How to Unblock/Block Someone On PS5

Unblock/Block Someone On PS5: I’m going to show you how to view block players and unblock someone on PS5. So let’s go ahead and jump in the article.

How To Unblock Someone On PS5

Step 1, First you need to open up the Game base. You can see a pop-up window with a friends list. Next, click on the “Go to Game Base” button. It will open a full window of all friends’ lists.

How to Unblock Someone on PS5

Step 2,  Now you have to scroll all the way over to the right until you get to the Game Base Settings located on the far right here (Beside the Create party option). Click on it.

Step 3,  A new menu will appear on the screen. Then scroll down until you have the option “Blocked players.” you can view every person you have blocked on your PlayStation account over time.

Step 4,  Then all you have to do is click on their name once you locate them and Select unblock, and that person will be unblocked.

Now you can add them once again to your PlayStation 5. so you will be able to add them as a friend and start messaging them once again. This is the way you can unblock someone on PS5.

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How To Block Someone On Your PS5 

Now, this is basically how to block someone on PS5. Now, this could be someone who sent you a nasty message. Or maybe it’s someone you want to block before they can find you on PSN. You can do all that through a Game Base on PS5.

Step 1,  Now go to the Game Base from the home screen or from anywhere really. Simply press the PlayStation button in the middle of your controller.

Then from the menu at the bottom. You should see the Game Base. So select that, and this will give you a small sneak preview of your recent parties, recent messages, friends list and all that. 

Here you can scroll with R1 on your controller to go to friends. You will see a list of all your friends. Next is friend requests – you have received and friend requests you have sent but have not been accepted or rejected yet. Of course, to the extreme right is a search – where you can literally search for someone to block them before they can find you or for whatever reason you have. 

Step 2,  Select “Go to game base”, and this is where you’ll see all your parties. This will include all messages sent to you. So you want to find that person you want to block.

Step 3, Simply go hover their name > then press X to select their name. And that will open your party or your chat messages. So on the chat window, you need to go to the menu on the right-hand side and then scroll and tap on their name.

Step 4, It should open their profile page. Now you can use any other method to open someone’s profile page. Now from here, simply scroll to the right and find these three dots that say “More” on the right-hand side. Select it.

Step 5, Then from there, you should be able to access the block option. So select block, and then, of course, you’ll be asked if you want to confirm you want to block that player. You can see the confirmation there that the player has been blocked.

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What happens if you block someone on PS5?

You cannot get into trouble for blocking someone you disagree with or argue with if you block them mainly because you took the step to end the fight and decided not to further escalate in the future.

How can you tell if someone blocked you on PS5?

You can’t send them messages or send them friend requests on the PS4. However, if you block someone on ps4, can they still follow you. To tell if someone blocked you, search for their name and view their profile. If there is no background picture and their about me section is not public, this is an indication that the person has blocked you. 

How to see block players on PS5?

Control centre > Go to Game Base > Select Game Pase Settings > Select Blocked Players

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