Best Deepfake Apps Anyone Can Use Right Now

Have Fun with these Totally Baffling Deepfake Apps:

Deepfake apps have been on the rise. This time, a deepfake Chinese application called Zao, has taken the internet by surprise. You can create fake deepfake videos in seconds. The results look amazing.

With everything getting viral these days, you must have come across some insane videos like Barack Obama calling Donald Trump “a complete dipshit” or Jon Snow’s moving apology for GOTs’ dismal ending.

Yes, they are fake and the technology behind them is deepfake. An AI called “deep learning” is used for making images of fake events. In case you are wondering, it’s more than just creating fake videos.

How Does Deepfake Work?

The deepfake technology lets you create convincing yet purely fictional photos or videos from scratch. You will be surprised to know that this technology is famous just like Spectrum mobile Plans and it’s highly accessible too. In case you are wondering, deepfake came into being in 2017 on an online community.

The members of that community started sharing pornographic videos featuring female celebrities.

The word deep in deepfake refers to deep learning (a form of Artificial Intelligence) that is used for swapping faces in video and digital content to make them look realistic. To create a deepfake video, you first need a target video (which will be used as a basis) and then a series of video clips of that person you would like to insert.

7 Popular Deepfake Apps to Use

With so many deepfake apps out there, it’s easy for anyone to join the bandwagon and create deepfake videos even if they have zero experience. Let’s have a look at these:

Deepfake Effect

1: Deepfakes Web Β

This is online software that helps with face swapping. It uses a machine learning algoritham to achieve this. You start by signing up on their website and following the prompts. The only drawback is that it takes 4 to 5 hours to process the images or videos.

Then, you will have to wait for another 30 minutes to apply the face swap. Remember that this software is not free. You will have to pay $3 per hour to use it. Deepfakes Web Β doesn’t have an IOS or android app.

2: DeepFaceLab

DeepFaceLab is another useful app for creating deepfake videos. It relies on the novel neural network model for face replacement. This app can let you create highly convincing deepfake videos, which explains why it’s so popular among YouTube channel owners.

When you get started with the app, you will see a simple user interface. Go through the short demo video and you will be ready to create deepfake videos.

There is an extensive library of step by steps guides for you to follow and use the features of the app to create interesting videos. Just so you know, DeepFaceLab is a product of Facebook and it’s free to download.

3: Wombo

You must have come across several video clips from Wombo, which is a lip-synching app that transforms the target face into a singing face.

Wombo offers 15 different songs to choose from. It’s not as great as others, but it sure is fun. This explains why we see so many Wombo videos on Reels and TikTok.

4: MyHeritage

Do you have many old photos of loved ones you would love to animate? This deepfake app uses Deep Nostalgia for animating your precious memories. Once you upload a photo, it creates a version of the same image with moving lips and eyes and even adds expressions.

Another cool thing about this app is that you can create colored versions of black and white images, remove watermarks and fix blurry photos. What an excellent way to preserve precious memories, right?

5: Jiggy

Jiggy is ideal if you would like to create fake digital videos and stickers. It helps you create entertaining stuff since you get to choose from 100 face morphs as well as dance moves.

You may call it the perfect photo animation package. Its Android and iOS versions as available as well. 

6: Reface App

This is another video creation app that primarily relies on the face-swapping feature. People mostly use it for comical entertainment. It’s safe to use as long you are comfortable with the data that it collects.

It’s a free app that asks you to update an image you would like to convert. Its face swap quality is great since it uses both AI and ML.

7: FaceMagic

Here is another AI-based app that uses faces of your choice on images and videos. There is an in-app feed inside the app that gives prompts to help you perform face swaps.

You can also use your own images to swap something with. Like most apps on this list, FaceMagic is free. For unlimited face swaps, you can also buy its premium subscription if interested. This unlocks features such as watermark removal, unlimited photo uploads, priority processing, and some others.

Summing Up

Deepfake sounds and looks cool too but comes with some repercussions because it’s easy to misuse it. This technology has been weaponized against women but at this point, it can be weaponized by anyone. Therefore, know what you’re doing before downloading any of these apps.

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