Solve Domino Puzzle To Escape From Castle Claymount

Escape From Castle Claymount is a point-and-click adventure game that challenges you to solve puzzles and escape from a mysterious castle. 

One of the puzzles you will encounter is the domino puzzle, which requires you to arrange the dominos in a certain pattern to unlock the doors. 

In this article, we will show you how to solve the domino puzzle step by step using simple and casual words.

How to Get the Domino Puzzle?

To get the domino puzzle, you need to do the following things:

  • Collect all the blueberries in your room and put them in your inventory.
  • Collect the book from the desk and read it for clues.
  • Find the sphere with 10 * 10 markings on the cupboard and tilt the shapes to match the markings.
  • Press the red button on the cupboard and take the star ornament.
  • Solve the color puzzle on the star ornament using the book as a reference.
  • Take the torn piece of paper from the star ornament and combine it with another piece from the drawer.
  • Find the key behind the brick on the wall and use it to open the yellow drawer.
  • Arrange the dominos in the correct pattern and press MARCH!
  • Take the red dart from the yellow drawer to pop the balloon on the ceiling.
  • Take the key from the floor and use it to open the door.

How to Solve the Domino Puzzle?

To solve the domino puzzle, you need to follow the pattern shown in the book. The pattern is as follows:

  • The first row has three dominos: 1-1, 1-2, and 2-3.
  • The second row has four dominos: 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, and 6-1.
  • The third row has three dominos: 1-4, 4-6, and 6-2.
  • The fourth row has four dominos: 2-5, 5-3, 3-1, and 1-6.
  • The fifth row has three dominos: 6-5, 5-4, and 4-3.

You need to place the dominos in the same order and orientation as the book shows. You can rotate the dominos by clicking on them. Once you have placed all the dominos correctly, you can press the MARCH! Button to unlock the door.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you solve the domino puzzle faster and easier:

  • Use the camera feature to take pictures of the clues and puzzles. You can access the pictures from the notes section in your inventory.
  • Use the wrench to open the cabinet and the table. You will find useful items and puzzles inside them.
  • Pay attention to the colors and shapes on the ornaments, puzzles, and drawers. They will give you hints on how to solve them.
  • If you get stuck, you can use the hint button on the bottom right corner of the screen. It will show you what to do next.

What are some other puzzles in Escape From Castle Claymount?

Escape From Castle Claymount is a game that has many puzzles to challenge your logic and creativity. Some of the other puzzles you will encounter are:

  • The clock puzzle: You have to set the clock to the correct time using the clues from the book and the painting.
  • The chemistry puzzle: You must mix the right chemicals to create a potion that will make the guard fall asleep.
  • The chess puzzle: You have to move the chess pieces to the right positions to open the door to the library.
  • The book puzzle: You have to find the hidden message in the book by using the magnifying glass and the flashlight.
  • The music puzzle: You must play the piano according to the sheet music to reveal a secret passage.

These are just some puzzles you will face in Escape From Castle Claymount.


The domino puzzle is one of the many puzzles you will face in Escape From Castle Claymount. It is not very difficult but requires observation and logic skills. 

Following the steps and tips in this article, you should be able to solve the domino puzzle and escape from the castle. Good luck, and have fun!

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