Yklwa 5E DnD Guide – Stats & Lore [yklwa vs spear]

The Yklwa, also called YICKUL-wah or Ixwa or Iklwa, is a lightweight, one-handed spear consisting of a 3-foot wooden shaft and an 18-inch steel or stone blade. The name Yklwa comes from its sucking sound when it is pulled from a wound.

Yklwa is a melee weapon that can be used one-handed. The d8 does the same damage as the morningstar, but it’s half the weight and costs half as much (1 GP). The Yklwa, a simple weapon that PCs can use without martial proficiency, is easy to use and has a high damage rate.

The range of the Yklwa is 10/30′, which adds versatility. Although it lacks the accuracy and distance of the damage-comparable crossbow and longbow, the Yklwa can be used in close quarters as a useful projectile. Its low cost and lightweight (2 lbs. make it a qualified higher-damage/shorter-range alternative to javelins (albeit at twice the price per unit).

There are many weapons available to the player during a game. This allows players to improve their skills and also allows them to play more effectively. Without knowing these weapons, it will be difficult to compete effectively. The same can be said for Yklwa.

You did read it correctly. The Yklwa can be considered one of the most basic only Weapons available.

Is the Yklwa a good weapon?

You will notice that the great club is tied to the weapon table. However, the great club is a weapon that you can only use with one hand. The Yklwa allows you to use a shield to increase your AC and make it more surviving.


What is Yklwa exactly?

Yklwa or Iklwa was a spear used in the real world. It was born in Africa. Yklwa is a melee that can be used in Dungeons and Dragons.

The Yklwa, a traditional weapon of a Chultan warrior, is the Yklwa. It is made up of a wooden shaft measuring 3 feet with an 18-inch steel blade or a rock blade.

Although the Yklwa has the thrown weapon feature, it isn’t balanced well for throwing (scope 10/30 ft.). It is a thrusting spear that has a short grip and a long knife. Shaka Zulu popularized it.

The Yklwa sword is a trusted weapon for warriors. These spears were made of metal or stone to be strong and suited for sailing.

According to Dnd tradition, spears are the oldest throwable weapons. There are many legends and traditions surrounding the invention and use of the spear. However, we don’t know when or where the first Yklwa-made spear was made.

YklwaThrown (range 10/30)1 d8 Piercing10 GP2lbs
How Tall is Shrek? As Human, Fit, Gingy, Fiona

How long is a yklwa?

A yklwa is a wooden shaft measuring 3 feet with a stone or steel blade up to 18 inches in length. It costs 1 GP and deals 1d8 piercing damages per hit.

How much does a yklwa cost DND?

A yklwa is a wooden shaft measuring 3 feet with a stone or steel blade measuring up to 18 inches. It costs 1 GP and deals 1d8 piercing injury per hit. It does not have the throwable weapon property. However, the yklwa can be thrown at a distance of 10-30 ft.

How much damage does a yklwa do?

It costs 1 GP and deals 1d8 piercing injury per hit. It does not have the throwable weapon property. However, the yklwa can be thrown at a distance of 10-30 ft

Is the yklwa a martial weapon?

The Yklwa can be used as a melee weapon but does not have any special properties such as martial. It can be thrown, but it is primarily used as a melee weapon. It doesn’t have any finesse ability or any other type of property. It is a melee weapon, so it’s default ability is the strongest.

How far can you throw a Trident?

It deals a fair amount of damage and has a 1d6 damage output. It can be thrown for 20 to 60 feet. This is just average, as you can see.

Why are some of the weapons never used in Dungeons and Dragons?

Keep in mind that these weapons are rarely used in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns because they are either very bad or extremely niche. These weapons can be introduced to your Dungeon Master game by either increasing their damage or giving them magical properties.

Who controlled the Yklwas?

The merchant prince Ekene Afa controlled the sale of yklwas at Port Nyanzaru in the 15th century DR.

What is the Iklwa used for?

The Iklwa, the shorter version, of the Assegai is a pole weapon that can be used to throw light spears or javelins. It is made of an iron tip and a wooden handle.

Why would a Yklwa serve as a player/dungeon master in a campaign?

This weapon is likely appealing to you or you want to learn more about it. This guide is almost certain you have.
This guide will provide you with convincing reasons to convince your friend or family member to use this unique weapon.

Yklwa 5e D&D Guide

A Regular Weapon

The Yklwa can help you frustrate your Dungeon Master or make him laugh if he includes a simple weapons-only clause at the start of the game.
This simple weapon category is what I, and most DnD players, don’t get.
Let me tell you why this might seem so strange. This weapon can be thrown and used single-handed. It has a 1d8 damage output. This weapon is a beast.
The weapon list will show you the connection between this weapon, and other weapons such as the great clubs. The great club can only be used with one hand.
The Yklwa lets you wield a shield that increases your AC and makes you more resilient. It works the same as a Morningstar weapon. The weapon can be thrown, but not with the Morningstar which is considered a martial weapon.

A Special weapon

Another reason why I love my Yklwa so much is that it is rarely used. Everyone knows everything about Warhammer, the sword.

Although Warhammer is not used often, it does have some interesting mechanics that can give you the speed change you want. In Dungeon and Dragons campaigns, spears are not used often.

A niche short spear is something most DM’s won’t be familiar with. This gives you the opportunity to surprise your DM, which can be very fun if you are a player.

History of Yklwa

A typical yklwa measured four feet in length, with the tip, which was saber-like and bladed, taking up about 40%. It was too unstable to throw and was most commonly used as a thrusting spear for melee combat.

Although it did more damage than a standard shorter spear, it could only be hurled with half the accuracy of a short spear. Although Yklwas can be held with one hand, Tabaxi warriors often paired it with oval hide shields called Hlang.

The name “yklwa” comes from the sound that is made when a weapon is removed from the heart of a deceased dinosaur.

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What is a yklwa in DND?

.The Yklwa can be described as a simple melee weapon with the thrown weapons property. The Yklwa, pronounced YICKUL-wah, is a basic melee weapon and the traditional weapon of Chultan soldiers. The Yklwa is a wooden shaft measuring 3 feet with a stone or steel blade of up to 18 inches. It costs 1 gp and deals 1d8 piercing injury per hit.

What are Yklwa features or quality?

There are many qualities and features that come with every weapon. A selection of them is listed here for Yklwa. This will assist you to understand it better.

Have a look at this page

  • The Yklwa weapon is comprised of several parts. A three-foot wooden shaft as well as a stone or steel blade are included in this weapon.
  • The steel or stone blade is about 18 inches wide.
  • It can deal 1D8 damage upon hitting and cost about 1gp. It is an extremely well-known feature of weapons thrown.
  • The downside for this Yklwa weapon is that it’s completely unbalanced. Balance is crucial to throw, and it is not present in this weapon.
  • The range of this weapon is of 10-30 feet.
  • This weapon shouldn’t be used for a combat weapon without skill.

There are many other aspects that come with this particular weapon. In addition, it’s one of the options for anyone who wants to take on combatants in the style of Gladiators. Before engaging in a brawl it is usual to throw a spear.

What are the dimensions of a yklwa?

The yklwa comes with a wooden shaft of about 3 feet long and a stone or steel blade that is between 12-18 inches. It weighs 2 pounds. The typical yklwa is 4 feet long, with 40% being the blade-like part.

How much does a yklwa cost DND?

A yklwa is an unfinished wooden shaft 3 feet long with an iron or stone blade up to 18 inches in length. It is priced at 1 GP and deals 1d8 piercing damage per hit. Even though it has the thrown weapon property, the yklwa isn’t very well-balanced for throwing (range 10-30 feet.).

When is Yklwa used?

.Yklwa DND is a sharp, short spear used mostly in hand-to-hand combat. They are the weapon of choice for combat in the style of the skirmish.

They have a blade that is short and a small handle because of this. This makes them perfect for close-range fights in which you are able to land some strikes before your opponent takes a shot. They can be used as a piercing as well as a thrusting weapon.

The Yklwa weapons come with attacker variations that can be accessed via damage and attack roll. This weapon can be used by any person who is in danger with weapons.

If someone is aware of the hand’s role as an instrument, they could make use of it to increase their strength. But, if they look ahead to throw a dagger, they could be aware of the need to be strong and agile.

The tiger is considered the property’s end and isn’t paid or compensated in any manner.

It’s among the most basic weapons or tools to contemplate as they could be utilized more effectively. It is extremely easy to operate, and there is no need for the user to understand the rules of use when using it.

Additionally, it is a throwing weapon, however, it’s not an ideal choice due to its unbalanced nature. Due to the fact that it is a weapon thrown people are eager to consider the idea.

What is the comparison between Kalwa and Spear?

This table compares yklwa and the long spear.

Weight3 lbs2 lbs
Cost1 GP1 GP
Versatile?Versatile (1d8)
Damage1d6 piercing1d8 piercing
PropertiesThrown (20/60)Thrown (10/30)

Is the Yklwa the best one-handed throwing weapon?

Although the damage from throwing is extremely strong and is among the strongest of any single-handed weapon but the range is poor.
The range of just 30 feet isn’t enough to guarantee that your enemies are seriously injured when they come to you. The Yklwa is among the most effective, if not the most effective, basic weapons available in Dungeons and Dragons.

Keep in mind

If the weapon is capable of throwing it can be launched with an attack that is ranged. In the case of a melee weapon, you can apply the same ability modifier for the damage and attack rolls the same way as you would for an attack that is melee with the weapon.

When you use a handaxe you are using your Strength and dexterity, however, when throwing daggers, you are able to make use of either your strength or dexterity as the dagger comes with the feature of finessing.

How much damage does a yklwa do?

It costs 1GP and it inflicts 1d8 damage to the piercing side on a hit. Even though it has the thrown weapon property but the yklwa isn’t very well-balanced for throwing (range 10-30 feet.).

How to use Yklwa Dnd?

The Chult regional Spear (Yklwa) can be described as a one-handed weapon that is 1d8 in size. It has a unique throwing capability. The range of its hurled throw is but, it is less than other spears used in the dnd.

The battle-axe is to great ax what the knife is to the pike. In this manner, the property of being heavy and the flexibility property are gone. 

Battleaxes’ damage that is versatile is decreased by one step when using the great ax (1d12 1d10 -> 1d12) And two steps decrease its damage with one hand with the big ax (1d12 1d8 -> 1d12). 

The process of developing your suggested spear is the same (1d10 1d10 -> 1d8+ 1d6). Therefore we can conclude that the spear you have chosen is balanced, without throwing.

In the same way, the pike is similar to the great axe the new spear belongs to an ax for battle. It is evident that reaching is a way to reduce loss of damage to one level. Furthermore, since this spear is just one step less than the battleaxe the spear is well balanced.

When we review the recommended throw attribute of yklwa, you are able to see that it will add a tiny amount of calculation. The array of reach is identical to the traditional throwing array.

There are very few situations where a person would want to throw it away without consequence. Therefore, it’s no better than throwing anything away as a weapon improvised in such a situation.

The weapons that are unique, for example, The Yklwa of 5e Dnd

This is a book on weapons like the Yklwa. I’m guessing that you’re looking for rare and unusual weapons.

Two incidents I’ve observed in the field and merit more attention.

Make sure to be aware of these guns. They don’t get employed in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns because they’re not appropriate or extremely restricted.

They can be introduced into the Dungeon Master game by either expanding their damage or providing them with magical abilities.


A whip is a fantastic tool. It’s an extremely powerful weapon to be used to eliminate monsters. Although it only deals 1d4 damage, when it is slashed there are numerous entertaining ways to make use of it.

The only weapon that can be used is with only one hand. Whips are a great tool to stop your enemies.

You may also offer your opponent an opportunity to slash your whip by gently buffing it.


A weapon that isn’t often used is the trident. It’s not as effective as the other weapons. It can do some damage using 1d6 damage. You can throw it between either 20 feet or even 60 feet. It’s not much as you can see.

It’s not a strong spear, and I’m sure it’s able to take it up to the next level. To make it exciting, you could give an amazing bonus. It is possible to make your opponent swim in the water, which can cause them to be exhausted due to fatigue.

Flail can be described as an interesting weapon that I think isn’t being used to its fullest. It can be used in a single-handed mode by characters with small sizes or double-handed to do more damage.

It was expensive and heavy. It is not worth the expense when you’re e.g. It’s more beneficial if you’re a fighter or barbarian instead of any other option. It’s best to wait for a longer time because the damage shouldn’t be severe enough.

Last Word

Want to know more about the DND Yklwa weapons? If you have concerns, you can post them in the comment section below. We’ll do our best to reply to your review as well as aid us in learning more about this weapon.

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