How Many Episodes Of Quiet On Set?

So, you’ve heard about “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV” and wanna know more? Cool, let’s dive in!

Quick Facts

  • Total Episodes: 4
  • Length: Each episode is about 43 minutes long.

The Episodes

Episode 1: The Beginning

This is where it all starts. We peek into the world of kids’ TV shows from the ’90s and early 2000s.

Episode 2: The Rise and Fall

Things get intense as we learn about the rise of certain big names and the not-so-cool stuff that went down.

Episode 3: The Darkest Secret

Brace yourself. This one’s heavy. We hear a heart-wrenching story from a former child star.

Episode 4: Too Close to the Sun

The finale. It’s about justice and some shocking support for the wrong side.

Where to Watch?

You can catch this series on Investigation Discovery or stream it on platforms like Max and Discovery+.

What is the show about?

“Quiet on Set” is a real eye-opener. It shows the tough side of kid’s TV from back in the day. The focus? Dan Schneider’s time at Nickelodeon. It’s all about the rough stuff that went down there.

The show has real talk from ex-kid stars and crew from hits like “Zoey 101” and “All That.” They spill the beans on the bad things they went through. One big shocker is Drake Bell talking about being hurt by someone from Nickelodeon.

This docu came out in March 2024 and people are praising it for being bold. It’s up for grabs on Investigation Discovery or you can stream it on Max and Discovery+.

How many episodes of Quiet are on set in season 2?

The Lowdown on Season 2

Alright, let’s get straight to it. Season 2 of “Quiet on Set” is in the talks, but it’s not out yet. The producers are thinking about making four more hours of this eye-opening series. So, keep your ears open for any updates!

What’s Out There Right Now?

As for the already-out episodes, Season 1 wrapped up with four episodes. They’re all available for you to watch on Max and Discovery+.

How many episodes of quiet on set are out?

A Little Extra

There’s been some buzz about a possible fifth episode for Season 1, but nothing’s confirmed yet. So, for now, we have four episodes with everyone talking.

That’s the scoop! Stay tuned for any news on Season 2, and if you haven’t yet, go check out the first season. It’s pretty intense and worth the watch.

Last Words

That’s all, folks! Four episodes are full of drama, secrets, and a hard look at the reality behind those childhood shows we all loved.

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