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Get Followers on Instagram Fast

Get Followers on Instagram Fast: Congrats! on the off chance that if you’ve perused this post implies you’re in the upper 75% of every breathing human on the planet. (The most of whom never read the leading part of any book… ever!)


“ Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

-Steve Jobs


Hopefully, you’ve had an opportunity to plunge your toe into the Instagram waters. (And picked up a few followers along the way, by simply being an awesome person.)

What the Hell is Instagram? (And How to Get Followers on Instagram Fast?)


In any case, in this part, we’re going to put that Instagram tribe-building’ muscle of yours on steroids. (And we’re going to do that with my seven most favorite strategies for obtaining an Instagram zombie armed force… I mean… enthusiastic Instagram following): 



Tip #1 – Instagram ‘Tribe Building’: Post More Than You Think You Should

I know this is gonna sound obvious — which it is — but the more ya post on Instagram, the more you get noticed. (And add to that zombie army.)


Instagram is more like Twitter and Facebook, than it is Pinterest. Though posts can be found through #hashtag searches, recent content ALWAYS gets noticed and consumed far more than older stuff. (And with the attention span of most Instagram users hovering somewhere near that of a housefly, it’s no surprise that consistent content is the key to getting discovered.)


Get Followers on Instagram Fast


In the last chapter, I went over general guidelines about optimal times of the week to post (Tuesdays and Thursday evenings) but once you get the hang of this…


…as long as you’re saying something interesting, post as much as you damn well want. (Nobody’ll throw you in Instagram jail — and you might just get a ton more sales in the process.)



Tip #2 – Instagram ‘Tribe Building’: Put a “Follow Me On Instagram” Button on Your Website

The actual creation of the button is super simple just head over to, put in your account Username, and it’ll spit out a gorgeous piece of code you can put on your website.


Though you can certainly put the “Follow Me on Instagram” code wherever you want, I would absolutely recommend you put it in places such as:

  • Your website sidebar
  • The footer of each of your Blog Posts
  • Any “about me” pages on your website


But you shouldn’t just stop with your website. You could also put it in…

  • Your Tumblr posts
  • Your Twitter bio
  • Your email signature
  • Your message board profiles
  • Anywhere else you can think of!


Now, your audience may not be super Instagram-savvy…yet. But don’t worry, in a year or so your efforts as an Instagram marketing pioneer will really pay off.



Tip #3 – Instagram Tribe ‘Buildin’: Like, Follow and Comment Your  Way to Stardom

This is probably the MOST EFFECTIVE way to build your fan base. But it’s not an overnight strategy and does require spending short, consistent bursts of time interacting with fellow users on Instagram. (I know, not exactly a “night at the movies.”)


Get Followers on Instagram Fast


But here’s how it works:


1 Find a batch of Instagram users you want to interact with. Either use a relevant hashtag (such as #socialmedia) or just head to the followers of an influencer your target audience would be likely to follow.


2 Scanning the list of users, follow SIX accounts who fall into the demographic and interest patterns of your ideal audience. (Tip: Make sure they’ve got at least 500 followers themselves, and at least a line or two in their bio. Otherwise they probably don’t spend much time on Instagram.)


3 For THREE of the SIX followers you just followed, check out their posts and “like” at least THREE, per user. (To “like” a post just click on the “heart” icon in the lower left.)


4 For the OTHER THREE followers, you just followed, check out their posts and “comment” on at least ONE of their posts. (Be sure it’s not a generic “nice post” comment. But something unique and authentic…and something a robot piece of software couldn’t do.)


5 Do this 2-3x a day, during the hours of 5:00 p.m. — 10:00 p.m. EST.


And before you freak out that I’m asking you to give up your late-night viewings of “Castle” — just remember each of these “following sessions” should take no more than 2-3 minutes a piece. (Four minutes if you’ve already had that second glass of wine.)


What’s more, trust me, those four-minute whirlwinds of following, liking and commenting, not exclusively will enable you to keep away from the Instagram spam police and will help develop your follower checks exponentially…


…but you’ll also create some serious Instagram goodwill that you can convert later on for some hard currency.



Tip #4 – Instagram ‘Tribe Buildin’: @Mention and Spotlight Your Existing Followers

Once you’ve got a fairly decent collection of followers, and if you follow Tip #3 you’ll have that before you know it, then you’ll want to employ three of my favorite strategies for boosting engagement with your existing followers:


1 @Mention follower in your Instagram posts (You do this by adding their @username in a post caption)


2 Share a follower’s image in your own feed (You can do this by taking a screenshot with your phone and then cropping and uploading to your own feed. Be sure to ask permission FIRST!)


3 Share a follower’s post on one of your other social media channels (Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are ideal for this. Be sure to ask permission FIRST!)


Get Followers on Instagram Fast


And why would we want to embark on this bit of altruistic spelunking? Because this follower will pay it forward, by sharing your post with your inner circle. (Which will get you a new swath of followers and possible customers.)


Trust me: This is really effective. But ya gotta schedule it, just like them following sessions. (Otherwise, you’ll never get around to it.)



Tip #5 – Instagram ‘Tribe Buildin’: @Mention Celebs and Influencers

This is similar to the previous tip, only this time the person you are “mentioning” has the last name of Kardashian. (Or is a big influencer within your industry.)


And just like in the previous step, all you have to do is add the @username of the person you’re trying to reach in your post caption.

Now, it goes without saying, you don’t want to be a spammy jerk. Don’t just add people for the sake of getting access to their followers. (It’s not cool, and it frankly doesn’t work.)


But if you have a genuine response to something a fellow Instagram user has said or created — let’s say you’ve been moved by a book somebody wrote, or you think the influencer or celeb might be interested in the topic of your post…


…then knock yourself out. (Just don’t lose any sleep waiting for Katy Perry to get back to you.)



Tip #6 Instagram ‘Tribe Buildin’: Add a QR Code for In-Store Users

So, I have to be truthful: I know next to nothing about how “QR” codes work. But apparently, there is this witchcraft that lets you generate magical code…


…which you put in your place of business. (And which allows customers to scan with their phones and instantly lets them become a follower of your Instagram tribe.)


Get Followers on Instagram Fast

Create your Instagram “QR” Code


As I said, I’m a real QR expert.


But, having worked with enough clients who have physical stores, I can tell you the Instagram QR strategy works (especially if your clientele is under 40) …


…as long as you give them an incentive to actually follow you. Just being added ain’t enough. (Ya gotta do better than that.)


So, here’s what I recommend:

  • Create your QR code — Through whatever wizard means you do that.)
  • Create a compelling incentive — Follow us on Instagram to get 10% off your order or Follow us to be entered into a contest to go on a date with Natalie Portman (if only.)
  • Print out the QR code (or conjure it) and put it next to your register — Your clientele will see it.


Wait? Contest? What’s this about a contest? How do I do an Instagram contest?


So, glad you asked…



Tip #7 – Instagram ‘Tribe Buildin’: Run a Frickin’ Instagram Contest

This is more of an advanced ‘tribe-building’ tip and one I wouldn’t jump into until you’ve got at least 1000 followers or so. (Otherwise, you won’t see serious gains.)


But once you’ve got those 1K followers, I highly recommend you give it a try. (I schedule at least one contest every three months, and always see a huge boost in LEADS and SALES as a result.)


So, how do you run an Instagram contest? Here’s the four-step process I follow each time:


1 Choose a non-sucky prize. Gift cards work great. (Especially if you’re a brick-and-mortar shop or an e-commerce site) If you’re a service business, then some kind of consultation or value service is a great prize.


2 Announce the rules of the contest in an Instagram post. Generally, it’ll be some action that requires followers to a) Upload a photo of them expressing themselves or using your product in some way and b) Using a pre-designated contest hashtag.


3 Keep an eye on the hashtag. It’s important you choose a unique hashtag. #SummerFun might sound like a great way to describe your contest, but it’ll be a nightmare figuring out who actually entered the contest. (I generally go with something like #CompanyNameSpringContest…or something like that.)


4 Announce the winner. You can do this either through a specific Instagram post or direct message to the winner yourself. (Or both.)


Like I said, super simple.


Once you get the hang of running a contest or two you can try out different variations, such as:

  • Have people comment, like or share to enter a contest.
  • Have people VOTE on an item of yours (with the winning item going on sale at a deep discount.)
  • Have people tag their friends (Example: “Tag a friend who is into the ‘smoky eye’ look…”) — This type of contest is so popular it’s got a dedicated hashtag — #TagAFriend
  • Any other fun and visually-interesting (though legal) activity you can dream up to have your followers do


Get Followers on Instagram Fast


There’s no limit to the weird and wonderful ways you can use a contest to build your tribe (and put money in your pocket.)Here is an example: nikonphotocontest

Just don’t have them watch one of those awful “Twilight” movies. (No prize is worth that.)



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Key Takeaways:

1 It’s simple, the more you post the more followers you get. Recent content will always be king.


2 Gather new Instagram followers by simply asking for them on your website. Generate “follow me on Instagram” code and place it in key areas such as your site’s “About Me” page, sidebar and footer of blog posts. (But don’t forget about other places such as email signatures and Twitter bios.)


3 The most effective form of tribe-building’ is to simply like, follow and comment on Instagram users. Schedule 2-3x minute-long sessions where you like, comment and follow folks who represent the demographics of your ideal customer.


4 Boost your follower count by spotlighting your followers and fans. Just mention their @username in a post and you’ll not only get their engagement on a post — but most likely they’ll share it with their own tribe.


5 You can also ping celebs and influencers with the same @username method. The key is not to be too spammy — or too stalkerish because Taylor Swift didn’t get right back to ya.


6 Though the author knows nothing about the witchcraft that is QR codes, he does know it works. Just make sure you give people some incentive to follow you on Instagram.


7 Instagram contests work super frickin’ well. Make sure to choose a unique hashtag and a prize that doesn’t suck. (Gift cards and one-on-one guiding sessions work best.)

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