XDC vs CSPR: Which one to pick for investment?

XDC is the primary utility token of the same-name hybrid blockchain. This token serves as a payment for dApp transactions made on the XDC Network. Multiple exchanges already avail it for swapping, trading, etc. This time, we’ll regard this XDC vs CSPR pair to find out if it’s worth the effort. 

The concepts behind the tokens

The XDC Network’s mission statement is to use blockchain technology to address the problems with international trade and finance. The major goal of XDC Network’s effort is to increase transaction security and facilitate transparency between numerous parties for cross-border trade that is interoperable. As a foundation, XDC aims to provide a platform that will enable entrepreneurs and companies to send money abroad without difficulty.

CSPR is the native currency of the proof-of-stake (PoS), which compensates validators for staking their tokens to take part in the consensus process. On the network, transaction fees are also paid using CSPR. 

Casper is an enterprise-oriented blockchain that encourages companies to create private or permissioned apps, all with the purpose of hastening the adoption of blockchain technology by developers and businesses. The protocol may develop as businesses increase their usage of it thanks to the upgradeable contracts, predictable gas prices, and WebAssembly (WASM) code.

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What makes them different?

The value of the coin is the first indicator to verify. The one from XDC is $0.023. As for the time of writing, a 24-hour trading volume made $2 901 754. The price of Casper now makes $0,030, with a 24-hour trading volume of $6 311 101. Both were down on the last day by 0,42% and 0,19% respectively. 

Now, the ranking for XDC makes #98, while for Casper #89. For now, it’s pretty clear that Casper is doing better. The market cap of XDC is $287 206 552 USD, and the one of Casper is $317 776 073, with the circulating supply of 12 305 012 699 vs 10 535 995 949 respectively. Both coins do not have a max. supply. 

A good piece of advice here will be to use a real-time XDC vs CSPR calculator that will show immediately the final outcome after the swap. Also, it makes sense to check the development roadmap for both projects, price dynamics, and so on to get a full grasp of the situation around the coins. 

Where to exchange the pair?

Nowadays, crypto preneurs can swap this pair in almost any exchange platform. The question is – under what conditions to swap it? You can use Godex.io as your go-to platform as it’s been in the field since 2017 and does not require any credentials, having an account, or whatsoever.

What’s more, traders can exchange any volume, and only the sky’s the limit. Another advantage is that the platform keeps a fixed rate throughout the whole transaction. Traders won’t be surprised by new costs in the end. They also can find over 200+ cryptos supported here and the most known crypto pairs like SAND to ETH, for example.

Which one is a better deal?

Although Casper might be doing better due to described metrics, it’s the price dynamics that define successful business here. It is preferable to purchase a coin when its price is low and check if there are chances for future growth. Because of this fact, it’s recommended to learn the price chart and crypto predictions from multiple yet reliable sources. 

How to diversify a portfolio with XDC vs CSPR?

The first thing to do when considering the swap is to make sure that you have a secure wallet to store funds. The best possible option is hardware one. Software wallets can be safe, provided there are 2-factor authentication, encryption, and data stored not on the server but on the user’s device. 

The second step is to choose a secure exchange that supports the pair. Then users have to make a deposit to purchase XDC or CSPR. At Godex.io, for example, traders can add the exchange as a feature to Trezor wallet and trade within it. Trezor is a hardware type of wallet that allows holding funds in the most secure way. 

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