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A crossword is a word puzzle that typically takes the form of a square or rectangular grid of black and white squares. The objective is to fill the white squares with words or phrases based on clues provided for each entry.

These clues are typically organized into two categories: Across (horizontal) and Down (vertical).

Crossword puzzles are popular in various newspapers, magazines, and online platforms, and they often vary in difficulty, with some designed for beginners and others challenging even for experienced solvers.

Solving crosswords can be a fun and intellectually stimulating activity that helps improve vocabulary and problem-solving skills. You can find crossword puzzles in newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post, as well as on various websites and mobile apps, including and NDTV.

The term “Joe-___ weed” appears to be a crossword puzzle clue, but the specific answer is not provided in the…

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