How to Use Podcasts app on Mac Catalina | Listen and Subscribe

Podcasts app on Mac Catalina: On macOS Catalina, the iTunes application has been surrendered and supplanted by three new applications; Music, TV, and Podcasts.


The Podcasts application lets you discover audio programs that interest you and download, tune in to, and subscribe to them. Most podcasts app are free as well.


In this post, We explained how to use the Podcasts app on Mac Catalina.



A quick overview of Podcasts app on Mac Catalina




1. These are your fundamental playing controls. The symbol in the middle pauses and plays the podcast, and those on both sides of it skips forwards 30  seconds or back 15 seconds individually.



2. Right now playing a podcast. Mouse-hover it for a scour line displaying details, for example, how much it has played and how long it is, and a three-dots symbol offering access to a menu offering different options, for example, Mark as Played or Add To Library.



3. The volume controller. The volume for the Podcasts application can be set autonomously of the app volume, which is found in the menu bar on the system’s window. 



4. The info symbol. Snap it to show and shroud a sidebar containing software notes about the recently open Podcast.



5. This symbol uncovers and covers another sidebar, this time displaying a rundown of what’s coming up next.



6. The search input field. You are able to search for podcasts put away in your library or all podcasts accessible through the application. You can look for names, content, titles, and more.



7. In the left sidebar, click Listen Now for a rundown of the most recent podcasts released in displays to which you subscribe. Snap-on one podcast to go to that show’s page. You can peruse for new podcasts or scan the most recent graphs for the most famous podcasts.



8. The back option. We’re presently looking at a  particular podcast. Clicking this symbol would return us to the window that brought us here. 



9. The Library segment of the sidebar shows you the podcast content saved money on your mac isolated into Episodes and Shows, alongside podcasts you have downloaded for offline tuning in.



10. The fundamental window with all the data about the Podcast you’re browsing.

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Useing Podcasts app on Mac Catalina




1. To subscribe to a mac podcast and have new series naturally downloaded to your Mac to have fun later, search or browse for a show you may like, and afterward click the +Subscribe option, or utilize the three-dots symbol to one side. You can utilize these three-dots symbols to unsubscribe as well.







2. Want to play an episode of a show to which you’ve just subscribed, click on Shows in the left-sidebar, click the podcast you need to hear, and tap the Play Episode option for the most recent show. Snap See All Episodes at the bottom of the page for a rundown of other accessible episodes.







3. Once taking a look at a list of episodes in a particular podcast, float your mouse pointer over for a Play button, which lets you play it without downloading. Snap the title for more information, the Plus symbol to download if you’re subscribed or not, and the three-dots for options.







4. Try not to miss the Browse option. Snap the Browse option in the left sidebar and scroll to see Categories, which groups podcasts as per the class. Snap See All for the full range. Continue looking for curated collections,  new seasons, editors’ picks, and parts all the more besides.

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5. Explore the Podcasts application’s Preferences window and you are able to configure the application to your own requirements. You are able to change the skip button’s planning from the default 30 or 15 seconds, set earphone controls, pick whether to play each episode at a time or continuously, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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6. The Advanced tab in the Preferences window gives you admittance to some significant controls. You can select whether or sync up your subscriptions over your Apple gadgets, naturally, erase episodes you’ve just tuned into, and display Siri suggestions as well.


Let us know if you are facing a problem setting up the Podcasts app on Mac Catalina. also, try to set up the podcasts app on apple watch.

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