following commands:

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh Winsock reset

After running all of those commands, hopefully, things should work correctly. And resolve the “Unable to connect Battlefield Error.”

Solution #4, Network Troubleshooter

If previous methods do not work, 

1. We can open up the Settings window by clicking the settings button in our stars bar and then heading across to the Network and Internet options.

2. Clicking Network Troubleshooter and wait for this to run through to completion after selecting the correct device to see if it’s able to fix anything.

I would be running this now as it may disconnect me from the internet.

Solution #5, Reset Network

If that still doesn’t work, if you’d like to try and reset your network adapter completely, which may mess with VPNs and other things you have installed, you may have to reinstall them again.

Reset Network On Windows 10

1. Go to Search and type in Network Status. Click on the primary Network status.

2. At the very bottom of the window. You’ll find the option called Network Reset. Click on this and reset now.

Reset Network On Windows 11

Go to Settings > Click on the Network and Internet > Advanced Network Settings > Select Network Reset > Click on the Reset button.

Your computer will be restarted, and your network connection will be reset completely on your computer. I don’t think you’ll need to download drivers or anything, but it’s worthwhile checking Windows updates after you’ve reset your network connection here.


If you do use VPNs and things like that, you may have to reinstall that software completely, though mentioning VPNs is the last thing you can try.

Fire up a VPN and try to connect to a nearby server, giving you minimal extra ping, and that should hopefully give you a better route to the EA and battlefield servers.

If anything physical in between you and the actual servers themselves is causing an issue. That way, things should hopefully be fixed.

Also, if you live in a country far away, as I do in South Africa, you can connect to, say, an EU west server allowing you to play on EU servers instead of your local servers, which may give you more ping but if your local servers are having issues.

Such as, say, the South African servers, then you can play on European servers instead of trying to connect you only to your local region or closest servers.


When you’re getting this (Battlefield Unable to connect ) error, it could be due to several different reasons. One possibility is that your Internet connection isn’t stable or strong enough for multiplayer gaming. Another reason may be an EA server issue, which can happen when there’s too much traffic on the servers.

You’ll need to troubleshoot your ISP and ensure they don’t have any outages to get back online with Battlefield 1. If all else fails, restarting your router should help resolve the Battlefield Unable to connect error momentarily while you work on more permanent solutions!

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