How to Make Your Own crystal infused water bottle – Infused Elixir Water

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How to Make Your Own Crystal Infused water bottle: Although the class is words like mysterious food (and some believe they are!), Crystalline icilizers are mixed only with the mixture mixed with crystals.

Glaxo’s founder Julia Schoune called “Miracle”, which creates crystal alix reusable water bottles, “The crystal healing properties are the most powerful when infusing your drinking water.”

And if you want to add a little magic to your life or want to delve into the crystal healing world, elixirs are in the starting place. In this article, you will how to make your own Crystal infused water bottle – Infused Elixir Water.

“You can try different types of crystals to create your own crystal icicles, which are the most resonating with you,” said Saturn. “Establish a desire to find your ideal crystals that can serve as a tool to help you in different parts of your life.”

One of the simplest vibrational medicines that you can easily prepare yourself at home, crystal elixirs are waters infused with gems or crystals, preserved in alcohol (or glycerol). During the infusion process, the water becomes attuned with a gem or crystals specific vibration – it’s signature.

Making Your Own Crystal Infused water bottle Crystal Elixirs:

  1. Choose a crystal, choose a specific one of your special needs, choose the rose quartz for self-love, amethyst for healing, or simply choose clean quartz and distill it with a purpose.
  2. Clear the crystal, there are many ways to do this, the method I use is to keep it under water and wash white light on it. All the negative and old energy will simply wash away
  3. Fill a glass bowl with pure water, ideal for spring water, avoid the water of the tube
  4. For safety, such as some crystals can be toxic, litchi mineral, corrosive, or dissolved in water, place your crystal on a small glass spot, then place the thorn in the middle of the big water. Keep the bowel out of the sun for the day to be added. Alternatively, if you want to leave the bowl out of the whole moon overnight
  5. Keeping enough room at the top with vodka or brandy to work it as a conservative, in a glass bar or bottle, through a very fine cheesecloth or even some filter paper (it may be collecting some dust leaves/debriss). You want to have three parts in crystal water from one part vodka/brandy. This bottle mix has now become your mother’s elixer. From here, you can fill a small dropper bottle with water, and for a simple, portable size elixer, add a dozen drops of mom.

How to Make Your Own crystal infused water bottle - Infused Elixir Water


If you pour some mother into a small dropper bottle, you can take 4-5 drops of the tongue three times three times. You can take it for a month as soon as possible.

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Crystal Vodka:

To do this I wanted to infuse some 100 proof Bowda with smoky quartz (relief, relaxation, and foundation) to really use after my herbal tincture for insomnia, I followed the steps above, to ensure the quartz wash in the sand, Before placing it in the seed. This easing is an indirect method but still effective.

Here I’m ready to work a snake peak, it still needs a new day …

Crystal Oils:

‘How to Make Your Own Crystal iIfused water bottle – Infused Elixir Water’.You can use this method to oil attune with a crystal healing spoon. You can select a crystal for its specific healing properties, oil attune, and then you can now just distill new crystal oil prepared with herbs. IInfusedoils are a staple made of herbal balms, salves, and ointments. The combination of crystal vibrations with Healing Horse will make the final product a little more special.

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