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Do you know? Toothpaste is Very Good for Face Wash

Toothpaste functions in human life

Toothpaste functions in human life:  Toothpaste is also a master of this work. What is the toothpaste? Why? Brush the teeth! Do you know, the chemicals in the toothpaste are more useful for households? But apart from this current idea, many such works can toothpaste, which really comes in handy. Toothpaste is also effective in skin care! Some amazing benefits that can give you toothpaste in the skin care, which can not be given by cosmetics.
Know that:



1 Old show-pies, wooden furniture, metal accessories, jewelry etc. Want to show the freshness of the new? Apply toothpaste on all of these and rub it lightly. Once you wipe it out with a cloth that is soaked in water, it will be a fortress.



2 Chewing gum stuck on the hair? No problem Apply a little toothpaste on the part of the hair. Slowly, tangle Exceeded it now.



3 Toothpaste can be taken to remove the stains of clothes. Apply a little toothpaste on the scars and rub it with a wet brush. If the foam is washed, the spots are gone.



4 Toilet cleaner end? nothing to worry about it. Take out the toothpaste in the commode. rub With a brush and then flash. Twinkle Twinkle Big Toilet!



5 After clean fish-meat or onion or garlic, hand smells. To remove the smell, take a little toothpaste in hand then clean up your hand with water, the smell is gone.



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6 Child clothes washed in not get time? Do not worry Brush the toothpaste in the dirt area, wash it with water. The stain will run away.



7 To increase the brightness of the skin does not really have a colleague of toothpaste. If you do not have enough time to take care of the skin before going out, use toothpaste. Use the toothpaste as a common face wash and wash your face with plenty of water. Gaining bright skin.



8 It is not only the age that increases the skin wrinkles, but it is not! Due to excessive anxiety, lack of adequate rest, insomnia, skin wrinkles can also occur. Take toothpaste mixed with water and make it thin. Now apply the face, throat, and neck.wait till dry. Wash thoroughly after drying. Use toothpaste at least three days a week. The problem of the skin wrinkles will be overcome.



9 Due to dust, pollution, makeup etc.,  the Pores of the skin is being closed and Appears Black Heads. White Heads Before Black it skin pores being a collapse. Place of white head in the mouth, such as nose, forehead, chin – thicken the toothpaste on all sides. If you dry up, remove it. Then wash your face well. The results are surprising!



10 Toothpaste is very effective for acne problems. Especially for acute acne cases. Before sleeping at night, go to bed with a toothpaste plating on acne. In the morning, you will see the swelling of the acne is very low. There is no pain.

Remember: It’s about howToothpaste functions in human life’, but Although many of us agree, Toothpaste helps reduce inflammation and burning sensation. But modern medicine does not recognize that. Dermatologists forbade planting toothpaste on burning places.

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