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The 10 Latest Songs of the Century – So Far

The 20 Latest Songs of the Century – So Far

The 10 Latest Songs of the Century – So Far: For 18 years, the great Indy-Ric guitar banger, great dancer, heart-on-slave rock and EMO, Renisi Evolution and RB and Sonali Adventure, politically extreme hip-hop. Kanye West also became somewhat fruitful during this time.

To compile our list, “10 Best Songs of the Century,” we have reached a large group of artists, producers, critics and industry experts who have listed(The 10 Latest Songs of the Century – So Far) their favorite songs to us. We have counted our own editorial list of votes that may be a little different, but the result is a wonderful reflection of the incredible time in the music history.


1. “Crazy in Love,” – Jay-Z . Beyonce feat


Highest Chart Position: 1 – COLUMBIA | 2003


“It seems like this is going to go, this old school feeling,” Beyonce said about her debut solo single “I was not sure that folks are going to get it.” In fact, the crazy trunk explosions that appeared as a brave superstar in his love, Diga, who made others splashsht annotations, seemed to be a small producer Richard Harrison’s Choice-Lights’ 1970 song “Hey you Moore Umen” from a brood sampler Beat nearby song blockbuster? (Tell me so), “But he kept it in cancer until the right artist got it to be recorded.” After Bio’s tropics, Baynes tells Harrison to write a song around him, returning to the studio two hours later to find out his voice. Got a strong voice, your job is just not sure that nothing is distorted, “Engineer Jim Karuán remembered. An income from Jay-Z The decision to join, he started dating whom, who came to the last minute. “I turned on my album won song of the night before the auction,” said beyensa. “Thank God he did. It is not yet old, no matter how I sing it.



2. “Paper Planes,” M.I.A.


XL; Highest Chart Position: 4 | 2007


Hip-Hop Masterstroke, a globalization of Maya Aruguasamam, is one of the most perfect things to hit the radio in the millennium, its then boyfriend, a clash of diplomas – surrounds the sampling gun-clips. But it’s a lucky thing to have “paper planes” even made in the first place. “It did not happen,” said MIA. Recall remembered. “After writing the song, I and the diplo made a huge fight, and I threw the hard drive [which was included in the demo] from the top of his head.” Fortunately, the hard drive came in to boot the taxi and saved it without trying to enter the ground. “Two months later, Interscope and R. Man Mark Williams are called MIA. And asked him to finish the track he reconvened with the Briston diploma; Join the producer switch with them during this session. “They had this class sample [from the straight to hell]] and were struggling with rhythm levels,” remember the switch. “I’ve heard, flew away, and got involved more in the technical side – running funky kick-ups, firing guns.” “Paper Plane” MIA Its time has not been selected as the first single from the album. Or second or third but when Seth Reza set up the trailer unit for his Stoner Comedy Preinapal Express, “Paper Plane” has become the top five hits. “Sheth out of Seth Rogen,” MIA Said. “She changed my life.”



3. “Seven Nation Army,” The White Stripes


Highest Chart Position: 76 – 2003 | V2;


The 21st century’s best Reef Jack came to White during the term of a word in Melbourne in Australia and the title was a placeholder. In 2010, she told Rolling Stone, “When I was a child, I told the Seventh Army”. [It] had a way to remind me. Songs “It is made up of poisonous gossip, it touches that away, perhaps he has endured his relationship with drummer / ex-wife MEG White. It is a total of a protest against it, with a fist-pump-fight-cresting, creating threat to go to a coiled, Ballistic. The song is made, chanted at global protests and sporting events (White Italian football fans who call on their national gatherings.



4. “Hey Ya!”, Outkast


Highest Chart Position: 1 – 2003 | LAFACE;


Sure, no one else takes Polaroid pictures. But “Hey there!” Looks like fakir-rila is still in the future. “When my friends started Ramon’s, Badxx, Smiths exactly on me,” André 3000 from Outcast for writing the song a few years before the 2003 blast. “I got this music late. I was,” the puzzle, this shit is jamming. Where have I been all this time? “He has never learned the first guitar playing chords – and all other tools have been labeled” a Woody Allen color thing, a ridiculous kind of integrity “to the Candric and Ashton Mills of the Ashgabian Folk band of Cronrick and Aston Mills to save some studio actors from Kevin. A song about a romance that seems to be an obligation. “But,” he told Rolling Stone, “people just dance to it Nyan. “.



5.”99 Problems,” Jay-Z


Highest Chart Position: 30 – 2003 | ROC-A-FELLA


He said, “I try something that I think is like a JJ record.” Rick Robin, an hour-long biker, said, “And like three or four days he said, ‘I want to do something more like your old one, Boyish-Boy Style.” “Returning to the Deep Jumper and coming forward in the story of the unreleased survivors of central lamara For this critique, the hard rock report, the virgin officer and the jail-art center found its irrational, provocative hook – “I got 99 problems And a bitch is not one “- Ice-T and 4 November 1993 to record kraiyera Brother Marquis.” Hook itself, “said dikodedera jei book,” A joke, lazy cords for critics. The song is not talking about a girl at some point. ”



6. ” Maps,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Highest Chart Position: 87 – 2003 | INTERSCOPE;


In early 2000, Yah Yeh Yehus was one of the bustling New York City trunk bands, where you went to show and you did not take Karen’s spit out of a jerk. But they were not a local band for long. Fever said, their first album of 2003, Television’s Dave site was produced by TV, selling over 1 million copies worldwide, still its most popular song. Karen and her boyfriend Lars Frontman wrote about Hirsch Ballad “Maps” about Angus Andrew and hoped that he would be able to watch the song in the video before leaving for the trip. “He was late for three hours … I do not think he’s even coming, and this song was written for him,” he says. “I found myself in a real emotional state. I had fingers in my eyes.” She was not only crying. Even Beyoncé “Lubbed”, Lemnade calls it “hold”, calculates its own mathematical calculations.The 10 Latest Songs of the Century – So Far.



7. “Runaway,” Kanye West feat. Pusha T


Highest Chart Position: 12 – 2010 | ROC-A-FELLA:


This “toast for douchebags,” muted and guilted, West’s massive is my nine-minute centipede of the beautiful Dark Twist Fantasy. “He probably had to beat for four minutes and got into the booth, and what’s today’s song is almost verbatim, okay,” said producer Emil, the original skeletal supplier for the track. “What was the music and the idea was, and that Kanye West’s talent producer mode comes when he completes the record, and it works and it works, along with Jeff Bhasker … he turned into this epic song. The record is a masterpiece. “Rapper Pusha-T, who provides a raw second verse, at which time he provided problems related to relations.” In this verse, Talking with somebody: I was wrong about some things, so I’m saying it, but then I’m trying to ease it, too, “he said.” And like [the West], ‘No, I do not need more douchebag, please Dougbag. ‘She is killing me, she does not know.’ I finally love, ‘it is filled, I’ll go the right way.’ ”



8.”Rolling in the Deep,” Adele


Highest Chart Position: 1 – 2010 | XL;


Shortly after his “first real relationship” ended, 20-year-old Adele went to the studio with the song Paul Paul Epvthth and propagated his raw heart with his muscle car Motown, which is made for Gospel fever. “It says to me, ‘Get out of my house,’ begging for him to come back instead of me,” he explained. Adele’s vocal pain and directed by the authorities, returning to the old school spirit music on the “Rolling Image” charts – all charts including rock, pop, R & B / hip-hop, dance and Latin, making it one of the greatest hits of all time crossover.



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9. “Royals,” Lorde


Highest Chart Position: 1 – 2013 | LAVA;


Maybe the 15-year-old New Zealand half-old half-a-year old woman was written in Auckland, the greatest strike song of our modern era – totally rational, since some of the worlds does not show its disagreement or its own rights, with it is more precise than the 15-year-old person, especially Wall Street The heart of 8,800 miles and pop-culture imperialism Ella Yehlech-O’Connor, Lord of the Urchin, sees a picture of George Brent in Kansas City Royale and the birth of rap LP (especially the throne) and Lana Del Rey’s death, “All the references to fun alcohol, beautiful clothes and beautiful cars” . “I was thinking, ‘It’s so petly, but it’s bad.'”



10. “Last Nite,” The Strokes


Highest Chart Position: did not chart – 2001 | RCA:


“People will say, ‘you know that the song’ American Girl, ‘by Tom Betty? Do you think that it looks like a little?’ ‘Stroke’ says Julian Casablancas. “And I want to say, ‘Yes, we ripped it off. Where are you?'” About 20 years down the actual fifth line, “last Nite” does not sound like someone but stroke. The album Hammond Journal and Nick Valensi saw a way that Mike Campbell never dreamed of one – it’s both cleaner and original, which is the kind of darts of this band’s entire thing – and Casablancas’ 100 percent of the latest call drill got him in 2006, while he got in 2006 Rolling Stone shrugged off any potential copyright issue in an interview: “A lot of sounds like rock and roll songs.” Ask Chalk Berry. ”




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