Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce vs KDE [Best Desktop Environment]

Linux Mint comes in a few unique versions, or flavors: Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce vs KDE, and LMDE 2; there are likewise 64-bit and 32-bit Versions of these, as well. What does everything mean, however, and which variant would it be a good idea for you to decide for your establishment?

Every version is just a various desktop environment, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that you use to associate with the OS (except for LMDE 2).

Every desktop environment uses different applications for getting to or using the OS, for example, the file manager to browse the system’s file structure or manage other applications. 

Also, the primary accessible productivity, video, and graphic suites are equivalent and function similarly.

Which Desktop Environment?

Over the coming information, we look at every one of the environments available. First, here’s a quick presentation and reasons For their variety. 

Linux Mint offers the client a choice of five types of distro, such as Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce vs KDE vs LMDE 2. 

While that may sound a bit mystifying for the new user, basically every one of the versions accessible contains a similar center Linux structure and kernel (the kernel is the center of the operating system), that handles all the guidelines between the hardware and software.

Why trouble than with a different (e.g. Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce) desktop environment? 

Users favor Cinnamon because it’s a present-day environment that performs better on modern equipment and features some forefront desktop code. 

It’s down to individual taste. A few clients lean toward MATE, as MATE is a fork of the exemplary GNOME 2 climate, is somewhat more menu-driven, and works well on older  PCs. 

On the other hand, Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment that works great on older hardware. 

KDE is a little weighty on the system assets, but it looks glorious and, for the most part, offers more customizations and effects.

LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) 2 depends on Debian rather than Ubuntu, also, other versions use this. It’s a cutting-edge distro focused on experienced Linux users who need to test and utilize the most recent versions of the applications available. 

It can, subsequently, be very unstable at times and requires significantly more user administration to master. It’s accessible with Cinnamon and MATE desktop environments.

To put it plainly, Linux Mint Cinnamon is a flagship desktop environment. 

MATE is more viable with a more extensive assortment of hardware. 

KDE utilizes more system assets; however, looks awesome. 

Xfce is a lightweight DE for low-asset systems. 

At last, LMDE 2 is truly for specialists only. 

Where Windows, for instance, just offers one environment to work in, Linux gives many. Linux Mint has consequently selected to give the client an abundance of choice, and we believe that is quite good of them.

In this article, We explained each Linux Mint Desktop Environment in detail, such as Linux mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce vs KDE.

CINNAMON  Desktop Environment 

Linux Cinnamon is known as the Flagship desktop environment for Linux Mint. Cinnamon was created by the Linux Mint group and launched around 6 years ago. It’s a superb DE(Desktop Environment), which looks incredible and performs sublimely on modern frameworks like in a virtual environment.


Linux Mint Cinnamon has various advantages behind their feel and look, despite the fact that they are significant factors. We’ve sketched out a couple of features to assist you with choosing if it’s the DE for you.

Linux-Mint-modern systems Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE

It works perfectly on more modern systems, yet it’s much more steady than it used to be and not exactly the asset hoard it used to be. Hence, don’t be put off Cinnamon if you’re utilizing an older PC to install and test Linux Mint.

linux mint cinnamon customization

You’re ready to arrange your Panels to the sides of the window (Up/Left/Right), and the Panel and icon features will naturally situate themselves to the vertical plane. This makes the screen simpler to customize and more fertile for certain users.

Hot Corners

Linux Mint Cinnamon has configurable Hot Corners, where every corner of the window can be clicked to play out a specific task, for example, display the Workspaces, Run a Command, or Show all Windows. The Hot Corners are a superb method to switch between various help and views to make the PC a more effective environment.

Linux Cinnamon Screensaver
Linux Cinnamon Screensaver

The latest version of Cinnamon comes with a new screensaver on Linux Mint 18.1. You can see the battery status without signing in, and Background slideshow features are available. and there are media controls as well, so you can use Linux Mint as a jukebox.

Let’s take a look at Linux Mint Mate Desktop Environment. After that, you can easily differentiate between Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE environment.

Linux Mint Mate Environment

The default PC environment For various Linux distros in the previous days was GNOME  2 until the organization launched GNOME 3. But GNOME 3 was not user-friendly, that’s why many people did not use it. MATE is an improved version Of the main project.


MATE is an easy-to-utilize and natural DE that is quick and stable. In comparison with Cinnamon, it looks somewhat out of date yet that is just on a superficial level. There’s a bounty to like with MATE.

Linux Mint MATE

Linux Mint MATE is a magnificent desktop environment For old  PCs. It works better with a bigger number of hardware segments than Cinnamon normally does and is likewise similarly equipped for conveying an incredible-looking desktop alongside advanced customizations.

There are various Panel features and applications you can add. Some are for no reason in particular, similar to a couple of eyeballs that follow after your mouse cursor, and others are more helpful, for example, a weather application.

Linux mint  3D desktop solid shape

Because of its distinctly configurable nature, MATE can be tweaked to a fine degree. There are a lot of features accessible to users who request somewhat more from their desktop environment, including Compiz Settings; here, you can configure all ways of desktop impacts, even a 3D desktop shape.

Linux mint mate has some other brilliant MATE applications

Even though you don’t have a graphical list of capabilities, you can still enjoy such options as customizable notifications, Xed, the magnificent word editor, Xplayer, the media player, and other brilliant MATE applications.

Let’s take a look at the KDE(KDE Plasma) Desktop Environment. After that, you can easily differentiate between Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs KDE environment.

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Linux Mint KDE(KDE Plasma) Desktop Environment 

Carefully, we should allude to KDE as the K Desktop Environment rather than KDE Desktop Environment as we’d rehash the Desktop Environment twice. KDE is a showy, excessively graphical UI with endless setup features. It’s a brilliant environment to flaunt Linux Mint.


KDE was created 20 years ago by Matthias Ettrich, a student at the Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen. It’s a remarkably versatile desktop system and looks outstanding when utilized on the latest systems.

Linux Mint 8.1 KDE utilizes Plasma 5.8

Linux Mint 8.1 KDE utilizes Plasma 5.8, and this is the most recent version and contains some incredible features. The PC itself is very demanding on system assets at times, contingent upon what’s being run and how much customization you’re utilizing, yet it’s exceptionally amazing.


You can start typing to the PC to release the KDE search work. With it, you can search for apps, folders, files, and sites. You can also customize the search feature to cover everything from calculator use to clarify dictionary words.


Widgets are one of KDE’s most great additions. With them, you can easily add a dynamic and active application to the desktop. 

Ever liked having a simple clock on the desktop, or what about an adjustable funny comic? These and endless more are accessible as Widgets. The one issue is running out of desktop storage space.

Because of KDE’s configurable nature, it has an immense scope of desktop wallpapers and features accessible. You can also download more wallpapers and different features from inside the desktop configuration utility.

Let’s take a look at Xfce Desktop Environment. After that, you can easily differentiate between Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs KDE vs Xfce environment.

Linux Mint Xfce Environment

Xfce has focused on two resource PCs that are lightweight DE. Because of its lightweight nature, Xfce is a surprisingly responsive and quick desktop. It has gone through many upgrades over its 21-year history and is today one of the top Des on proposal For the Linux user.


Xfce began its journey as the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) in 1996. From that point forward, it’s changed the name a couple of times and is presently just Xfce with the epithet Cholesterol Free Desktop Environment.

Linux Mint Xfce desktop

Linux Mint Xfce is a speedy desktop that draws out the best in Linux as a fast operating framework. Indeed, it’s taken us to this point from the highest point of the page to install it onto another PC; we’re utilizing a fresh out of the plastic new OS. Not awful.

Additionally, many desktop and environmental customizations are accessible inside Linux Mint Xfce. You can locate a similar great desktop BG on offer and use your own pictures; you can even customize the setup further with additional features.

Linux Mint Xfce-latest-applications

Because it’s fast and lightweight doesn’t mean that Linux Mint Xfce is not a work PC OS. It is also available in environments you get the latest LibreOffice, Firefox, Gimp, chat apps, VLC, and even torrent clients.

It’s astounding how graphically amazing the desktop is, though this is quite a lightweight system. The new Xfce Windows Manager (xfwm4) offers Window Switching, Window Thumbnails, Zooming, Tiling, and active desktop corners to click windows into position.

Let’s take a look at LMDE(Linux Mint Debian Edition) Desktop Environment. After that, you can easily differentiate between Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce vs LMDE 4 (Linux Mint Debian Edition) environment.

Linux Mint LMDE 4 Desktop Environment

As we referenced already, LMDE is Linux Mint’s Debian Version. It’s a bleeding-edge distro utilizing either Linux Mint Cinnamon or Linux Mint MATE as the desktop environment, and as such, it very well may be somewhat unsteady at times.


While it’s positively of interest running a bleeding-edge Linux distro and the benefits of doing such a huge number, the principal disadvantage is that you may wind up with a dead OS should a new update break it.  

LMDE utilizes a Debian testing bundle base instead of the stable Ubuntu bundle base that different variants of Linux Mint uses. This implies that the OS is somewhat quicker and will have the latest versions of applications and code contrasted with the mainline Mint. However, this implies that things can turn out wrong occasionally.

LMDE 2 has both MATE  and Cinnamon DE accessible, so you’re actually getting similar incredible advantages from the two versions. You additionally get new Features For one or the other environment before they’ve made it into Mint’s stable and secure editions. The Mint says, “It’s riskier, yet all the more exciting”.

As LMDE is a more smoothed out work area than that of the standard Linux Mint, it’s blisteringly measured and fast facing the previous versions we’ve explained; LMDE is most likely as fast as the Xfce rendition of Linux Mint, which is fast; you have all the other core applications and productivity accessible.

As we’ve already mentioned, and it should be mentioned, that LMDE 2 is only for experienced users. At the point when things do turn out wrong with it, and there’s a decent possibility as it’s utilizing the testing bundle base, you should have the option to either fix it yourself or a backup or start again from scratch.

If you like this information or understand the differences between Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs KDE vs Xfce desktop environment. Please leave your opinion in the comment.

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