Helldivers 2: Flamethrowers vs. Bile Titans

In the wild world of Helldivers 2, two mighty forces collide flamethrowers and bile titans. Let’s break it down:

Flamethrowers vs. Bile Titans In Helldivers 2

Flamethrowers can be effective against Bile Titans in Helldivers 2, but with limitations:

Flamethrowers: Toasty Mayhem

  • What Are They? Flamethrowers are like handheld dragons. They spew scorching flames that turn enemies into crispy critters.
  • Pros:
    • Burn Baby, Burn: They roast foes like marshmallows at a campfire.
    • Area Denial: No one wants to dance in their fiery disco.
  • Cons:
    • Fuel Worries: Flamethrowers guzzle fuel faster than a thirsty camel.
    • Close Quarters Only: Keep your distance from these emotional hugs.


  • Bypasses Armor: Flamethrowers deal direct health damage, ignoring the Bile Titan’s armor. This makes them helpful in chipping away at its health, especially compared to weapons that rely on piercing through armor.


  • Low Damage: While it ignores armor, a flamethrower’s DPS (damage per second) is typically lower than other heavy weapons. Taking down a Bile Titan with a flamethrower can be slow and risky.
  • Fuel Consumption: Flamethrowers have limited fuel, and constantly burning a Bile Titan can quickly deplete your reserves.
  • Friendly Fire: The flames can damage you and your teammates if you’re not careful.

Bile Titans: Gross and Deadly

  • What Are They? Imagine a giant, angry stomach on legs. Bile titans puke acid like it’s their job.
  • Pros:
    • Acid Bath: Their vomit melts armor like hot butter.
    • Tanky Tummies: These titans laugh at puny bullets.
  • Cons:
    • Projectile Aim: Their aim is worse than a blindfolded archer.
    • Stomachache: Too much acid reflux, perhaps?


  • Area Denial: The flames can create an area denial zone, forcing the Bile Titan to move away or take continuous damage.
Helldivers 2 - Flamethrower Solo Helldiver vs Bile Titans
Helldivers 2 – Flamethrower Solo Helldiver vs 11 Bile Titans


A flamethrower can be a part of your strategy against a Bile Titan, but it could be better as the sole weapon. Here’s how to use it effectively:

  • Combine it with other weapons: Use the flamethrower to weaken the Bile Titan and then switch to a high-damage gun to finish it off. Consider explosives like the Eagle 500 kg bomb for significant burst damage.
  • Support role: Use the flamethrower to control smaller enemies around the Bile Titan while your teammates focus on taking it down.
  • Area denial: Use the flames to create choke points or force the Bile Titan to move into a more favorable position for your team.

Other Options:

Here are some weapons that might be more effective against Bile Titans:

  • Railgun: A well-placed shot to the weak point (usually the head) can deal massive damage.
  • Rocket Launchers: High explosive damage can quickly destroy a Bile Titan’s health.
  • Airborne Stratagems: Napalm strikes or airstrikes can be devastating against large enemies.

Remember, teamwork is crucial in Helldivers 2. Coordinate with your teammates to choose the best weapons and tactics to take down Bile Titans efficiently.

The Verdict

In the epic clash of flamethrowers vs. bile titans, who wins? It depends on your playstyle. Want breakable enemies? Go flamethrower. Do you prefer acid rain? Bile Titans got you covered. Just remember: stay calm, stay alive!

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